Simvoly Vs Squarespace

Squarespace vs Simvoly is the common comparison when choosing a website builder to use for your business.

But, what should you choose? I have personally used both of them for my business.

And in this blog post, I want to share with you my own experiences, and not what user reviews say.

At the end of this post, you will make an informed decision on where to put your money.


Simvoly Vs Squarespace Overview

Simvoly and Squarespace are both website builders. They are not any different from Wix, Weebly, or WordPress. With both of these platforms, you can build a website that you can use as your portfolio or eCommerce site.

What makes them formidable competitors is the price. Both of them offer a low starting price of $12 a month. It is something rare from website building and hosting service providers.

The thing is: which one is the better choice? Once you have built a website on one platform, it will be a headache to transfer it to another one. So in this comparison review, I will help you make the right choice.


What Is Simvoly?

Simvoly is a trusted website-building platform. It services more than 35,000 users. Unlike other platforms, it is what we can call an all-in-one platform because you can build many website types here.

Here are the things you achieve with Simvoly:

  • Simple website
  • Blog
  • Ecommerce
  • Sales Funnel
  • Content management system
  • Appointment setting
  • Email marketing

What makes Simvoly attractive is that it offers a free trial without asking for your credit card. Not many website builders do this. For example, if you sign up for Shopify, the system is going to require you a credit card, so it can start charging you immediately after your free trial expires.

Simvoly also offers a drag-and-drop website builder. You do not have to buy another software program like thrive or Elementor. Pretty much, it gives you value for your money because, in many builders, you would have to spend extra before you can use a similar program.

Watch Simvoly Full Demo Here


What Is Squarespace?

It allows you to build a website and convert it into an online store. However, Squarespace is more focused on features that would help you run your business securely and with data.

Here are the things you can achieve using Squarespace:

  • No limit on bandwidth and storage
  • SEO features to help you rank your pages
  • Deep analytics
  • Add contributors to your website
  • Templates that are mobile optimized
  • SSL security

The primary target of Squarespace is an eCommerce enthusiast. The whole platform was built to cater to the needs of somebody who wants to sell online. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell, but it does have some provisions for physical products.

Because of this, Squarespace has also made it a point to give its users a simple yet effective method on getting paid. There are several channels by which you can charge your customers money.


Who Should Use Simvoly?

Although Simvoly markets itself as an eCommerce platform, it is rather a platform where you can build sales funnels and do a lot of marketing activities. These tools can boost your online presence.

For example, it takes only a few clicks to build a sales funnel. Pretty much, it is something that we can compare to ClickFunnels.

It does have an email marketing system where you can get a site visitor’s email address. You can also send emails to the people on your email list.

On top of this, you can also do A/B split test for your landing pages. Overall, I would not recommend Simvoly to people who are selling physical products or people who are selling a lot of products.

If anything, I recommend Simvoly to bloggers, affiliate marketers, and people who are selling digital products, suchas online courses for freelance writing or an eBook. It is also an excellent platform for people who are offering services online.

Find Out If Simvoly Is For You


Who Should Use Squarespace?

Squarespace is something that I can compare with Shopify. It was built for the eCommerce enthusiast who wants to sell a lot of products online. However, this seller does not want to use platforms like eBay or Amazon.

As a seller, you want to have the liberty to design your website and charge your customers without having to pay exorbitant fees to a platform.

You also want to have options as far as templates go. On top of this, you also want to customize your website to make it look personal and make it branded. It is something that you cannot do on Amazon and eBay or other selling platforms like Etsy.

With Squarespace, you can even ask for donations if that is what your website is about. The core of what Squarespace offers is the liberty and freedom to make a website that does not depend on the rules and policies of an online selling platform.


Main Difference Between Simvoly vs Squarespace

Let’s look into the top 5 differences between Simvoly and Squarespace to help you better evaluate these platforms.


Website Builder


Simvoly has a more robust website building system than Squarespace. It has a functionality that is lacking in Squarespace. Pretty much, Squarespace only relies on templates. Simvoly also has more than 200 pre-built templates that you can choose from.

View All Simvoly Templates Here



This is the strength of Squarespace. The entire platform has support for an e-commerce entrepreneur. For example, it allows you to create product pages that look alike. This way, you can standardize your store website and make it look special.

With Squarespace, you can sell as many products as you want. However, on Simvoly, you have a limit to the number of products you can upload. If you want it to be unlimited, you need to upgrade to a higher plan.


