Russell Brunson DotCom Secrets Updated Edition [2023]: (What’s New?)

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Should you get Russell Brunson DotCom Secrets Updated Edition? Check out the new and improved version of the DotCom Secrets book and know the difference between the updated edition and the previous edition. Find out the effective ways to implement the principles found in the updated edition, and why should you get the new version if you already have the previous version.

What’s new in the new and improved edition is where Russell Brunson will be sharing the greatest secrets that nobody knows about how he generates massive leads online and the proven strategies and techniques he used to sell products and services online. These are not based on theory but rather the success he has found through thousands of split testing he made over the past years.

Apart from that, he reveals the exact processes, sales funnels, and scripts that you can take and implement to grow your company online. If you are currently struggling in these aspects, or you are a new startup, the updated DotCom Secrets edition is the next book you should read.

The Secret Funnel Strategy Inside DotCom Secrets Updated Edition

So what is the secret funnel strategy and how will it work to grow your company? Over the past decade, ClickFunnels have run tens of thousands of split tests to figure out what type of funnel works for every situation you can think of. Inside the DotCom Secrets, you can find funnels almost for every situation whether your goal is to generate leads or to sell a product or services.

Ever since ClickFunnels was launched, the very first version Dotcom Secrets serve as the guidebook and a playbook to those who wanted to grow their companies with sales funnels just like ClickFunnels. And over the last few years tens of thousands of businesses have used the funnels inside of this book to grow their companies faster than ever before. 

DotCom Secrets will give you access to all the processes and the frameworks that we use as well as the actual sales funnels that Russell uses to grow ClickFunnels, and the sales scripts used for every single page inside of the funnels. That way you can start growing your companies online with sales funnels as well.

Does The Secret Funnel Strategy Works?

In fact, in the past few years, alone over 780 people have won the Two Comma Club awards for making over 7 figures inside of one of their funnels. And over 50 have won the Two Comma Club X awards for grossing over 8 figures inside of one of their funnels and 11 others have won one of our Two Comma Club C awards as they approached over 9 figures in sales, all by applying the secrets that discovered inside Russell Brunson Dotcom Secrets updated edition.

Oh! And in case you were wondering, there are two Comma Club winners in every market that you can dream of. And now, applying the same concept you can create a funnel for your business so that you can geometrically grow your company as well.

What You Learn In DotCom Secrets Updated Edition (Highlights)

Inside the new and improved version, there are over 28 different Dotcom Secrets that you are going to learn about. Obviously, I don’t have time to go through all of them in this post, but I do want to share some of my favorite ones with you just to get you excited about getting your copy of the book.

Secret #1 The Secret Formula

This is where you are going to learn the 4 questions that you can use to attract your dream customers to you. And who are your dream customers? These are the ones that you are so excited about working with. Like every morning you would wake up and be excited to go to work, knowing that those were the people you are going to serve.

Secret #12 Cart Funnels

In this secret, it is going to show you a very simple 3-page funnel and what this funnel does is it actually walks your audience step-by-step directly through your sales process. It takes them from being a cold visitor into a hyperactive buyer who buys from you over and over and over again.

Secret #16 Product Launch Funnel

This is another one of my favorite funnels. This one is going to show you a 6-page free workshop funnel that you use when you’re launching a brand new product that isn’t even live yet. And what this one does is it creates so much buzz and urgency around what you’re going to offer that people literally will line up waiting to buy the thing before it’s even open and even available to the public. 

Secret #17 Application Funnels

If you’re selling products or services for $1,000 or $5,000 or $25,000 or more, this is the funnel you want to use. It is a 3-page funnel and what this does is it helps pre-qualify the right customers if you’re selling high ticket offers.

