Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Updated Edition [2023]: What’s New Inside?

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Is there Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Updated Edition? Find out the main changes between new and improved version and the previous edition. Discover exactly how 20 traffic hacks inside Traffic Secrets book that can help you drive targetted traffic to your websites and funnels and most importantly finding your dream customers. Now, let’s start off by looking at what’s inside the Traffic Secrets updated edition.

Traffic Secrets let you implement amazing traffic strategies to find where your dream customers are hiding. And its reveals how you can change their world with the products and services that you offer. In this 330-page hardcover book Traffic Secrets, Russell Brunson explains how direct marketing approach can help you leading the new trends, seize opportunities that most people missed out, and take advantage of the emerging approach before most people do.

Why You Need Traffic Secrets In Your Business

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners believe the concept that customers will start buying from them if they create a product or service. And because of that, they started a business. They create a course, write a book, or source the product, start their own service hoping that they create the best product or the best service people will come knocking on their door. And they wait for their future dream customer to come find them.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Updated Edition

Unfortunately, it never seems like customers just come and find you, do they? You might have created something amazing, something you’re passionate about and something you believe in, and you can’t figure out “How in the world do I get my dream customers to actually come to me”? Maybe you are running some ads on Facebook and Google but you have fear knowing that the next Google flop could happen at any time, or maybe your Ads account is going to get shut down and you’re thinking and wondering “Is my business actually built on a solid foundation”?

If this Is what you are facing currently, Is that why you’re here today? Read on to find out how Traffic Secrets can help your business by filling your websites or funnels with your dream customers.

Does Traffic Secrets Really Works

If you are in the digital marketing space I trust you know Russell Brunson. He is the author of the brand new book Traffic Secrets and the co-founder of the sales funnel builder software company called ClickFunnels. Russell took ClickFunnels from Zero to over $100 million in sales in just 3 years and now has over 100 thousand active users. It is interesting to find out by applying the principle in Traffic Secrets how Russell managed to get so many customers to ClickFunnels to some of his major funnels that eventually become paying customers.

Traffic Secrets Success Case Studies

Now let’s take a look at some of the Traffic Secrets case studies by Russell Brunson applying the strategies:

ClickFunnel Traffic Secrets Case Study

Personally I have been following Russell Brunson for quite some time, and I don’t think there’s anybody on this planet who is so obsessed with traffic, except Russell Bunson. Just 5 years ago he launched a brand new company called ClickFunnels and as the non-technical co-founder who’s got no ability to code he wasn’t able to help with the software but Russell knew what his role was. During the launched of ClickFunnels, Russell was to make sure that he had a pipeline of people who were lined up ready and willing to sign up for the ClickFunnels free trial. And since then every single day he needed to make sure he had people coming to his funnels and signing up for ClickFunnels.

Facebook or Google is not something they can rely on and have to do things differently. They had a great product, but it was very hard to get people to know that they even existed. Russell literally tested everything. But most of the things they tried didn’t work, but a few of the things, the real secrets that did work, started to compound on each other. Each new secret helped them to tap into a new stream of dream customers. What seemed impossible before, getting a consistent flow of our dream customers into their funnels, was now a reality. 

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Updated Edition
excerpt from traffic secrets

Because of the Traffic Secrets that Russell has set up in the company, they now get over 1.7 million visitors per month to ClickFunnels. And while that’s a lot of traffic but that’s just one of them. Let’s see another successful case study.

DotCom Secrets Book Funnel Case Study

So now let’s look at the amount of traffics that Russell has on his Dotcom Secrets book funnel applying the Traffic Secrets. As you can see, It gets over 5,000 visitors per day!

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Updated Edition
excerpt from traffic secrets

DotCom Secrets book is written by Russell Brunson. It teaches you the importance of having a sales funnel for your business. You can read the full write up here.

Expert Secrets Book Funnel Case Study

Expert Secrets is another book by Russell, one of my favorite books. It teaches how you can use stories to build your fans and followers and convert them into life long customers. Let’s see at the amount of traffic; which has an average of over 29,000 new visitors every single week.

