WebinarFuel Vs EverWebinar

WebinarFuel Vs EverWebinar, is one better, or are they equal? While all webinar platforms do one thing in particular, not all give the same value for money.

At the end of the day, you want to choose the right platform. There is no worst nightmare than choosing one and then realizing that you made the wrong choice. Believe me, I have been there.

What I want to do today is to share with you what I know from my experience. In the end, you should be able to make an informed decision about which webinar software fits your needs.


WebinarFuel Vs EverWebinar Overview

Both WebinarFuel and EverWebinar are platforms to launch a webinar event. They allow their users to schedule an online seminar and then charge money from their audiences.

Webinars have been around for a while. Many developments have happened in the past, such as the capability to record a session. Some people who offer courses also want an automated webinar.

As you know, developers are not always as quick to keep up with these demands. And even if they do, not all of them charge the same prices for the services they offer. Some would even put limitations on what you can do.

Nothing is more infuriating than to be misled, and this is what I do not want to happen to you. The two companies are the most popular webinar platforms, and yet they have subtle differences that can make or break your business.


Who Should Use WebinarFuel


WebinarFuel is great for people who only want a robust webinar system but not an entire ecosystem in a platform. It was developed by Anthony Morrison, a guru in webinar marketing.

I am saying this because it does not have all the bells and whistles that EverWebinar has. For one, it has no solid page builder platform. So while you can create automated webinars here, you cannot create a sales page as well as what you can do with other platforms.

I strongly recommend WebinarFuel to people who already have a landing page platform. Specifically, it is best used with ClickFunnels. Even Russel Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels, says so. He has a business partnership with Anthony Morrison.

The platform is also great for people who focus on automated webinar lessons, not live sessions. The system is built around people who want to develop an online course. You can record a lecture now and then let it run on auto-pilot.

Watch WebinarFuel Demo Here


Who Should Use EverWebinar


EverWebinar is an excellent choice for people who want the complete package. Apart from the price, the system has everything you need.

It has a page builder, which allows you to create landing pages for your automated webinars. As such, you no longer need to integrate the webinar software with other 3rd party software platforms. However, as you know, the cost of subscribing to all these SaaS platforms can get costly.

I also love that this webinar platform has excellent marketing programs. For one, it allows you to make urgent marketing calls that you can put beneath your dynamic registration widgets. So, for example, you can tell the reader that your offer is only suitable for a specific period on your registration page.

Overall, I recommend EverWebinar to people who want complete webinar software. If you choose this, you no longer have to look for other platforms for your landing pages, sales, split test activities, and other marketing needs.

Watch EverWebinar Demo Here


5 Main Differences Between WebinarFuel Vs EverWebinar

Here are some of the main differences between the two automated webinar software platforms.

1. Landing Pages

EverWebinar provides users with a page builder. As such, there is n need to use another software like ClickFunnels. You can control thank you pages and decide where the customer goes after clicking the registration button.

Thank you pages are great for making the customer feel that they made the right choice. Although WebinarFuel has something similar, its page builder system is not as detailed as EverWebinar’s.

2. Dynamic Registration Widgets

Dynamic Registration Widgets

WebinarFuel allows you to customize your registration widgets. You do not have to rely on what the defaults are. It is essential for branding and for eliciting a response from the site visitor.

3. Clickable Offers

EverWebinar has excellent widgets where you can make offers. It is a conversion method by telling your readers or site visitors that you have something more. You can monetize these clickable offers.

4. Hybrid Webinars

A hybrid webinar means the session is recorded, but you can chat with the people watching. EverWebinar offers this, but WebnarFuel does not. With WebinarFuel, you get a live chat simulation that customers can filter.

5. AutoPlay Webinar

AutoPlay Webinar

The autoplay feature is something that WebinarFuel capitalizes on. The user does not have to click on the play button to start the session. This feature works great, so they will not miss the start of the session during a live event.

