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In this Simvoly review, I will start by discussing what is Simvoly, how Simvoly works, its top features, and why you should opt for Simvoly for the growth of your business, increase in conversion rate, and improved return on investment.

Simvoly met my expectations of how I feel a website builder should work, giving you easy access to build and customize your pages with drag and drop functions and mouse-over menus.

Even you have no tech knowledge, you can build a website from scratch and run it efficiently. Simvoly made that possible.

generate more leads and sales

Simvoly is a website builder that also allows you to build sales funnels. It is a quick and easy site and funnel builder that lets users achieve their dream of owning a website for themselves or their business without any prior IT knowledge.

This enables non-tech users to create an online presence for themselves apart from their social media platforms, without the help of web developers or designers.

Simvoly features a wide range of customizable templates and layouts, a drag-drop interface, blocks with widgets.

This features Simvoly as a tool that eases website development and can be seen as an optimal solution for non-IT people to create a website in a flash.

Do I need to stress how easy to use it is, and you don’t need to worry about WordPress updates!

Who Uses Simvoly The Most?

Simvoly is ideal for anyone who are planning to sell their products and services online. The smart website builder is created to engage your audience, convert leads to paying customers, while maintaining the most incredible aesthetics.

Simvoly can be integrated with automation tools, payment gateways for ease of financial transaction, and build trust with your customers .

Just so you know, whatever you do, Simvoly has a home for your idea and business plan.

How Does Simvoly Works Exactly?

I have used several Simvoly alternatives. But using Simvoly has helped my business.

My first impression of Simvoly is that it is easy to use, responsive, and has a lot of visual information.

I remember trying to develop a website for my online business and didn’t have enough funds to pay web developers because of their insane high charges.

I came across Simvoly on the internet and learned I could develop a website by myself without any external help, except the customer support I have got from the live chat support. 

I opted for it, and for someone without any prior IT knowledge, the results turn out to be beautiful than I thought they would.

It was simple, easy to use, and with clear directions given, made me feel like a pro. I can now boast of owning a website to myself.

Top 5 Features Of Simvoly

Your business needs to come out to limelight. It needs to be exposed to more customers and generate more success rates.

It might be a small business now, but it is every business owner’s dream to succeed and grow the business. That is why building a website is fitting to the growth of your business.

Simvoly doesn’t just let you build your website on your own. It also gives you a platform to share your content, generates leads and conversions, and makes it easier to be found on search engines.

Simvoly is an all-in-one platform with distinctive drag and drop builder, funnel builder, simple checkouts, CRM, and Simvoly e-commerce. It has extensive selection of templates that are fully customizable to ensure there is a theme that suits everyone and every business.

Most of these templates are contemporary and gives you a lot of space to showcase your online store products or even high quality photographs. 

Simvoly themes are divided into three expanded categories, funnels, online stores, and website themes. These three categories have extensive of themes that suits all sorts of businesses.

Simvoly uses a nifty website wizard in conjunction with artificial intelligence. This wizard lets you describe the kind of site you want, whether it is a photography website or a food vendor website, basically any website you want.

It then suggests the best template that will suit the type of website chosen. You can then customize the template to the design of your choice to suit your needs. 

Drag And Drop Builder

Simvoly drag and drop website builder lets you design the website of your dream. The easy-to-use feature allows users with little or no coding knowledge to create a beautiful website.

You can resize, enlarge, drag, drop as you wish. This makes website design easier and lets you take total charge of your marketplace.

1 Click Upsells And Downsells

Simvoly attempts to make better how profit is made using its 1-Click Upsells & Downsells page.

This allows you to make more money by increasing the value of your orders by offering higher-value products or services to your customers.

Sell Memberships And Subscriptions

Simvoly allows you to create membership sites to manage subscriptions and membership, giving you the opportunity to earn recurring revenue from several products, courses, or services that you offer.

Build For Agencies And Freelancers

Simvoly has created a system that enabled Agencies and Freelancers to build sites and funnels under their own white-label website builder with no limitation. In return, agencies and freelancers get to enjoy discounts on their subscriptions. See more options for Agencies and Freelancers.

Simvoly E-Commerce Plan

The Simvoly e-commerce plan is easy and very powerful. I was fascinated to learn that Simvoly lets you have a complete e-commerce plan without having to upgrade your account.