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Updated Edition
excerpt from traffic secrets

Who Is Traffic Secrets For

Use these Traffic Secrets to fill your websites and your funnels with your dream customers. If you’re selling anything online or you’re trying to generate leads, these traffic secrets will help you get more eyeballs on the things that you are trying to sell. If you’re an author, a speaker, a coach or a consultant, these traffic secrets will work for you. If you’re selling physical products, these traffic secrets will work for you as well. If you’re a local business or you’re selling services, these traffic secrets will work for you. And if you run an agency, these traffic secrets are especially for you.

What You'll Learn Inside Traffic Secrets Updated Edition

Inside the new and improved Traffic Secrets, there are over 20 different secrets on different ways to get traffic into your websites and your funnels. I won’t be able to share all of them in this post, but here are just a few of them that you will discover when you get Traffic Secrets for free.

Traffic Secrets #2 Where Are There Hiding? The Dream 100

In this secret, you are going to find out exactly where your dream customers are hiding online. And when you know where to find them,  you can then pull them into your websites or into your funnels. If you can’t find them it’s hard to get them, but as soon as you know where they are at and you can identify that getting traffic becomes an easy task.

Traffic Secrets #6 Follow Up Funnels

Russell reveals the “invisible second funnel” that almost nobody knows about. According to Russell, what is interesting is only 19% of your potential sales actually happen the first time a customer goes through your funnel. The other 81% of your potential sales are determined by this funnel.

Traffic Secrets #17 Other People’s Distribution Channel

Here you will learn the 3 strategies on how to tap into other people’s distribution channels, in return you can introduce your products or services directly into brand new audience streams. When you understand these strategies, it becomes really easy to grow and scale almost any business. 

Traffic Secrets #18 Your Army Affiliate

You are going to learn the 5-step game plan on how to build an army of affiliates who actually spend their own advertising dollars to sell your product for you. Imagine having dozens or hundreds of other people selling your products for you and you only pay them after they make the sale.

Should You Get Traffic Secrets Updated Edition

There are too many businesses that are struggling because their future customers can’t find them. Traffic Secrets will help you to find your dream customers so that you can change their lives with the products and services that you sell. The cool thing is that Russell Brunson is giving away Traffic Secrets for Free.

ClickFunnels Traffic Secrets Bonuses

What Traffic Secrets Bonus you will get? On top of getting Traffic Secrets for Free, Russell Brunson is giving away a bunch of cool BONUSES worth $509.95 to help you execute the strategies inside Traffic Secrets as well as to amplify your experience with the book and hopefully it’ll be able to push you over the edge. Let’s check out what are the cool bonuses.

Bonus#1 - Traffic Foundation

Traffic Secrets Foundation
Total Value: $97.00

This refers to 4 hours of bonus training. And one of them is Russell’s presentation at a big event called Funnel Hacking Live with over 5000 people. The event takes place every year. The whole presentation is about helping people understand the foundations of traffic and how they fit inside of this book.

Bonus#2 - The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

Dean Graziosi The Ultimate Unfair Advantage
Total Value: $97.00

Discover how Dean Graziosi drives so much traffic to one of his book funnel with the simple and small tweak that he made to get about 4X as much traffic.

Bonus#3 - How To Make A Video Go Viral

Prince EA How To Make A Video Go Viral
Total Value : $97.00

This is a presentation by Prince EA at Funnel Hacking Live. Discover how Price EA got over 3 billion views of his videos online and how he makes a video go viral. This is another way to get tons of free traffic when you understand the process.

Bonus#4 - The Ultimate Traffic Hack

Peng Joon content multiplier formula
Total Value: $97.00

Here you’ll get to watch Peng Joon’s presentation on a structured outline on how he take 2 days’ worth of work to create all videos and contents and uses that for the next 6 months to cover everything on social media, his Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

Bonus#5 - 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge

Total Value: $97.00

Take this challenge after you finish reading Traffic Secrets, it will tell you what should you do over the next 30 days. By the end of 30 days, most of the things you’ve learned inside this book will be implemented into your business and you’ll be getting traffic into your websites and into your funnels.

