Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Updated Edition [2023]:(What’s New?)

Are you searching for Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Updated Edition? If you are, then you are in the right place. Check out the new and improved version of Expert Secrets book and find out the difference between the updated edition and the previous edition and understand why should you get the new and improved version of Expert Secrets and where to get it.

Who Is The Author For Expert Secrets Updated Edition

Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Updated Edition



The new and improved version of Expert Secrets is written by Russell Brunson, the same author for the previous edition. Russell Brunson is the co-founder of the highly reputable sales funnel builder software, ClickFunnels.

Applying the secrets he shared in Expert Secrets, Russell has built a following of entrepreneurs in the millions over the past 10 years. He is regarded as the king of sales funnel, the container of expert secrets and he is an American storyteller.

What Is Inside Expert Secrets Updated Edition

There are too many businesses that do have funnels but they are still struggling because they don’t understand how to use story to move people through their funnel. This book is going to help you to quickly turn your online visitors into lifelong customers.

In this new and improved version of Expert Secrets, Russell reveals the step-by-step techniques on how you can turn your expertise right into a thoroughly designed sales message that will attract more of your dream customers. Russell’s advice was to start to execute story selling strategies to help discover your voice and also obtain the self-confidence to end up being a leader, create a movement of people where you could create an impact on their lives.


Why Do You Need ‘Expert Secrets’ In Your Business

Russell Brunson had the rare opportunity to look behind the scenes of millions of different types of funnels to see what is working and what is not. he analyzes over 6 million funnels and looked at over 130,000 split tests run trying to figure out and look for a pattern of what makes some funnels successful while others not. As you can imagine, this was not a quick or easy process. Russell and his team drew a lot of connections, but a lot of them ended up leading them into some big dead ends.

What Should You Do To Your Business Instead

Through stages of analyzing and discussion, Russell and his team discovered a set of patterns that emerged. What they found it had nothing to do with what type of funnel you are using, what your designs look like or even what you are selling! But instead, it had everything to do with your ability to communicate with the people who actually entered into your funnel. But, rather could you tell them your story? Did you know how to use persuasion skills to build rapport with them?

Instead of just selling them a product once, did you build fans and build a tribe of people who bought from you over and over and over again? Instead of having a transactional business, were you able to develop a transformational business? By applying the concept in Expert Secrets, these businesses have mastered the art of being an expert or a guide, to help their dream customers to get the result that their business had promised.


Positioning Yourself As “Expert” In Your Business

Many people get nervous when they hear the word “Expert” because they don’t consider themselves an expert. And I heard people say ” I am never going to be the one who’s speaking on stage”. No matter what you’re is selling, your platform and your funnels are your virtual stage to sell your product and your services.

In Expert Secrets updated edition, it’s all about positioning yourself as an expert and learning how to tell your stories in a way that gets people to move, you are able to guide people through your funnel and giving them the results that they are looking for.

If you have seen Russell’s funnels, he basically acts as a guide walking you through each step of his funnels. You can even look at the funnels and pages of Two Comma Club winner. Who do you see on all of their ads? Who greets you on their landing pages? Who makes a presentation to you explaining why you should purchase the product or the services that they sell? And then who is the person who offers you their up-sell, and then who thanks you after the purchase is done? In every case, it’s the expert or the guide who has mastered how to communicate with the people who have entered their funnel.

Your customers come to you with a problem, they come to your funnel looking for a solution and your job is to master your message and tell your story in a way that gets them to move, moving through all of the things inside of your funnel and that way you can serve them at the highest level. That’s how you change the lives of your customers and that’s how you grow a business.


What You’ll Learn In Expert Secrets Updated Edition

Now, inside new and improved version, there are 19 different Expert Secrets that you are going to learn, and obviously I can’t go through all of them in this post. These are the few that you are going to learn when you get a copy of the book.

Secret#1 Finding Your Voice

This is about you finding your voice as an expert. One of the things that most people struggle with is “How in the world do I communicate with my audience?”, “I don’t feel comfortable on camera” and “I don’t feel comfortable making videos”. So this is going to help you to find your voice, to feel comfortable doing it and also how to shift your business from selling just products into actually creating offers and leading a movement that will change the lives of the customers that you have been called to serve.

Secret# 4 The New Opportunity

You will go into something that a lot of people don’t understand but it’s the only thing that actually causes your dream customers to move towards you, or not to move at all, and when you understand this one concept it will change how you communicate with your audience.

