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SamCart is a great way to start selling physical products. It’s easy to set up and you can start taking payments immediately. Plus, there are a ton of incredible features that will help you sell more products and to increase your profits.

So, if you’re ready to start an online business that sells physical items online, keep reading for instructions on how to use SamCart for physical products.


What Is SamCart

SamCart is a cloud-based checkout platform that lets you easily start selling physical products online. It’s a complete solution that will help you grow your business by taking orders, processing payments, and managing your inventory all in one place.

Plus it has amazing features that’ll make the process of selling even easier for you! So if you want to become an entrepreneur selling physical products, or if you want to grow your existing business, SamCart is the perfect solution to do it!


Why Use SamCart Over Other Platforms


There is a lot of different eCommerce platform available out there, but SamCart is the best option for a few reasons:

1. It’s easy to use:

You can get started in just a few minutes, and there are lots of tutorials and support available if you need help.

2. It’s fast and reliable:

Payments are processed quickly and securely, so you can rest assured that your customers’ data is safe.

3. It’s affordable:

There are a variety of pricing plans available, so you can find one that fits your budget.

4. It has lots of features:

From order management to shipping labels, split testing, payment alternatives, checkout templates, sales funnels, marketing automation, affiliate center, SamCart has everything you need to run your online business.

5. Fast and responsive customer service:

Whenever you have a question or get stuck, you can contact SamCart’s helpful support team. The service is fast and they are able to revert to you with a solution in a much quicker time.

6. Integrations:

You can integrate your store with lots of different services, such as PayPal and Zapier, so you can save time by automating parts of your business.

7. Sales funnel templates:

SamCart has templates to create free sales funnels, so you can start generating more income without having to spend extra money.

8. Good reports:

You can get detailed reports integrating the service with Google Analytics or Facebook Ads Manager, whichever works best for your business. This gives you valuable information about the performance of your store and how to improve it in the future.

9. It’s easy to update products and prices:

This is a good option if you regularly add new items or change your price because it’s easy to add and remove products from your store. This way, you can reduce the amount of time you spend managing your inventory.

10. Sell More Online:

SamCart has features that will help you sell more and increase your profits, including abandoned cart recovery emails, converting checkout page, shopping cart, and creating sales funnels.

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SamCart Features That Will Help You Sell More Products And Increase Profits

SamCart is packed with features that will help you sell more products and increase your profits. Also, the features on SamCart are constantly growing and evolving to meet customers’ demands.

So if you are in a competitive industry or run an innovative business it gives you the edge over your competitors.

SamCart Bump Orders

Here are a few of the most important ones:

Order management

You can easily track orders and keep track of which products are selling the best. This will help you make better decisions about what to stock in your store.

Shipping labels

SamCart integrates with shipping providers like USPS and UPS, so you can print shipping labels directly from your account. This will save you time and money.

Taxes and discounts

You can easily manage your taxes and apply discounts to products or whole orders. This will help you save money on your purchases.

Product variations

If you offer different variants of a product, such as different sizes, colors, or flavors, the product variation feature will help you sell more products. When a customer changes a variation in a product, it automatically updates all other variations of that product. So you don’t have to update them manually.

Email marketing

You can easily set up email marketing campaigns and send out newsletters to keep your customers updated about new products and upcoming sales. This is an easy way to increase your profits because it’s free and you can reach all of your customers at once with one message.

Customer loyalty program

If you have a business that frequently gets repeat purchases from consumers, such as clothing or local food vendors, this feature allows you to offer discounts in order for them to return more frequently.


This feature allows you to offer customers the immediate option of purchasing an upsell product alongside the original purchase. Upsells are complementary products that are often more expensive than the first purchase, so it’s a great way for you to increase your profits.


Similar to upsells, cross-sells are used as an addition or supplement to another product, which works in tandem with upsells. So, for example, if someone purchases a blue t-shirt, you may sell them one in red since many people prefer wearing matching colors together. However, avoid going overboard!

Checkout Pages

Allows customers to proceed through checkout without having to go back and forth between their cart and review pages. This will save them and reduce your bounce rates and increase your sales.

Sell Unlimited Products

This feature allows you to manage and sell as many products as you want without having to pay more for additional items. And we all know that the more options customers have, the better chance they will buy from you!

Order Bumps

This function enables you to provide clients with a discount on their next purchase if they upgrade from one item to the next. So, if someone is browsing for a single t-shirt but has several more in their cart, it’s not difficult to upsell them and give them a code for two t-shirts instead of just one.

Abandoned Cart Emails

These emails allow you to automatically send out messages to people who leave your site without completing the payment process for items that they added into their shopping carts. A lot of consumers will abandon their carts because they can’t afford or don’t need all of the products in them. So this feature makes sure that those people come back and buy from you.

Sales Funnel

SamCart allows you to run different promotions and offers through various pages in your sales funnel. So, for example, you may let customers pick their preferred shipping method or include free items like stickers when they opt-in to receive email notifications of sales.

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How To Set Up Your Store On SamCart

The first thing you need to do is create an account on SamCart. It’s fast and easy, and you can get started in just a few minutes. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to the main dashboard where you can start setting up your store.

To create your online shopping platform, you should decide on a brand name, pick a theme, add product listings, and create checkout pages.

The next step would be adding your product details. This includes the name of your product, its description, weight, dimensions, and price. You can also add images and videos to help promote your product.


Adding Products To SamCart – Pictures, Descriptions & Prices

It’s easy to add new products to your store in SamCart.

Adding products on samcart

1. Click on the “Add Product” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

2. Enter a title, description, and price for your product in the fields provided below. If you want to upload pictures of this item go ahead and do that too!

