WebinarFuel Vs WebinarNinja

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WebinarFuel Vs WebinarNinja: what is the better-automated webinar platform for your business? If you think about it, it is not worth the resources to choose one and then switch to another provider. This way, it is going to cause much more complications.

In this comparison post, I will show you the strengths and weaknesses of these two automated webinars software. My goal is to help you decide in line with what you need for your business. Therefore, I will discuss the pros and cons and the key features of each platform.


WebinarFuel Vs WebinarNinja Overview

In this review, I will cover a lot of ground. Apart from my in-depth review of WebinarFuel in the past, you will get more information. But then, I have to say that no review can mention everything about a webinar software platform.

What matters is that we will find out if we can host automated webinars on these platforms or just online educational presentations.

Both WebinarFuel and WebinarNinja are great at what they do—that I know because I have used both software in the past.

However, like many software program providers, there is one that suits your business needs better than the other—and that is what we want to find out.

I will talk about:

  • Ability to host a live webinar
  • Possibility of doing test webinars
  • Chat options – sound live chat simulation for a recorded webinar
  • Ease of creating landing pages and control thank you pages
  • Marketing tools like if you want to split test webinars

We will cover all that and much more. The intention is to help you see how both webinar platforms’ features can support your online business.


How Does WebinarFuel Work?


WebinarFuel is an automated webinar software that allows you to launch an automated webinar. What it means is that you do not have to face your audience live. Instead, you can record your “seminar,” and when people watch it, they feel that it is happening in real-time.

Some people say that it is better to upload this video on YouTube. That can work if you want to give away a free webinar. It can also work if you just want to give instructions to people for free.

But that is not how webinars work. Instead, there are two reasons you want to launch automated webinars: money and leads.

The excellent thing about WebinarFuel is that you can do both. You can launch a free webinar and still get the email addresses of the participants. Or, you can charge participants to join your recorded webinar.

Watch WebinarFuel In Action Now


How Does WebinarNinja Work?


Like the other platform, WebinaNinja is a software program where you can launch a webinar. However, its focus is to allow people to conduct an online class, not a meeting.

WebinarNinja allows you to broadcast in real time. The beauty of this is that you are conducting a real-time class. The software creators ensured that the online class had no lag or delay.

If you want, you can also automate your webinar, so you do not have to do it live repeatedly. You can also extend your reach with WebinarNinja because they specialize in marketing—you can make your webinar available to people even if you are not.

In addition, the way WebinarNinja works is you can upload a webinar series, which is something that many webinar software programs do not do. You can add multiple videos that people can only access at a specific time.

See WebinarNinja Full Demo Here


Main Difference Between WebinarFuel and WebinarNinja

In this section, I want to highlight the main difference between Webinar Fuel and WebinarNinja. While both of them are high-level platforms, they have key things that the other does not have.



First, Webinar Fuel has an auto-play function where the recorded webinar plays on its own. Many webinar platforms do not have this. What happens with the other platforms is that the registrant will immediately know that the webinar is not live.

In the auto-play feature of Webinar Fuel, the recorded webinar will automatically play. The registrant has no option to pause. Overall, both of these are still excellent platforms that you can use for launching online seminars.



WebinarNinja offers a free plan, while WebinarFuel does not. Clearly, the target market here is different between these two companies.

The thing with WebinarNinja is that the free plan puts you in a bind. There are so many things you cannot do with a free plan. In the end, the free plan is not something you can use for serious sales presentations. It feels like nothing more than a free trial.


Multiple Webinars

WebinarNinja allows you to upload several recorded videos and launch them as a separate series. For example, you can schedule a webinar on April 10th for one topic and then another one seven days later for the continuation.



While WebinrNinja allows you to build landing pages, WebinarFuel’s strength is in the widgets. You can customize the widgets and also control how many steps it takes to complete the registration process.

What it does for your business is that you get to make a personalized process for your registration. If you want a 2-step registration, you can do it. This flexibility gives you the power to market your pages accordingly.


