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Are you are looking for an honest WebinarFuel review? If you are then you’re at the right spot.

I came across this software when I was researching ways to host automated webinars – as they are one of the most effective ways to sell high-ticket products.

However, the issue is that most automated webinars don’t feel real, which harms the conversion rate.

WebinarFuel promises to fix this, so let’s take a look at whether it holds its promise.


WebinarFuel is an all-in-one automated webinar software that doesn’t just play a webinar video on a webpage however the webinars actually auto-play. It offers the next level of automation that most business owners and internet marketers need.

Who created WebinarFuel?

The software is created by Anthony Morrison and Latesha Burrows. They created WebinarFuel because Anthony could not find webinar software that would suit his business.

And so they created WebinarFuel, the webinar platform with better automation tools than all of its competitors. Unlike other competitors, WebinarFuel does a lot more than just play videos on your pages.

That’s what most webinar software does and it’s quite easy for your audience to tell that it’s not live. But WebinarFuel is not the same. As Anthony is an internet marketer, he understands the need to make your automated webinar feel real and live.

It’s packed with functions that will help your webinars feel better, which will help you to generate more sales and conversions.

Who Is The Co-founder of WebinarFuel?

Anthony Morrison is the Co-Founder and CEO of WebinarFuel. Anthony Morrison has been a successful internet marketer and Entrepreneur since 2005.

When he launched his first business, he was just 21 and expanded his career exponentially.

Anthony has also been involved in several other businesses, such as his company Morrison Publishing, which provides training for anyone who wants to learn internet marketing.

His online business has generated multiple 7 figures through using sales funnels and he is one of the super affiliates of ClickFunnels (a popular sales funnels builder software)

He’s also involved in a lot of charities, such as helping underprivileged children receive Christmas presents.

Is WebinarFuel Scam or Legit?

Now that we already know how amazing the webinar software is, however, it is extremely important to find out whether or not WebinarFuel is a scam or legit.

There are a few factors that we need to consider to help us to find out if it is legitimate. The founder and creator of WebinarFuel, Anthony Morrison is a reputable, well-known, and successful entrepreneur. He has built millions of loyal fans and followers on social media.

In addition, his training programs on teaching how people start their online businesses have changed the lives of thousands of people who implement what he taught.

The WebinarFuel official website and sales video were created professionally and it really gives the trust and authority to site visitors who are considering buying the software.

In addition, there are successful case studies from users who used WebinarFuel in their online business as well as there are good ratings and reviews on the quality of the software.

The software has helped thousands of people create highly converting automated webinars that are able to generate more sales. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try out the software risk-free.

The price of $97 is pretty reasonable when compared to its competitors who charge thousands of dollars upfront before you start using it. Do take note you have the choice to cancel at any time and ask for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the software.

Based on the above factors we strongly conclude that WebinarFuel is legit and not it is not a scam.

Who Should Use WebinarFuel?

Automated webinars can be hugely beneficial to anyone who wants to sell high-ticket products or services.

You should be using the software if you are:

  • Coaches or Consultants

  • Infopreneurs

  • Digital marketing agencies

  • Internet Marketers

  • Creators

But of course, the list of businesses that can use this powerful software to increase conversion rates is not limited to the types above.

And if you truly understand the value of automated webinars, using the software makes so much sense. This is due to the advanced automation and webinar technology.

Review of What You’ll Get Inside WebinarFuel

Let’s take a look at what the WebinarFuel software has to offer.

Real Automated Webinar Software

The core feature of WebinarFuel is its easy-to-use webinar software. The software allows you to record your webinars and play them repeatedly every time a lead opt-in to your page.

However, most other software like is actually just a video player, while WebinarFuel makes it feel like a real webinar. This makes it easier to convert your visitors – because they have the feeling they are in the real, live webinar.

Even Russell Bruson (Founder of ClickFunnels), who normally says he does not like automated webinars – explained that this software outperformed all other options. And yes, that includes ClickFunnels.

Play In-App Vs. Play In-Browser

One thing that I really like about WebinarFuel is how much control you have over the entire process.

For example, you can give the user the option to play the webinar in their app or browser. And you can split-test to see which converts best.

In most cases, this will be the app. However, Webinarfuel also allows you to host automated webinars in the browser if you want to.

Dynamic Registration Widgets

Most webinar registration forms suck. But WebinarFuel has a nice widget builder that really lets you customize your forms, so they convert higher.

It comes with:

  • 2-step webinar sign-up forms
  • Choice of Floating widget or the Button widget
  • Split-testing

And if you have nicer registration widgets, you will have a better conversion rate as well.

Auto-Play Your Webinars

Another huge benefit that WebinarFuel has over its competitors is that the webinar plays automatically once the user joins.

With other webinar software, this isn’t the case. And it’s a sign that the webinar isn’t live because they would not have to click play.

But it just plays as soon as they are in the window to give them the “live” feeling, alongside a sense of scarcity because they can’t miss it.

Live Chat Simulation and Filters

Another cool thing that you can do with WebinarFuels is to simulate the chat. So when your leads join the chat, you can make it look like others are typing and reacting to the webinar.

It also comes with robust filters to show certain comments based on what the real user is typing in.

So effectively, you can simulate the chat based on what you want the user to see… Pretty powerful.

Send Push Notifications To Your Audience

Unlike other Webinar tools, you will not need a 3rd party tool to send push notifications to your viewers.

WebinarFuel has everything you need built-in to remind your participants that the webinar is going to be starting.

Engagement Tools

Inside the app, you also have engagement tools like polls that will help you keep your audience interested in your webinar.

Some of the engagement tools include:

  • Questions & Answers

  • Surveys

  • Chat

These can also be excellent social proof or sales tools when your webinar is playing.