Secret #28 Funnel Audibles

In this secret, you are going to learn the simple tests that determine if your funnel is working or if it’s broken. And if it is broke, it’s going to show you exactly which part of your funnel needs to be fixed. The reason why that’s so important is because you sometimes you create your funnel and it’s almost live, it’s almost working and something’s wrong and if you know what tweaks and changes you need to make it’s very easy to not have one that’s a flop and becomes a huge success.

Ways To Implement Secrets In DotCom Secrets Updated Edition

Russell Brunson talked a lot about sales funnel as well as he revealed the exact funnel steps that a business should use in order to get more customers and generate more sales. And obviously one of the ways to have the funnels set up for your business is to create one. To do that you need a sales funnel builder software such as ClickFunnels.

To be honest, I have the common struggle after reading the DotCom Secrets just like most people do is that they are not sure where and how to start. Russell is aware of this problem that his reader is facing. And to help with this he has published another book, Unlock The Secrets. It’s an exclusive workbook that written to guide you exactly what you need to do, a step-by-step approach helping you to execute the principles of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. It’s similar to the One funnel away challenge where you are assigned with a mentor hold you accountable to take actions each day.

What's The Difference Between Updated And Previous Edition

Now let’s take a quick look to find out what’s the main difference:

The Tittle and Headline Of The Book

There is no change of the title of the book, DotCom Secrets. By looking at the book cover we noticed a change in the headlines.

Updated Edition Headline: New headline; ” The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels “.

Previous Edition Headline: The previous edition of the DotCom Secrets with the headline that says; ” The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online “. There are many businesses out there that are not aware of the impact of sales funnel could bring. As you can see the difference in the headlines, Russell re-emphasizes the importance of the Sales Funnel in the updated edition that could help you to grow your company online.

The Forward and Endorsement:

There is not many changes here, Dan Kennedy remained the Forward of the DotCom Secrets updated edition. The main changes that I noticed were the forward message by Tony Robbins that says “A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion & sales online “, this has been removed from the front cover of the DotCom Secrets updated edition.

DotCom Secrets FAQ

Should You Buy DotCom Secrets Updated Edition?

Personally, I bought DotCom Secrets when Russell first launched the book. And I have recently pre-order the DotCom Secrets updated edition, the reason being that it has been many changes in the online business and I want to ensure I able to keep up by taking advantage of the latest strategies and secrets that Russell will be sharing in the latest DotCom Secrets book.  If you have not to get Russell’s DotCom Secrets, and might as well get the new and improved version.

Is DotCom Secrets Updated Edition Free?

The DotCom Secrets updated edition is completely FREE. All you need to do is to cover the shipping cost and the handling to get it to deliver to your doorstep. The shipping charge is $9.95 for United States and $19.95 for International. And in case you’re wondering, there is no catch. There’s no hidden costs, continuity program or membership program. It’s just a one-time fee to cover the shipping and handling and it’s coming out to you for free.

Where To Buy Russell's DotCom Secrets Updated Edition?

The most reliable method to get the new and improved version of Dotcom Secrets is to order the book through the DotCom Secrets official website. This will guarantee you get the 100% genuine content.

Is There DotCom Secrets Updated Edition Pdf Free Download?

Personally I don’t trust any sites that provide access to download pdf copy for any books out there. DotCom Secrets Updated Edition is FREE! Click Here to get the new DotCom Secrets from the official site. By getting from the official site it will ensure you get genuine content.

Is There Audiobook For DotCom Secrets Updated Edition?

Yes, you can get the Audiobook through the upsell page when you buy the hardcover DotCom Secrets book.

Final DotCom Secrets Updated Edition Verdict

The updated edition of the DotCom Secrets added with improved insights that grant you access to invaluable business blueprint from someone that has a successful online business.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Russell Brunson DotCom Secrets Updated Edition so far. If you are looking for strategies to grow and scale your business online, or to increase profitability through sales funnels, as well as to enhance your internet marketing skills and sales strategies, then this updated edition includes the important knowledge you need in order to achieve that. Click on the link below to get the DotCom Secrets Updated Edition.

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