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The Secrets Masterclass created by Russell Brunson is a brand new masterclass that reveals the secrets and blueprint of what the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club winners do to achieve a million-dollar sales that others are not doing it.

Let’s dive into  Secrets Masterclass Review to find what it is and how you can benefit from the Secrets Masterclass.

Ever wonder why out of 100,000 active ClickFunnels users, there is only a small number of them able to achieve 7 figures in sales?

This Secrets Masterclass webinar is about learning the entire process of what the Top ClickFunnels users do to be the two comma club winners. You will discover why they are so successful, going behind the scene, and what they do differently than others are not doing it.

By attending the Secrets Masterclass you get the chance to learn their secrets of success and business blueprints that you will never know and apply it to your online business or even start building a business from scratch.

What You Will Learn In ClickFunnels Secrets Masterclass

This is a top-level view of what you will be learning as soon as you joined the Secrets Masterclass. In a nutshell, Russell will be talking about the 3 core secrets :

Secret #1 Funnel Secrets

secrets masterclass review

The Secret#1 you are going to learn is the new secret funnel strategy that can help you to grow your online business faster than anything else you’ve ever experienced.

Overcome the Obstacles

The fact is that there are many entrepreneurs and small business owners who don’t understand “What is a funnel” and “How does it work for them” and “How they decide what kind of funnel they should use for their business”, and do their business even need a funnel.

To answer these, in the first session Russell will explain to you by going in-depth into this to help you understand first what a funnel is and how it works for your business specifically and how you figure out what type of funnel you should be using. 

There will be a session where Russell going to walk you through the whole process choosing the right type of funnels that suit your business.

Funnel Hacking Process

Funnel hacking is one of the strategies you will learn, which is a term used by the ClickFunnels community and Funnel hacks. 

It is a process where Russell will teach you how to look at people who have already had success with their funnel, figure out how to do that and how to look at it and model what they are doing. 

It’s going to go deep into funnels and how to understand them specifically for your business.

Funnels And Tools

The Masterclass will help you learn the strategies and get a better understanding. And If you want to learn and master how to build sales funnels for your business, inside DotCom Secrets will walk you through everything you need to know and give you the details and the tactics step-by-step.

What to do and how to do it, what to do first everything you need to know to grow your company with sales funnels is inside this book. It is the implementation of funnel strategies inside the One Funnel Funnel Away Challenge

Secret #2 Conversion Secrets

The next secret that you will learn is the Conversion secret. What so special about this is that if you apply the biggest secret to selling more inside of your funnels without driving any extra traffic. When you apply it to your business it will make your funnels profitable.

When Your Funnels Don't Convert

Many people understood the funnel structure and how they work and they started having some success, but some people build funnels and they were technically right and they had the right pages in the right order, but then they would give up because they were not making any money.

Why are some people having success and then other people are not? There is no difference between the funnels that they build.

Russell Brunson has found out that the number one reason between someone who was having success and someone that is not is that people who were having success; they know how to tell their stories in a way that moved people through the funnel.

The Power of Stories

By knowing how to tell stories, how it can help you get more conversion or sales? Think about it. Every single advertisement that you see on Facebook or Instagram has a video of somebody telling a story and that story gets somebody to click on the ad.

Then, they get to the landing page and there’s a video there telling you about what their product is, how it works, and telling the story behind it. And the story is what moves someone from one funnel steps to another.

Becoming A Storyteller

Russell has simplified the process to become a good storyteller. He has layout the techniques and skills you need to learn in Expert Secrets, it’s a book that teaches how to tell stories.

It goes deep into how to tell your own story and how to tell it in a way to get somebody to move from your ad to the funnel to buy your products and then to come back and buy from you over and over again. Because the story is the key to everything and the better you are at telling it, the more people you can move through your funnels.

It’s recommended to get the book. That way you can start going through it and when the Secrets Masterclass is over you can go through the exercises in this book that will help you to really master your story.

Secret #3 Traffic Secrets

secrets masterclass review

Having a funnel and message that sells your product or your service is important. But if you don’t have traffic and you don’t have people who actually see your presentation and come to your funnel then all of it’s useless and it doesn’t do anything.

Without people, you don’t actually have a business. The 3rd secret you will learn is how to get the right traffic that your customers can find you online.

Finding Your Dream Customers

Everyone knows how to drive traffic. But, getting targetted traffic required a set of skills to do that. It is important how to get not just traffic but your dream customers to come to you.

Dream customers are the people that you want to serve the most, they are customers who love your products and the service you offered.

In the Traffic Secrets workshop, Russell will reveal strategies on how you can find your dream customers without relying on just a single traffic source.

And once you found them, how you can bring them into your funnels so you can serve them and you can change their lives with the products and the services you sell.

Who Should Attend Secrets Masterclass

The Secrets Masterclass has been specially designed for people who are currently facing the 3 main challenges in their business that is currently holding them back;

If you are currently in one of these situations then in the Secrets Masterclass you be learning how exactly you can overcome each of these challenges and bring your business to the whole new level.

How To Sign Up For Secrets Masterclass Webinar

To sign up for the Free Secrets Masterclass, Click Here. As soon as you have signed up for the Secrets Masterclass you will receive a unique invitation link from ClickFunnels with a specified date and time. 

To watch the webinar, click on the link given, it will lead you to the webinar page. Be sure to attend the webinar on time as there won’t be a replay.

When Is The Secrets Masterclass Available

The Secrets Masterclass is now available effective from 4th May 2020. Be sure to check out this post for the latest update about the Secrets Masterclass.

How Much Does Secrets Masterclass Cost(Pricing)

What are the costs and pricing for the secrets masterclass? It’s FREE! The Secrets masterclass is packed with so much valuable content and proven business and funnel strategies that you won’t be able to learn it anywhere else.

And when you decided to sign up and you stay till the end of the webinar you will be given an irresistible special offer. It’s like a ClickFunnels bonus for you.

Final Conclusion: Secrets Masterclass Review

I hope you enjoyed reading the post on the Secrets Masterclass Review. Hopefully, it gives you some insights on what is the Secrets Masterclass about, how it is going to be, and what sort of contents will be covered.

If you are wondering whether the Secrets Masterclass is worth your time and whether you should register to attend the masterclass? The answer is, YES.

The Secrets Masterclass is a complete solution that covers all aspects of how a successful online business should like, such as creating the right type of funnels, getting more sales through stories, and targetted traffic.

The Masterclass is something that Russell Brunson never did before in the past, and it is going to be one of a kind, contained with insane valuable business advice that you can take and implement into your business.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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