Secret#10 The Four Core Stories

In this secret, Russell will show you the 4 stories that you have to learn, master and understand because every one of your dream customers has a story inside their mind that’s keeping them from success. When you re-write their stories with these 4 stories, it will change everything and it will give you the ability to lead them and get them to take up the offers that you have created.

Secret#19 Plugging Expert Secrets Into Your Value Ladder

Russell is going to show you how you take the stories, scripts and the frameworks that you learned in this book and how you apply these into your funnels. How do you apply them to your ads? How do you use them in your landing pages? How do you apply them into your email funnel sequences and your sales pages, up-sells and your webinars? When you understand that, it shows you a very clear picture of how you use these persuasion skills to move people through your funnel.


How To Implement Strategies in Expert Secrets Updated Edition

They are very minimum readers who grasp the concept right and having success after reading Expert Secrets.

To ensure your success and helping you to implement the strategies in Expert Secrets, Russell has published Unlock The Secrets Book. It is an exclusive workbook that written to help execute the secrets in Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. It’s like the one funnel away challenge, having a mentor walking you through the successful business blueprint.

You can only get the workbook when you buy The Secrets Trilogy. If you are getting the new and improved version of Expert Secrets, be sure to get the workbook too.


Difference Between Updated Edition And Previous Edition

Now let’s look at what are the main difference:

The Tittle and Headline:

The main title of the book remained the same, Expert Secrets. However, there is a change in the headlines.

Updated Edition Headline: The updated edition has a new headline; “The Underground Playbook for Converting Your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers“.

Previous Edition Headline: The previous edition of the expert secrets with the headlines that says; “The Underground Playbook For Creating A Mass Movement Of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice”.

With the significant change in the headlines, it implies that Russell has a different message that he wants to deliver to his audience. And most importantly He wants to position the book in a whole new perspective while enforcing the strategies he laid out in the previous edition.


The Forward and Endorsement:

A foreword is a paragraph written to introduce the reader to the author of the book. Let’s see what are the difference.

Previous Edition: It is forwarded by Robert Kiyosaki with the message that says; “Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich”.

Updated Edition: In the new and improved version of Expert Secrets, it is forward by Garrett J. White. Garrett is the founder of the Wakeup Warrior and he is the Two Comma Club winner; he has generated USD 1million sales using the ClickFunnels software. The forward message is not known until the book is released to the public in May 2020.


What About the Previous Or Old Expert Secrets Edition

The secrets thought in the previous edition are those that still crucial in helping you to become the expert in the niche you have chosen, be able to tell compelling stories and building more followings and make more sales. These strategies need to be carried forward and implement it in a whole new perspective as laid out in Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Updated Edition.

Expert Secrets FAQ

Should You Get Expert Secrets Updated Edition

If you been reading Expert Secrets when it was first launched and wish to benefit from new secrets found in the updated edition, then it is recommended to get the new and improved version.

And if you have to get Russell’s Expert Secrets book which I cant think of a reason why you don’t then you should get the updated edition.


Is Expert Secrets Updated Edition Free?

Yes, the new and updated Expert Secrets is Free. All you need to pay is the shipping charge $9.95 for the United States and $19.95 for International for it to deliver to your doorstep.

Where To Get Russell’s Expert Secrets Updated Edition?

The only way to get the latest edition is to order through the Expert Secrets official site. This can ensure you get the 100% genuine book as advertised.

Is There Expert Secrets Updated Edition Pdf Free Download

Any sites that offer free Pdf download might be a phishing site. Expert Secrets Updated Edition is FREE! Click here to get the new Expert Secret from the official site. By getting from the official site will ensure you get genuine content.

Is There Audiobook For Expert Secrets Updated Edition?

Yes, you can get the Audiobook at USD47.00 through the upsell page when you buy the hardcover Expert Secrets book.


Final Expert Secrets Updated Edition Verdict

The brand new Expert Secrets comes with improved insights that grant you accessibility to high-value business blueprint from someone that has a successful online business.

We hope you enjoyed this post on Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Updated Edition so far. If you are looking to enhance your internet marketing skills and sales strategies this publication includes important knowledge you need. Click on the link below to get the Expert Secrets Updated Edition, it is a book worth investing.


While there is no straight revenue associated with the guide, the author assures the expertise contained in the guide will aid enhance your internet sales as well as advertising and marketing efforts, leading to higher revenue. We hope you enjoyed our post on Russell Brunson Expert Secrets Updated Edition. Have anything else you want us to take a look at? Leave a comment below!

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