Transaction Fees

Symvoly does not charge transaction fees at all. Squarespace, however, charges a transaction fee whenever somebody buys from your website. Squarespace charges a 3% transaction fee, but you can get rid of this if you upgrade your plan to a higher one.


Sales Funnel

Squarespace does not really give you a lot of help as far as sales funnels are concerned. I can say without a doubt that Simvoly is the better option if this is what you want to build.

A sales funnel is not your typical website. It is a one-page website where your ultimate goal is to make a consumer or reader take action. These actions can vary. It could be that you want the person to sign up for your web-based email list. It’s also possible that you wish this person to buy a digital product.

With Simvoly, you can easily select which processes you want to work on your sales funnel. For example, you can upload an eBook on your website’s back end. Once a site visitor signs up for your email list, the system will automatically send the eBook to his email address.


Email Marketing

Both platforms offer email marketing software. However, Simvoly is the better one because it does have a robust autoresponder inside its program.

With Squarespace, you can only build an email template and then use that to send your articles or newsletter to your email subscribers. Simvoly does more than this. You can segment your email list and also schedule emails that the subscribers would receive at the time that you want.


Comparing Simvoly Vs Square Features

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the two platforms and see how they compare.

Top 5 Features of Simvoly

Page Builder

Simvoly has a simple and efficient website builder. It is a program where you select one kind of element from your control panel, and you just drag it to your web page. Essentially, what you see is what you get.

The drag-and-drop program has 30 plus elements. You can also choose from more than 200 blocks. On top of this, you do not have to start from scratch because the system has more than 200 templates.

A template is a pre-made website that you can change. All you have to do is choose the elements and then replace them with your text or your images.

With templates, you no longer have to build your website from scratch. Just choose one that is close to the design that you want, and then change the elements or swap their positions.


Funnel Builder

A funnel builder is like a page builder, but it focuses on sales. When we talk about a sales funnel, the goal is to create a single webpage that takes a consumer into the buying journey.

Like the page builder, you can use the drag-and-drop function of the program to build your landing pages. What really matters here is that you can add elements to the funnel. These elements are in relation to the action that your customer has to take.

For example, you can easily create a button that allows a customer to sign up for your email list. You can also create a button for a customer to pay or buy your product now.

In addition to that, you can control what happens to the website for every click that the customer makes. For example, you can add a “thank you” page or an upsell page after the customer completes the purchase.


Membership Site

With Simvoly, you can create a membership platform. A membership website is a kind of website where people cannot access the content unless they pay you a monthly subscription fee. You can also offer customer support from here.

Typically, people use WordPress to do this and then use a plugin to convert their site into a membership one. With Simvoly, you no longer have to use any plugin because it’s already part of the platform.

The platform also has a subscription management system where you can see who made a purchase. You also have the choice to cancel the subscription if a customer wants to.

A membership website is excellent if you are offering a service where your main product is your content. For example, it works great if you have a physical fitness website Where you launch new physical fitness videos every month.


Email Marketing

One thing that many website builders do not have is an email marketing platform. The usual way to go around this is to subscribe to another software like GetResponse, and then install that software’s plugin to your website.

If you do that, you are going to pay for two types of services. However, with Simvoly, you only retain one account, and you only pay for one subscription service.

What I like about the email marketing platform of this system is that it is robust. You can schedule when you want to send an email and to who. Since it has its own email marketing platform, you can use it to get site visitors to sign up, segregate the lists or segment them, and create automated responses.


Appointment Setting

Another helpful feature of Simvoly is the appointment setting system. This feature works great for dentists, lawyers, and other business types of service providers where they offer consultation.

In the system, you can create a calendar that the reader can click on your website. As the reader clicks on it, he can provide his name, address, or phone number. He can choose a specific day or time when he will call you or meet you in your office.

An appointment setting program is not typical for a website builder. It is complicated, and like an email marketing system, you would need to subscribe to another service and then integrate it into your website.

With Simvoly, you no longer have to do this. The appointment setting program is already baked in the platform, and you do not even need to upgrade to be able to use this program.

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Top 5 Features of Squarespace

Website Analytics

Squarespace offers a powerful analytics dashboard where you can see the kind of traffic you’re getting. Analytics is an important component of any eCommerce website. You will see how your site visitors interact with your content or your products.

What makes Squarespace A leader in this is they provide an in-depth analysis of your traffic and customer behavior in real-time. There are also many ways by which you can segregate data so you can understand what kind of steps you need to take to improve customer retention and increase conversion rates.


Member Areas

Like Simvoly, you can build a membership website with Squarespace. For example, let us say that you want to offer an online course to your audience. You can use Squarespace as a training or membership platform and charge a subscription.

