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Can you make money with SamCart? Yes, you can! SamCart is one of the most flexible eCommerce platforms out there. However, it seems to me that people need guidance on how to make this happen.

Today, I will share six ways on how you can make money with SamCart. In the end, I hope you can choose one and then take the next step which is to build your online business around the SamCart universe.


1. Be an Affiliate Marketer

SamCart Be An Affiliate Marketer

You can make money with SamCart as an affiliate. As of the moment, SamCart has paid over $1,000,000 in affiliate commission. In addition, you can earn up to $995 upfront if you manage to close a high ticket offer in this affiliate program.

The affiliate commissions are recurring year after year. So as long as your referral is a paying customer, you get a percentage of that.

As an affiliate, you must promote its products. You can do this with: 

  • YouTube channel
  • Blogging
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media

I like that SamCart has support for its affiliates, and you will have access to the best marketing tools. They provide you with high-converting affiliate assets that include videos, banners, ad images that you can use to promote SamCart products.

SamCart also has a network of high-performing affiliates. You can join the Slack group to get advice and mentorship.

There is one thing you should know, SamCart pays the commission 45 days after your referral gets charged. The affiliate payout is processed via PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account. The 45-day turnaround in place is to ensure that the refund guarantee has already expired before you get paid.

Once you get accepted to the affiliate program, you will receive access to the affiliate dashboard. Here, you can check your traffic, stats and then view your affiliate earnings. The report also shows you the indicators that will help you adjust your promotion campaigns.


2. Create an Online Course

SamCart create online course

The next method by which you can make money with SamCart is to create an online course. The ideal thing to do here is to launch a YouTube channel.

Once you have a YouTube channel, you can build a following. From there, you will find out if there is a demand for an online course. The online course that you have to create is about how to use SamCart to make money, or SamCart courses where you teach people how to use the platform.

There are two things you want to do here: 

  • Charge enrolment fee from people who want to learn how to use SamCart
  • Make recurring commissions by recommending SamCart.

Since you are teaching people to use SamCart, you also want to be an affiliate of SamCart. In essence, your students will sign up for SamCart using your affiliate link and in return, you will earn a commission.

As a course creator, you can use SamCart to do it. SamCart is not just a platform to build an online store, you can also use it as an academic platform. It works like Teachable. Here you upload videos for your courses and then accept payments from students who enroll in your course.

Before you launch a course, make sure you have a following and that there is a demand for what you are about to offer.

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3. Sell Digital Products

SamCart Sell Digital Products

One of the easiest ways to make money using the SamCart platform is to sell digital products. The Samcart payment processors are simple and straightforward, and of course, these products must be yours.

Digital products are products that people consume online. Below are some examples:

  • Online courses – create instructional videos that help a person learn a trade or help people to learn new skillsets
  • eBooks – books in digital format
  • Music – songs or any musical performance.
  • Digital Art – graphic arts and animations belong to this category
  • Web elements – you can sell icons and buttons or website backgrounds.
  • Software programs – programs that people can download or use.
  • Podcasts – make a membership site where your content is exclusive for paid members.

As you can see, there are so many ways that you can choose from. It is up to you to understand what your skills are and how you turn those skills into making money.

Is SamCart worth the money? Yes, of course. SamCart offers flexibility in terms of the plans you can get. On the SamCart pricing page, you can start an eCommerce store for as low as $49 per month.

I can say that this is a good deal, considering the features that you get for this price.

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4. Sell Physical Products

SamCart Sell Physical Products

If you do not like to sell digital products, you can consider selling physical products. However, an online store works best only if you create your products. You can also do this if you are buying in bulk in China or from other suppliers and then ship it to your country.

Instead of selling in marketplaces where your product gets buried in competition, why not build your store on SamCart? SamCart has features that can help you increase your sales too.


Here are some examples:

  • Sell with order bumps – create bundles to help your customer save money; you can combine products and offer them at a lower price. People are likely to buy if they know they are getting a good deal.
  • Charge on any card – charge any kind of credit card; SamCart takes care of the backend processes; there are multiple payment options in the system that allows you to charge customers in different ways.
  • Integrations – integrate your store with marketing platforms like Convert Kit.
  • Shipping and Handling – manage your shipping options inside the platform; you can charge a flat rate or create pre-loaded shipping zones.


Does SamCart have landing pages? Yes, it does. On top of that, you can do AB split testing with the system. It means that you can have two active landing pages and then measure which one has a higher conversion rate.


5. Sell Your Services

SamCart Sell Services

You can also use SamCart to sell your services. SamCart is a great start for building an independent website if you are a freelancer.

The issue that many freelancers face is competition. If you go to Fiverr or UpWork, you will realize that you are not getting as many orders as expected. These platforms have millions of users, and you will rank at the bottom of these gigs.

One way out is to create your website and drive traffic to it. For example, with your very own SamCart website, you can avoid a situation where the viewer has distractions. They only have your services to look at, and then they can decide right there and then whether they want to buy it from you.


Here are some of the services you can offer: 

  • Digital art – create backgrounds, icons, or characters that people can use. For example, if you want to focus on gaming, you can create gaming art. You can also make eBook covers if you want.
  • Video editing – take raw videos from clients and then turn them into something professional. Your target market here is YouTubers and advertising agencies.
  • Transcription – get a raw file of audio or video, and then convert the words into text. You can target people with shows or YouTube videos for this. Those who have a podcast also need transcription services.
  • Writing – write content for people who have a blog, script for YouTube channels, or copy for advertisers. Of course, you first need to learn how to become a freelance writer before you can offer this service.


But, how are you going to deliver the service to your customers? Well, The delivery system will be through a mode of your choice. Bear in mind that, you cant upload the product on SamCart because each service is unique to the client.

What you can do is create something that looks like an online shop. Instead of physical products, you put images of your services. The client pays from your SamCart store, and when you communicate with your clients via email.


6. Create a Sales Funnel 

Samcart create sales funnel

The last method I recommend is a sales funnel. It works for affiliate marketers, but I am paying special attention to professionals. These are people who need to work with clients, mostly on a physical basis.

Here are some examples: 

One issue that many professionals face is they can’t reach out to their target market. It is difficult to make a name for yourself now as a professional. You need to advertise on Google or even Facebook just so people in your local area will know that you are offering your professional services.

With SamCart, you can build a landing page and then drive traffic to it. On that landing page, you get to write all the information a viewer needs about your profession. Your goal is to convince the reader to take action.

Here are some examples of action:

  • Subscribe to an email list
  • Download an eBook
  • Set up an appointment
  • Book a free consultation

As a professional, the goal of this landing page is to get leads. From here, you can email your leads with content on a regular basis, such as new releases of your products or services, or new blog posts. Of course, it would help if you hired a copywriter to do this for you.

SamCart has an analytics dashboard that can show you the performance of your website. You can augment your content or make changes to your site from this dashboard. So instead of paying a lot of money for a site and hosting, you can do all these with SamCart.



While it is true that SamCart is an eCommerce platform, the ways to make money from it are not limited to selling a physical product. As you have seen, there are other ways by which you can make money.

My advice is for you is this: understand how you want to earn money. If you are unsure, you can read about all the six methods, and then decide. Once you make this decision, create a plan. Then start your business.

Earning money from SamCart or any platform is not easy. It takes years to build an audience, and you will learn a lot as you go along. Invest in yourself and take courses, and you will finally see the fruits of your labor.

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