Comparing WebinarFuel Vs WebinarNinja Features

Top 5 Features of WebinarFuel

1. Real Webinar

The software of WebinarFuel plays your recording as if somebody is attending a meeting in Zoom. Your automated webinar does not feel like a YouTube video put together.

The platform also has an app, so the playback will happen in that app and not on a browser. This process will help you increase the rate by which your participants stay. It can also become a venue for sales presentations, and you can close deals by then.

Other automated webinar software platforms do not do this. Instead, the participant has to click on the Play button, which means they will know that your webinar is recorded in not happening live.

This feature is the main aspect of WebinarFuel—the webinar auto-plays, and it makes the participant feel that it is happening in real time.


2. Split Test Play In-App Vs. Play In Browser

You can split-test webinars if you like. The automated webinar can run on either a browser or the app. It is up to you to decide which one to use.

However, you need to do a split test browser to see which one delivers better participation. You can use the settings where the webinar plays on a browser for one group. Then, you can do another test with the app.

After the test, you can determine if your audience prefers to watch on an app or a browser. From here, you can decide what format gives a better experience to your participants. In the end, you will know which method has a higher conversion rate.


3. Dynamic Registration Widgets



These are widgets or buttons that allow customers to register for your webinar. After the automated webinar software created a widget, you can also add more if you want. It is up to you how many steps the participant must take to complete the registration.

It is in this process that you tell the automated webinar software to take the email address of the participant. It is how you gather leads.

In addition to this, you also have the option to create either a floating widget or a button widget. It gives you the ability to create surveys and polls during the registration, and you can also split test the widgets to see which one works better.

Apart from the registration standards, you can add custom information that you want to gather. For example, if you want to gather the state or phone number of the registrant, you can do it with Webinar Fuel.


4. Live Chat Simulation and Filters

Automated webinars look too obvious. What you want is to make it feel live. Webinar Fuel made it possible with the live chat simulation.

The filters are special. This feature allows you to type a keyword for things you do not like. For example, someone might say, “This is boring!”

These chats are found in the chatbox when you did your live webinar. After you apply the filter when your webinar is over, the automated webinar platform will remove these chats. Once you launch your recorded webinar, these chats with words you do not like will be gone.


5. Control Your Thank You Pages


Webinar Fuel added a new feature where you can now create widgets for the “thank you” messages. You do not have to stick to pre-made templates anymore.

Now, you can create multiple thank you pages and then choose which one will show to the user. For example, if the user is new, you can show him a thank you page that offers an upgrade.

Find Out If WebinarFuel Is For You


Top 5 Features of WebinarNinja

1. Built-In Email

WebinarNinja has a built-in email marketing platform. You can send automated emails with this tool. If you want, you can program automated notifications to your participants. Tell them that the webinar is fast approaching and that they should mark their calendars.

You can also use this email feature to send “thank you” notes and make follow-ups. It is a great tool for selling online, especially if you want your participants to upgrade.


2. Landing Pages

One cool thing about WebinarNinja is that you can build landing pages in it. You no longer have to pay for a third-party software program to build a landing page. Other webinar platforms do not offer this at all.

You do not need to code to build a landing page. All you have to do is choose a template and then customize it. For example, you can add a logo or replace the images.


3. Analytics

Unlike Webinar Fuel, this platform has robust conversion tracking analytics. With this tool, you can see who signed up, how many people watched your webinar, and how many people clicked on your offer.

If you know what is going on, you can make adjustments to your webinar and then see how your action plans worked. You will not be in the dark trying to find out what is going wrong.

The analytics also allows you to do traffic source testing and see where your site visitors are coming from.


4. Handouts

One thing you may love about the software is that you can distribute handouts to your students. Since the focus of this platform is teaching and not selling, your participants may require something they can take as a guide.

The beauty of this is that you can send them eBooks or PDFs. If you give them a freebie, you can build your credibility better, and it makes them feel that they really got something extraordinary out of you.