The great thing about Squarespace is that you can choose how much you charge. This flexibility is often a problem with other programs like Thinkific because you need to upgrade to create different types of subscription and membership accounts.

With Squarespace, you can choose to charge a one-time fee, or you can also give your members an option in which they can pay you monthly.


Checkout and Taxes

Squarespace did a good job as far as checkout is concerned. The system is inclusive of a tax calculator, something that is really important for eCommerce sellers, especially those who live in the United States.

There are many options to charge your customers, such as Stripe, PayPal, in-person payment methods, and Apple Pay. Those who live in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand can use Afterpay. It is a system where customers can pay after they receive the item or pay on an installment basis.

With Squarespace, you can also customize your checkout experience by adding some things like a survey. If the customer is buying your product as a gift for somebody, they can also add a message to their loved one so you as the seller can write that message and send it to the recipient.


Calendar and Scheduling

Like Simvoly, you can create a website where clients can book their appointments with you. They can also do rescheduling if that is what they want to do.

One thing you would love about Squarespace is that you will get notified if a new appointment is booked through your website. Another thing you would love is that you can sync these appointments with your personal calendars such as Google, Office 365, and Outlook.


e-Commerce Solution

The most powerful feature of Squarespace is its eCommerce solution. The platform was built around this purpose.

Once you build your eCommerce website, the system has a product page that is automated. You can design a template for your product page, and all the products you upload will follow this template.

This process makes things easier for you because you don’t have to recreate every product page. All pages also have search engine optimization areas, where you can add keywords to improve your visibility in search engines.


Simvoly Vs Squarespace Pricing Comparison

Let us take a look at the pricing options of each platform so you can get an overview of what services you get.

Simvoly Pricing Plan

  • Personal – costs $12 per month; build one website and a funnel with a maximum of 20 pages and 10 gigabytes of bandwidth.
  • Business – costs $24 per month; connects up to six custom domain names and up to five finals in one website with the traffic bandwidth of 60 gigabytes per month.
  • Growth – costs $79 per month; Now, you can have 30 finals and 33 custom domain name connections plus three websites. You will get unlimited pages and a maximum of 120 gigabytes of bandwidth per month
  • Pro – costs $199 per month; in this plan, you will get the full benefit of what the system has to offer.

See Simvoly Full Pricing Details


Squarespace Pricing Plan

  • Personal – costs $12 per month; you can build a website but not use the analytics system of the platform.
  • Business – costs $18 per month; you will pay a 3% transaction fee, and you can now create gift cards. However, you cannot see the details of your customers.
  • Commerce – costs $26 per month; you can use almost all of the features of the program or platform, but you cannot have an abandoned cart recovery and other features.
  • Advanced Commerce – costs $40 per month; this is the program that gives you access to everything that Squarespace has to offer.


Simvoly Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Multipurpose website builder.
  • Has a robust email marketing system.
  • Provides a robust and easy-to-use website builder.
  • Has a calendar and appointment setting system.
  • Affordable price points.
  • More than 200 templates to choose from
  • An effective knowledge base and great customer support that helps resolve your queries.
  • It has an Academy where you can learn how to build a website that converts.


  • Too many limitations where you can only build one sale funnel if you are at the most basic plan.
  • Your limit is only 20 pages for your website if you are at the basic plan.
  • You need to upgrade if you want to use the full feature of the system.


Squarespace Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Strong analytics system.
  • Works best for online store websites.
  • Has inventory management where you can check your merchandise, organize them, and tag them in proper categories.
  • You can choose to activate an upsell process where people can see what other people bought often.


  • The entire system is great only for eCommerce websites.
  • It’s not a good system to use if you are looking for a landing page builder.
  • You are unable to use the analytics system unless you upgrade.
  • You cannot have a fully integrated eCommerce website unless you upgrade.


Conclusion: Which One Is Better Website Builder, Squarespace vs Simvoly?

The better option, as far as my experience is concerned, is Simvoly. But, more importantly, why am I saying and recommending this?

While both have excellent customer support. I want to talk about value. As far as value is concerned, you get more features and functions from Simvoly than Squarespace. For example, for the price of $12 per month, Simvoly provides you with a sales funnel builder, appointment setting, and a robust email marketing platform.

Overall, Simvoly is much easier to use compared to Squarespace. There are many things you can do with Simvoly. On the other hand, Squarespace is pretty much limited to eCommerce websites.

Because of these justifications, I strongly recommend that you check out Simvoly today and sign-up for a free trial account.

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