Remember, both of them have live and recorded webinars. You can also schedule your recorded sessions and do split testing activities. What you need to think about now is if there are features you need, which the other one does not.


Comparing WebinarFuel Vs EverWebinar Features

Next, let’s see the features both platforms have to offer and how they are compared.

Features of WebinarFuel

1. Record and Automate

With WebinarFuel, you can ask your participants to join you live. However, you can not let this effort go to waste. While are you on the live webinar, you can record your webinar and put it aside for future use.

You can also do the same automated webinars with EverWebinar. However, WebinarFuel allows you to automate your recordings. What it means is that you can let the session run 24/7 on autopilot. You can even scale the session without making adjustments to it.

2. On-Page Widgets

After creating your page, what you want is a registration button that you can customize. As a marketer, you should know that your CTA impacts how your target audiences would react.

You can use dynamic registration widgets on your registration page. What it means is that you can program it and tell it how you want to appear.

For example, you can make the registration button bounce a little if a reader hovers his mouse over it. You can also make a floating widget if you want. Pretty much, you are in control of how it appears.

3. Autoplay Feature

One problem with many automated webinar software programs is they have no autoplay. So once a person activates the link to a webinar, he has to click on the play button to watch it.

Here is the problem: what if the webinar is live?

The issue here is that the webinar had already started minutes ago, and the customer has missed it. So by the time he clicks on the play button, there is no way he can hear what was discussed earlier.

With an auto-play function, the webinar from the customer’s browser will play the moment you start yours. Unfortunately, EverWebinar does not offer this feature.

4. Split Test Features

In marketing, a split test is mandatory. For example, you need to test which version of your webinar is getting better results. With WebinarFuel, you can do a split test between the app and the browser.

Some users will watch it from an app, and some will watch it directly from a browser. First, you need to know how people respond depending on the platform they use. From here, you can choose how you want to launch your automated webinar in the future.

The result is you are in complete control of the playback experience of your audiences. You will get accurate data can make informed decisions from the split test. You are unable to do this split test with EverWebinar.

5. Contact Control

Once you start driving traffic to your landing page, many viewers will register or subscribe to your email list. Once you have an email list, you must control how you group them.

Why? Because you can personalize the kind of messages you send to them. With WebinarFuel, you can split your email list into groupings. So, for example, you can put together people who are from the same country. You can also see what browsers they use.

EverWebinar does not have this feature. Typically, only email autoresponder software programs have this level of segmentation.

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Features of EverWebinar

1. Hi-Definition

The webinar software streams your video in high-definition, and it is automatic. However, your source must also be on HD. If your camera is pixelated, then the webinar platform cannot do anything.

It is an excellent feature because they do not save on bandwidth capacity. Therefore, every person streaming your online video will get the best quality.

What happens in most automated webinar software platforms is that they reduce the speed they transmit data to the users. As a result, the consumers get choppy videos, lagging frame rates, and also poor audio.

2. Flexible Scheduling

This feature allows you to choose specific dates and schedules to broadcast your webinar. Like WebinarFuel, the automated webinar platform makes it easier for your consumers to select a convenient time.

For example, let us say that you have a recorded webinar that you want to launch on a Saturday. The thing is that not all your consumers are available that that. With this feature, you can schedule the webinar three times a week or more.

From the consumer’s perspective, he would see the available schedules and join the one he likes. You can also schedule automated webinars based on different time zones.

3. On-Demand Webinars

An on-demand webinar means that your consumers can watch the webinar at any given time. Therefore, you do not have to schedule it anymore.

Usually, people call it the Just-in-Time kind of webinar. If a consumer gets to your landing page, he can watch the webinar right away. You can also make it look like the consumer got to your page just in time before the start of your automated webinar.

Users can also watch a replay if they want. For live events, users can join and watch while you are streaming. They no longer have to wait for the next schedule.

4. Page Builder

Unlike WebinarFuel, EverWebinar has a page builder. As a result, you no longer have to rely on 3rd party apps to create a webpage.