Ways To Implement Traffic Secrets Effectively

One of the things people always say Traffic Secrets is so amazing and they often have this question such as “Where do I start? What do I do first? What do I do second?” To ensure your success and helping you to implement the principle in Traffic Secrets, Russell published a book called Unlock The Secrets. It is an exclusive workbook over 600 pages written to guide you to implement Traffic Secrets in your business, as well as  Dotcom Secrets, and Exper Secrets. It’s effective as the one funnel away challenge, having a mentor walking you through the action plan.

The Secrets Trilogy Set

However, Unlock The Secrets workbook is only available when you invest in The Secrets Trilogy. If you are getting Traffic Secrets, make sure you get the workbook too.

Difference Between Updated Edition And Previous Edition

Now let’s take a look at what are the main difference:

The Tittle and Headline:

The title of the book remained the same, Traffic Secrets. However, there is a change in the headlines on the front cover of the book.

Updated Edition Headline: The new and improved version of Traffic Secrets comes with a new headline; “The Underground Playbook For Filling Your Websites And Funnels With Your Dream Customers“.

Previous Edition Headline: The previous edition of the expert secrets with the headlines that says; “The Underground Playbook To Getting Your Dream Customers To Your Websites And Funnels With Their Credit Cards In Hand”.

The Forward and Endorsement:

The foreword message shown on the front cover of the book has changed. Let’s see what are the changes made.

Previous Edition: It is forwarded by John Reese with the message that says; ” This book shows the simple process that we have to get tens of millions of people to come to our sites every month. It’s a simple strategy that any company could implement, even if they don’t understand what traffic is.”.

Updated Edition: It is forward by Dean Graziosi. The forward message is not known until the updated edition is released the public in May 2020.

Traffic Secrets FAQ

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the new and improved version of Traffic Secrets.

Is Traffic Secrets Updated Edition Free?

Russell is giving away Traffic Secrets for FREE. What you have to do is place your order and let them know your shipping address and they will send you a copy directly to your doorstep. They have already paid for the printing of these books you just need to cover the shipping costs. It’s $9.95 in the United States or $19.95 international anywhere in the world.

Where To Get Traffic Secrets Updated Edition

The only way to get the Traffic Secrets new and improved version is to order it through the Traffic Secrets official website. This can ensure you get  100% genuine content.

Is There Traffic Secrets Audiobook

Yes. You can get Traffic Secrets audiobook through Traffic Secrets upsell page for $37.00 when you buy Traffic Secrets physical book.

Where To Get Traffic Secrets Pdf Free Download

Any websites that provide free Traffic Secrets Pdf download might be a scam. Traffic Secrets is FREE! Click here to get the Traffic Secret from the official website. By getting from the official website will ensure you get genuine content.

Can I Buy Traffic Secrets From Amazon

Yes. But it is recommended to get Traffic Secrets from the official site to claim BONUS worth $509.95! Amazon is selling the physical book at $24.95 or ebook at Amazon kindle or nook.

Does Barnes&Noble Sells Traffic Secrets

Yes, they do. Again you won’t get the Traffic Secrets Bonus worth $509.95 if you buy from them. I highly recommend getting Traffic Secrets from the official site. Even Hudson Bookseller and Books-A-Million(BAM) sell it too, but they only sell the physical book, not the audiobook.

Final Traffic Secrets Updated Edition Verdict

We hope you enjoyed this post on Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets Updated Edition so far. Traffic Secrets is the underground playbook for filling your websites and your funnels with your dream customers.

If you are looking to improve your skills on how to drive targetted traffic to your product or service, or you struggle to find your where your dream customers at to buy from you then this book contains valuable advice that you need.

The new and improved version of Traffic Secrets is free, there is no risk attached. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning for whatever reason, you can even get a refund for the shipping costs with no questions asked and let you keep the book. Click on the link below to get the Traffic Secrets, it is a book worth investing.

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