Support Chat

Another excellent thing about WebinarFuel is that you can connect your support team to the automated webinar.

This feature is so effective because it makes the webinar feel more live – since you have a live support team throughout the webinar session. And it can also help with your conversions.

3rd Party Tracking Capabilities

You can also connect all of your other analytic trackers, such as Google Analytics, to WebinarFuel.

Most webinar platforms don’t let you do this, which makes it harder to understand how your webinars perform.

WebinarFuel Features Reviewed

Let’s check out the amazing features of WebinarFuel.

Control Thank You Pages

Most Webinar platforms give you annoying and boring thank-you pages.

Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to control them, which means you won’t have the opportunity to use these pages to educate or sell your audience something.

The good news is that the software lets you customize your thank-you pages to have this page promote whatever you want.

Split-Testing Webinars

Split-testing webinars are one of the most important features you need. Why? Because it will enable you to see which variants of your webinar are performing best.

The good news is that it comes with full split-testing capabilities, which means that when you run a split test, it will show you the results.

So you won’t have to do it manually.

Some of the variables in your campaign that you can split-test are:

  • Tagging of the videos

  • The timing of events during the webinar

  • The variant of the webinar

WebinarFuel will then send a percentage of all your leads (that you configure) to both variants, and you will be able to compare the analytics for both. From there, you can pick a winner and get higher conversions.

Traffic Source Testing

Traffic source testing is KEY – because you need to know which traffic source converts best. In the past, it was quite hard to get detailed analytics from different traffic sources.

But again, WebinarFuel makes it easy.

Contact Segmentation

Another excellent feature that makes WebinarFuel unique compared to other Webinar platforms is that it offers contact segmentation. How does it work?

You can easily view your contacts and other information such as:

  • Their email address

  • Which sales funnels they came from

  • What browsers they are using

And you can then use that information to segment your contacts into audiences – so you can optimize your future automated webinars and products for them.

Next Level Automation

The webinars have a whole different level of automation compared to any other platform. How?

You can integrate it with your favorite email marketing platform and then build in custom automation steps such as:

  • Sending text messages if your lead hasn’t attended the webinar

  • Sending emails if your leads have not joined the webinar

  • Sending emails or text messages if your user clicks the “buy CTA” but doesn’t purchase

And these are very easy to set up with WebinarFuel.

This will allow you to create more advanced sales funnels that have better conversion rates.

WebinarFuel Integrations​

WebinarFuel integrates with 3rd party sales funnel builders, email marketing software, CRMs, and more. The main integrations include:

And if you need a different integration, you also get API access to integrate with any software you like.

Review of WebinarFuel Pricing and Cost

WebinarFuel has two pricing plans for its software. They both come with the same features, but the difference is the cost and when you pay.

Monthly Plan $99 per month

The first pricing plan is the monthly plan which costs $99 per month. This plan comes with all of WebinarFuel’s features. Plus, you’ll also have access to their integrations, API, and support.

Yearly Plan $997

The yearly plan costs $997, which means you pay 2 months less than the monthly plan. But the features, integrations, and everything else are the same.

Additionally, all the WebinarFuel comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

So if you are not happy with the software in the first 30-days, you can get a full refund.

Which Pricing Plan Is The Best?

Both pricing plans have excellent value. But if you want to save money, it would make sense to go for the annual version as you get 2 months free ($198 value).

Of course, if you don’t have the cash up front, it makes sense to go for the monthly version – which won’t be a high upfront cost.

But both plans are pretty decent. It just depends on which suits you best.

WebinarFuel Pros

Here are the pros of using WebinarFuel for your online business:

  • The user experience for the attendees of your events is outstanding

  • The automation options are some of the best in the industry and will help you increase conversion rates.

  • It integrates with some of the best online marketing tools like ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, and more.

  • The webinar technology is excellent, and it won’t just feel like videos but instead an actual live webinar.

  • The cost is fairly affordable when you consider how much value this webinar solution has.

  • It comes with real-time comprehensive analytics to help you understand your traffic and analytics.

  • You can send push notifications to your leads and attendees

WebinarFuel Cons

Here are the cons of WebinarFuel

  • You can only use the platform for webinars, which means you have to get a separate autoresponder, membership platform, etc.

  • The available plans are quite limited, as there is only one and an annual discount package.

  • It does not integrate with any social media or advertising platforms

WebinarFuel Alternatives

Here are some of the alternatives of WebinarFuel that you can consider:


EverWebinar is a software product created by Genesis Digital; the same company that also created Kartra and WebinarJam.

It has similar features to WebinarJam, but the main drawback is that it doesn’t have the same technology and your webinar will feel like a video. Read the comparison blog post here.

Stealth Webinar

Stealth Webinar is a decent alternative to WebinarFuel. The main drawback it has is that it doesn’t autoplay your webinars, which again makes them feel like videos.

It also doesn’t have the same traffic source testing capabilities, which will make it harder for you to recognize which channels are converting best.


WebinarNinja is also another alternative. What I like about WebinarNinja is that it also comes with some excellent automation tools like:

  • Automated CTAs during offers
  • Email follow-ups
  • SMS follow-ups

However, it also does not autoplay and it doesn’t have fully customizable registration widgets. You can read the full comparison post here

Final Verdict - WebinarFuel Review

I hope you have enjoyed my WebinarFuel review. As you have seen throughout, the platform is one of the best to host automated webinars that look and feel like a live webinar.

And with the most high-level automation options like tagging users, if they click a CTA, you’ll be able to convert more of your attendees into paid customers.

If you sell a high-ticket product or service, WebinarFuel gives you the best opportunity to sell it.

And don’t forget: It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can purchase it risk-free.

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