To sell a webinar, you need a marketing page, or what we call the landing page. It is a one-page site with all the sales points and information that a consumer needs to decide.

Typically, it would help if you used another software like WordPress or ClickFunnels. After building your sales page, you need to integrate it with your webinar software, then use a 3rd party tracking app for traffic source testing.

It is a lot of work. However, you no longer need to go through all these with EverWebinar. Everything you need from a webinar platform is already here.

5. Live Chat Simulator

EverWebinar Live Chat Stimulator

Both EverWebinar and WebinarFuel have a live chat simulation. If your webinar is streaming live, people can chat and interact with you. For automated webinars, you may have a problem.

The live chat simulation means that people will see activity in the chatbox, even if your webinar is recorded. As such, it would still seem “live” to the audience. In addition, it gives them the impression that there are other people around the world watching your webinar with them.

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WebinarFuel Vs EverWebinar Pricing Comparison

WebinarFuel Pricing Plan

WebinarFuel offers only one kind of price, but with a discount, if you pay annually. It costs $97 per month. If you subscribe to the annual plan, you spend $997 per year. Unfortunately, it does not have a free trial.

The annual plan translates into about $84 per month, which gives you a discount of $13 every month—close enough to pay for your monthly Netflix subscription.

Whatever plan you choose, you get access to all the features. I like this kind of pricing because you no longer have to beat yourself trying to figure out which plan to get.

One significant benefit of this pricing scheme is that you can test all the features it offers in a single go. There is no need to upgrade to get other features.


EverWebinar Pricing Plan

Like WebinarFuel, EverWebinar makes it easy for consumers to choose. There are only three price points, but it has no free trial. However, it has a 14-day trial for $1.

  • Monthly – pay $99 per month
  • Annual – pay $42 per month
  • Biennial – pay $34 per month

Biennial means every two years. Between the pricing of the two, I would undoubtedly go for EverWebinar. If you think about it, EverWebinar gives you a whopping $57 discount per month. The price difference is too far that WebinarFuel does not even come close.

Now, if you love what EverWebinar has to offer, you will save a ton of money if you get the Biennial plan. At this rate, you will save $65 per month. But, of course, I would only recommend it once you are sure.

Generally speaking, my advice is to try a monthly plan first. Then, since you have seen the features, you have to decide which one to try. In the next section, I will show you some advantages for each platform and the drawbacks.


WebinarFuel Advantages and Drawbacks


  • It can be integrated with 3rd party apps like MailChimp, ClickFunnels, etc.
  • The automated webinar platform allows autopilot webinar sessions
  • Has traffic source testing, split test features, and customizable registration widgets
  • Offers autoplay for automated webinars


  • The webinar software has a higher cost than EverWebinar
  • Does not have a robust page builder
  • Has no hybrid webinar


EverWebinar Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Has a complete suite of webinar software tools
  • It has a page builder so you can control thank you pages and landing pages
  • Has option for hybrid webinars
  • Provides detailed analytics such as traffic source testing
  • No need for 3rd party tracking apps


  • Not much to choose from with the landing page templates; you end up integrating 3rd party apps
  • The analytics dashboard has a fixed date range; you cannot select custom date ranges to analyze your automated webinar performance  or split testing activities
  • Choppy screen share in a webinar session
  • Poor customer service; it seems like their responses are canned


Final Conclusion – WebinarFuel Vs EverWebinar

Now that everything is said and done about these two webinar software platforms, I recommend WebinarFuel over EverWebinar as the webinar software of choice.

However, despite EverWebinar being more affordable and having more features, it does not perform as well as WebinarFuel.

You see, EverWebinar is trying to be everything. But, unfortunately, this approach to software is terrible. They are trying to be everything all at once. Because of that, the systems they put in place do not work to the best of their potential.

WebinarFuel, on the other hand, has a robust backend for your automated webinars. It can sustain the bandwidth you need, and the system works for its purpose: create a live or automated webinar and then sell it to your audience.

Try WebinarFuel today!


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