With the Simvoly store engine, you can keep track of inventory as well as add product variations and enter sale prices.

Simvoly Online Stores builder

Using the e-commerce plan to sell online store products is a perfect choice. You gain full control over a task like adding images of your products, product pages, adding a content block, and you have choices for layout and style.

Not only that, Simvoly gives you the best-integrated payment services such as Paypal and Stripe.

Build Online Store and Sell Any Type Of Products

Use Simvoly to build your online store and sell any type of product. With just a few clicks from your mouse, you will be able to create whatever products you like and will be able to sell it with the help of Simvoly’s features.

E-commerce With Custom Checkouts

Simvoly will give you the best experience when it comes to its E-commerce, and it comes with custom check-outs. It won’t give you any distractions because it is visually nice, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

Simvoly also simplified its check-outs, by merely providing it a one-step process. Also, a one-step upsell and downsell for your products and services. It has a fully customizable pitching area that you can take advantage of to make it more enticing to your customers to get your products and other services.

It also has optional bump sellers for your upselling needs.

Products Variation

Simvoly has features that allow you to customize everything when dealing with your products.

You will be able to add different variations to your products such as adding the size, color, and making its pricing, SKU, and listing the stocks at hand.

This will help the transparency of your products that will be helpful with your potential customers.

Mode Of Recurring Payments

Simvoly thought a lot about the convenience of the users as well as its customers. That is why they made it easy with its recurring payments.

You can give them an option to offer them weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions that will be easier for you and your potential customers, especially if they like your products.

Discount Codes

Simvoly is all about creating, selling your products, and one of their marketing ideas is giving away discounts that will be an excellent benefit for your business.

You will be able to create discount codes on your specific products or timeframe, depending on what products you will like to offer.

Order Management

Ordering has never been more comfortable with Simvoly. The platform can manage all your orders by just the use of its order management feature. You will also get automated emails and a lot more that will help your online business to be organized and efficient.

Shipping Rules

A lot of online business platforms have their own set of rules that you need to follow when it comes to shipping. In Simvoly, you don’t need to adhere to strict policies because you can set your own shipping rules for all your physical products. How convenient is that?

Tax Rules

As a business, you need to know about the taxes because it is essential, but let’s be honest; taxes are quite a headache.

Simvoly is simplifying the tax rules if you use their platform as you can create your tax rules to charge a specific tax for your region. Through this, you will get to manage your taxes well.

More Features Of Simvoly

Seamless Integration With Major Applications

Simvoly is flexible enough to let you connect the website you have created to the major applications such as:

Email Autoresponder – such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and GetResponse.

Google Analytics – A free tool that can be connected to your site to analyze data for your business. Read more on how to maximize the use of data generated by google analytics.

AutomationZapier allows you to automate task such as scheduled email sequence sending out to your leads or customers on promotion or even helping you reply and follow up with customers.

Payment gateway – Dealing with online sales transactions and payment processing can never be easier by using Stripe and Paypal.

Simvoly CRM

Simvoly builds in with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology that allows you to easily manage interactions with your leads and customers under the same platform.

Being able to categorize customers’ profiles (name and email address) into segments based on sales generated and sending a personalized email communication can help you to achieve better customer relationships and in return increase in sales and profitability.

With better customer engagement very likely that customers will repeat orders and stay with your business for the long term.

A/B Testing

Simvoly allows you to do split testing such as between two similar landing pages or different call-to-action button or images to determine which elements convert better (bringing in more sales or conversion).

By eliminating the landing page that does not generate sales you can then focus most of your attention on the winner and to scale it further.

Creating Bump Offers In Simvoly

Offer supplementary or bundled products at a discounted price on top of initial purchase to customers at their checkout, making it an irresistible offer and almost impossible to say NO. This in return will help increase your sales revenue.

Powerful White Label Website Builder

White Label Website Builder

Simvoly White Label Website Builder allows you to build landing pages, e-commerce stores, websites, sales funnels for your customers all in one platform with no limitations and it is completely 100% white label under your own brand name and rules. It will be your brand and not Simvoly that will be seen by your customers. It will be your own.