3. Once you’re finished click “Save”. You can always edit or delete an item later by clicking on it from your inventory list.

4. Now just repeat steps 1-3 until you have all of your items uploaded.

5. To find your uploaded items, click on “Products” from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Now that you know how to add new products it’s time to learn about adding variations. Variations are extra options for each product in your store.

For example, if someone is buying a shirt they can choose their size and select whether they want white or black sleeves. These options make up ONE variation. So if somebody buys this shirt online (with these options), they would be charged for TWO variations (one for size and one for color).

1) Once you’ve added an item to your store you’ll see some blue boxes above with numbers next to them.

2) To make a new variation click on “add a variation” and you’ll see a green box appear with an arrow coming out of it.

3) Enter the title, price, and any other relevant information that pertains to this specific variation. If you have multiple options for each product it’s best to just list them all in the description area so your customers know what they’re getting.

4) When you’re done go ahead and click “Save Variation”. This will save your item but keep in mind that variants can’t be purchased individually – each one needs an option from the original item. Remember, items refer to variations.


Creating Upsell and Bump Order

Upsell & Order Bump

When it comes to selling physical products online, upsells and bump orders can be a great way to increase your profits. Upsells are additional items that you offer to your customers at the time of purchase, these items are typically more expensive than the original purchase.

Upsells are typically used to increase sales because if you can get a customer to buy an additional item, it will boost your average order value.

SamCart allows you to create one-click upsells that you can easily add to your sales pages. These upsell show in real-time to all of your customers, so there is no need to worry about setting them up. Plus, when you create an upsell using SamCart, the customer will only be charged for this item if they complete their purchase.

Bump orders are orders that are placed in addition to the customer’s original order. They are orders that customers place after the initial transaction is complete, but before the shipment has begun. You can use bump orders to increase profits by adding services or warranties at no charge to the customer.

With bump orders, the customer receives a percentage off of their order before checking out. This allows them the opportunity to get a discount on their order without having added another item.

For example, if you offer a bumper at 10% off and the original purchase was $100, then after applying the 10% discount, it would bring down the price to $90.


Setting Up Your Payment Gateways

payment gateways

One of the great things about SamCart is that it offers many payment gateways alternative for you to choose from. And it’s easy to set up your payment options. You can choose from a variety of payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe, and Plus, you can start to accept payments from your customers instantly.

There’s no need to wait for approval from a payment processor. Each option has its own pros and cons, but the best option will depend on what type of products you’re selling and how quickly you need deposits in your account.

For SamCart physical products, it’s a great idea to use an automated billing system for recurring payments. This will help improve your conversions by making sure that customers are getting exactly what they are expecting.

For example, PayPal doesn’t charge any fees if your customer uses their credit card directly through PayPal’s site to make a purchase from you. However, PayPal charges a fee if your customer uses the funds in their PayPal account. The fees are relatively minimal – it’s usually around 50 cents per transaction.

However, you will need to process the transactions manually until you reach the limit where PayPal will charge you the monthly fee or wait for six months, whichever comes first.

Using Stripe as a payment gateway, on the other hand, is quick and easy to set up because they only use an integration code that has no server-side programming required. Plus, there are no additional fees beyond what Stripe charges.

SamCart provides extensive support documentation that covers all of these payment options in detail that including digital wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay so that you can choose the best payment processor for your situation.

Once you have this information, just submit a support ticket to let SamCart if encounter any issues in the setup process.


Setting Up Your Shipping Options

Shipping Options

Shipping is an important part of delivering physical products. You need to make sure that you set up your shipping options correctly so that you can deliver your products to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some tips on how to set up your shipping options in SamCart:

First, you need to decide what shipping methods you want to offer your customers. You can choose from a variety of shipping methods, including ground shipping, air shipping, and international shipping.

Next, you need to decide how much you want to charge for shipping. You can either charge a fixed amount for shipping, or you can charge based on the weight of the product. You also need to consider including handling charges as well.

After you’ve decided on a shipping method and a price, you need to make sure that the desired shipping options are selected for each product in your store. You can do this by going into the edit screen for each product.

Finally, you need to decide how long it will take for you to process a customer’s order. Then, you can choose whether or not you want to prioritize processing over shipping speed.

You also need to set up your domestic and international tax settings in SamCart. If you’re selling in a country other than where you live, then you probably have to pay taxes on your income from those sales.

The good news is that SamCart has a tax calculator that will tell you exactly how much money in taxes to expect. Just add the tax percentage rate for each country where you plan to sell. Then use the calculator in Tax Settings to find out how much you need to pay in tax.


Signing Up For A Free Account With SamCart

If you’re ready to start selling physical products using SamCart, the first step is to set up a free account with SamCart. Unlike other platforms, SamCart offers a 14-day free trial where you can try out the platform before committing to the paid plans.

It’s easy to sign up and you can start taking payments immediately. To create a free account with SamCart what you need is a name, email address, password, and credit card details.

When you sign up for the trial, your account will be automatically upgraded to the premium plan so you won’t miss out on any of the features available. Also, when you have a free account you can test out all the different tools SamCart has to offer before start paying for it.


Conclusion: SamCart For Physical Products

SamCart is a fantastic platform to sell and market physical items online. It has all the tools that can help you boost your sales and earnings, such as the live chat with customers, high converting checkout process, customizable product pages, checkout pages, analytics software integration, and more.

You don’t even need any programming expertise since it may be configured by specialists in only one day! Try SamCart out today to see how easy it is to sell your products online.

Physical product is one way that you can sell online to make money, but there are other ways that you can make money using SamCart.

To get started with SamCart, just click the link below and create your free account.

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