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Simvoly Templates consist of the Website Templates, Funnel Templates, Online Store Templates, and Landing Page Templates.

These are done for you and ready to use templates. Simply choose the preferred one and Simvoly gives you the flexibility to customize these templates to your preference to meet your business needs.

A website alone does not help you generate more sales, but sales funnel does that.

We all know the common purpose of having a website is to help a business to gain credibility in the market, building customer’s trust by positioning ourselves as the authority in the niche.

This can be achieved through published blogs, customer testimonials and business awards about your business to create awareness on the internet leading potential customers to know about you.

Sales Funnel on the other hand is used with the primary goal to help you convert potential customers into paying customers through the multiple layers of landing pages.

The beauty of Simvoly is that it allows you to build a Website and Sales funnel under the same platform. And by combining these you will be able to maximize the potential of your website and have a wide selection of template designs that can help you convert website traffic into sales.

Simvoly has tested and streamlined its landing page templates to help you collect as much data about your potential visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Types of Simvoly Templates

Below is a list of the most common Simvoly templates examples for building a website or a sales funnel that you can use for your business. 

Simvoly Website Templates

Simvoly website builder is the easiest tool that you can use to create beautiful websites without worrying about technical coding.

With the free Simvoly website templates available your website will be ready almost instantly.

Web Design Marketing Services Template

Your website should look professional wherever possible to help you get more clients.

Using the Simvoly Web design and marketing service website template it allows you to add clients’ testimonials and showcase past projects on your website to help you boost customer confidence and trust.

You can almost expect to have new clients to happen very often.

Digital and Marketing Consultancy Website Template

Simvoly digital and marketing consultancy website template lets you create a stunning website. And it allows you to adjust it to meet your preference.

This means you can tweak and customize the default layout to make it stand out among the competition.

Agency And Freelancer Template

This is the perfect template if you wish to create a website for an agency or freelancing business.

In this highly competitive market, it is important to note that having a professional-looking website builds up confidence and trust in your potential customers, as your website portrays a good first-time impression.

Your website looks and designs signify the type of services or products that you offer.

With the Simvoly agency and freelancer website templates, you able to set higher expectations in your market that will give you an edge over the others.

Photography Service Website Template

Simvoly photography service website template is perfectly designed to meet the needs of professional or hobby photographers.

It provides flexibility for customization to your preference in order to give you the freedom to showcase your photography or artwork, making the best connection between yourself and your fans.

Fashion Website Template

The fashion industry is highly competitive and the fastest growing industry due to the increase in online shopping compared to buying from shops.

Using the Simvoly fashion website templates can help you create a trending and profitable fashion online store.

Whether it is womenswear, menswear or sports wear Simvoly has got a collection of website templates for almost all categories.

Membership Website Template

Having a membership website is crucial for businesses that offer members access to premium content.

Apart from membership access, using a simple membership website allows you to promote exclusive offers by sending them to the targeted group of members.

An important note is that a complex membership website structure would lead to failure in customers to register on the membership site.

With the Simvoly membership website template, it is simple and much easier to direct your customers through the sign-up page.

Real Estate Template

If you are providing real estate service you should probably know the importance of having a website to display your works to your potential clients.

However, choosing an appropriate and good looking design real estate website template for your real estate business can sometimes be difficult.

Simvoly real estate website templates have a variety of choices that can let you easily create a professional-looking website.

This template will give your real estate company a competitive edge over your competitors. Simvoly provides you with a good real estate template that prioritizes your clients’ needs and makes sure the website is simple to use and navigate.

The template also contains forms to capture customers’ details for easy follow-up at a later stage.

Personal Website Template

Whether it is a professional personal website or blog Simvoly has got a template. For bloggers, this template is ideal for starting out.

Blogging industries are getting competitive it is important for your website to be unique and stand out among the competition in order for you to capture more readers.

There are many things you could do with your websites or blogs such as sharing about your lifestyle or promoting affiliate offers and the Simvoly Personal website template make it easier for you to carry out these tasks.

Simvoly Funnel Templates

Using Simvoly funnel templates can help you generate more sales and be profitable by increasing the chance of converting more of your potential website visitors into sales.

Coaching and Course Funnel Templates

To perceive as a highly successful coach, your website needs to include customer testimonials, successful case studies, and your stories as proof to show that you have coached other people before.

This can be achieved by selecting a template that allows uploading a short video or photos of you together with the existing clients you worked with previously, giving coaching advice, or strategies that they should follow.

Simvoly coaching and course funnel templates are designed to help you display past success achievements to your potential clients.

And with this layout customers have the confidence level in you and thus the chances they buy your courses are high.

Single and Multiple Products Funnel

The Single and multiple products funnel templates will help you to achieve an appealing design and feel for your specific products page.

It is important to note that a good and simple-looking and easy-to-read products page plays a significant role to help to convert visitors into paying customers. In the reversed case, it is highly likely that your customers will get distracted and maybe end up leaving your page.

The funnel template also lets you fill in details about your products that will help your customers understand more about the product.

Product Launch Funnel Template

Simvoly product launch funnel template is best used for courses, products, or live events, and many more.

The aim of the template is to help you to get your potential customers excited about your new products, educate them about your new products and lastly persuade them to buy your new product.

Lead Generation Funnel Template

The purpose of having a lead generation funnel is to collect information about your customers. The information could be their first and last name, email addresses, or phone numbers.

Therefore, it is important that the design of the page allows customers to key in required personal data on the page easily.

Webinar Funnel Template

Conducting online webinar has gotten popular over the past couple of years. This is because it is one of the effective ways to gain trust and confidence from the audience.

Webinar tends to be successful and stands a higher chance to generate more sales as your audience is able to see you and trust level is built up when you are talking to them through conducting the webinar.

Speaking at the webinar shows that you are credible and seen as an authorized person that able to get them to listen to your presentation.

The webinar template is crucial as it makes it easy for participants to sign up and join you in the webinar session.

Opt-In Page Template

Having an opt-in page allows your potential customers to key in their particulars such as name and email address in order to make the purchase from you.

Having a proper opt-in page helps boost the conversion rate and leads to more sales.

Coupon Page Template

It is effective to have a proper coupon page that allows customers to enter their particulars conveniently to claim the coupon codes, discount codes, or promotion codes for the launch or promotion that you have or even for future usage to drive more sales.

The coupon page template should be in a simple form requesting standard customer details such as names and email addresses.

Simvoly Online Store Templates

Whether you are selling physical products or informational products Simvoly has got a template for it.

Simvoly Landing Page Templates

Also known as a lead capture page. A landing page is a page created to provide customer further details after which there are interested in your products and services.

Conclusion: Simvoly Templates

I hope you are able to find the desired Simvoly templates that suit your business the most.

To help you choose the right templates make sure you do some due diligence such as conducting market research about the niche you are in, and find out the types of customers that you serving as well as their preferences.

This likely will give you a good idea of what sort of template layout you will need for your business.

Whichever website or funnel template you chose make sure it is not too complicated, user-friendly, and convenient for users to navigate.

This will ensure your website and funnel are easier for the customers to engage with you, and that way you stand a higher chance of converting them into sales.

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