Further, you can make your own brand with your own rules when it comes to its white-label feature. Simvoly’s website builder is customizable that you can have your own design to your liking, and within minutes you will be able to customize every look and different sections, may it be fonts, colors, layouts, and a lot more.

Simvoly Affiliate Program Management Tool

Planning to grow your business by getting affiliates to promote your products and services? Look no further, Simvoly lets you manage your affiliate program on the same platform.

Capable to hold a countless number of affiliates sign up. Monitor and able to track smartly every sale generate by all affiliates. The choice is yours to decide on the affiliate commission rate, payouts whether a one-off or a recurring commission.

Simvoly Pricing

How much does Simvoly cost exactly after the FREE TRIAL? After the trial ends, Simvoly has affordable pricing plans that you can choose from. Even with its basic plan, it comes with amazing features.

The basic plan is as low as $12.00 a month and this plan is ideal and the best for beginners who are just starting out.

In total there are 4 pricing plans that you can choose from namely, Personal, Business, Growth, and Pro.

If you are building a lot more websites and funnels than usual, choose to become the white label partner for over 30-55% savings on all the pricing plans

Simvoly Funnel Academy

It is a FREE course packed with incredible value for everyone even you are not a Simvoly users. Extremely useful for you if you have no idea what sales funnel is. 

The course is designed for you to learn how to create and launch your first funnel, where it could be a funnel for lead generation, to drive sales, build for customers and how to identify customers profile.

What You Will Learn Inside Funnel Academy

Setting Up Your Business

Understand What Exactly Is Sales Funnel.
Learn What Are The Type Of Funnels.
What Sales Funnel Is The Best For Your Business.
How To Find Profitable Niche Market.
Discover Your Dream Customer To Do Business With.
Scale Your Business.
How To Put Together A Great Deal.
Effective Marketing Message To Use.
Master The Art Of Driving Traffic To Your Funnel.

Lead Generation Funnel

Learn how to promote and create different types of funnels such as Home funnel, Coupon Funnel and  Lead Magnet to generate leads for your business.

That is not all, and also it is important to learn how to convert visitors into leads and then into paying customers.

More On Sales Funnels

Here you will be learning the basics and fundamentals about sales funnels. 

Discover how to achieve more sales and turn most of your potential visitors into customers by leveraging the powerful Simvoly sales funnel builder features such as the Bump Offers, 1-Click Upsells and Downsells, Subscriptions and Memberships and so much more.

What Are The Pros Of Simvoly?

No Coding Is Required

There are a lot of positive things I could say about Simvoly, but firstly, the value you get for the price you pay for is incredible. It is cheap and extremely affordable. 

As a non-techy person, I find this site extremely easy to use. You can built websites without any external help, except times that I contacted the support system for some guidance, which was helpful and has been beneficial. The site you created looks good both on mobile and on desktop and is mobile friendly.

Excellent Customer Support

The Simvoly has top-notch customer support, as they have treated customer queries as a top priority. It has nine categories of Q&A, and these categories are well-made. They have comprehensive text tutorials and some illustrative videos and images for proper illustration.

One of my personal favorites is the on-page live chat box that lets you communicate with the customer service as soon and as often as you would love to. The response time might not be immediate, but the agents always provide valuable information to will be of help to you.

Apart from the live chat support, you can also get access to Simvoly answered questions and tutorials from the screen you are on without having to switch tabs or screens. The feedback on their support system are fantastic as they have been of good help to every website builder using their platform.

What Are The Cons Of Simvoly?

I’m thinking hard about the things I don’t like or find as a con in Simvoly. I find the tutorial videos are too long, especially when watching on mobile, and could be summarized better.

Final Simvoly Review Verdict

I really hope this review answers what you are looking for. If you were wondering is Simvoly worth it? The answer is YES.

Simvoly is a reliable site builder that allows you to create a website and sales funnels under the same platform, and it has been evolving with new features.

It is hard for you can get a platform that offers two solutions.  With the sales pages inside the sales funnels that allow people to navigate through so to take the desired action, such as buy products. It is a tool that any business should consider investing in.

Click on the button below to test drive Simvoly for yourself. I hope you enjoyed my post so far and I hope it explained What is Simvoly.

If you have any questions about the tool or my review, then make sure you leave a comment below. I am are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the software.

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