5. Multiple Languages

The last best feature of WebinarNinja is that you can customize the language of the platform. So, if you want it to be in Spanish because you are targeting people from Spain, you can set your widgets and buttons in Spanish. You can do the same for thank you pages, forms, and emails.


WebinarFuel Vs WebinarNinja Pricing Comparison

WebinarFuel Pricing Guide

  • Monthly – costs $97 per month
  • Yearly – costs $997 per month


In a snapshot, you get the following services:

  • Software playback on many operating systems
  • Split test if browser playback is better than software playback
  • Registration widgets you can change
  • The sound of your automated webinars will play along with the video
  • There is a live chat simulation for recorded playbacks
  • You can edit the thank you pages
  • You have the option to use push notifications
  • There is an email and SMS notification option
  • Real-time support chat is available to you if you need help


There is no difference between the services you receive for both plans of Webinar Fuel. The only difference is that you save on cost. If you pay monthly, your total cost is $1,164 per year. If you take the yearly plan, you save $167 per year for your online webinars.


WebinarNinja Pricing Guide

The plans are:

  • Free
  • Pro – $99 per month
  • Business – $199 per month


WebinarNinja’s pricing plan is a little complicated. The price changes as the number of attendees increases. There is also a limit to the length of webinars you can publish, and it varies per plan.

With ten attendees, you will pay $199 per month if you want all the cool features. The free program gives you access to launch a webinar limited to 20 minutes. The free plan also allows you to send email notifications and do live sessions.

At first, you may think that WebinarNinja is better because it has a free plan. Well, the thought makes sense. But then, who launches a 20-minute webinar, right?

As far as pricing goes, I would rather pay the $97 per month and not get bogged down by the limitations. Because of this, I can say that WebinaFuel is a far better option for price and value.


In a snapshot, you get the following services:

  • Software playback on many operating systems
  • Split test if browser playback is better than software playback
  • Registration widgets you can change
  • The sound of your automated webinars will play along with the video
  • There is a live chat simulation for recorded playbacks
  • You can edit the thank you pages
  • You have the option to use push notifications
  • There is an email and SMS notification option
  • Real-time support chat is available to you if you need help


There is no difference between the services you receive for both plans of Webinar Fuel. The only difference is that you save on cost. If you pay monthly, your total cost is $1,164 per year. If you take the yearly plan, you save $167 per year for your online webinars.


WebinarFuel Pros and Cons


  • You can automate your offers and CTAs
  • There is a report that shows conversion and tracking
  • You can do polls and surveys
  • You can integrate with other software programs


  • Costly to maintain monthly if you do not have customers yet
  • There is no free trial
  • It has an app that some registrants may find confusing

Overall, the WebinarFuel is what I strongly recommend, but it does come at a heavy price. At $97 per month, the only thing you can do here is a webinar.

It is not like ClickFunnels where you pay the same amount yet get to do a lot of things. If you want to check out ClickFunnels.


WebinarNinja Pros and Cons


  • You can charge for webinars and not pay a fee to WebinarNinja
  • You get unlimited landing pages and forms
  • It is possible to do hybrid webinars
  • There are chat options
  • It has a free plan


  • There is no test webinar or split test
  • There are so many limitations to the low-priced plans
  • Too expensive if you want the entire automated webinar software features


I would recommend WebinarNinja to someone who is unsure. For example, you just want to tinker with a software program and see what happens. If that is what you want to do, then you can certainly register for a free account.


Final Conclusion: WebinarFuel Vs WebinarNinja

Here is my verdict, if you are serious about making money from your automated webinars, get WebinarFuel. The price you pay gives you all the tools you need to help you succeed in selling online.

If you get WebinarNinja, you will get frustrated because the tool has so many limitations. You must pay and keep on upgrading as your business grows. You are unable to plan your business financially very well because the cost changes as your business grow.

Try WebinarFuel today and see how it goes. Although they have no free trial, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Of course, you can also cancel anytime!


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