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LearnWorlds is a popular and affordable learning management system (LMS). Here, you can create online courses and sell them to your target students.

But, is this the only way by which you can make money on LearnWorlds? Not really. What I will show you today are 7 creative ways to make money with LearnWorlds.

At the end of this article, you will no longer be stuck in selling online courses. You will find more methods to increase your revenue and your student base.


1. Create a Course

The first way of making money in LearnWorlds is to create an online course. The way it works is simple, as shown below:

  • Record a series of your lessons.
  • Create a course in LearnWorlds
  • Upload the videos
  • Start to sell online courses

Many people have an issue with building a course. They say they do not have a market. As a result, some people create an online course, only to find out there is no market.

The solution to this is to establish your credibility. First, you have to launch videos that are free to access on YouTube and then amass a following.

These followers will be your advocates, and they will be willing to pay for your course. As you go along, you will realize what your audience needs, and then you can build an online course from there.

LearnWorlds has everything you need to get this done. They have a course platform where your students can register and have their accounts. You also do not have to worry about payment systems, as LearnWorlds already has this integrated into the software.

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2. Be an Online Tutor

The second creative way to make money on LearnWorlds is to become a tutor. However, it is not something that you will do the typical way. Instead, you have to record your tutorial and upload it in LearnWorlds.

In a typical setup, a tutor does a live session with a student. However, you cannot do this on the platform. So what I recommend is that you create single-video courses that people will find accessible. Below are some steps I recommend.


Choose a topic

Choose a topic that people want to learn on a single video. Here is an example: a guide to painting the human eye.


Record the Tutorial

The next step is to record the process of how to paint the human eye. The tutorial must have all the information that a person needs to get it done.

If you want, you can also split this into several videos, and then upload them as a course. However, it is not a course on its own as it is only merely about painting an eye.


Release the Tutorial for Sale

The next step is to launch this as a separate tutorial, not part of a single course. The audience that will buy this from you is comprised of those who only want to learn how to paint a human eye.

This approach works best for things that are specific. For the same example about the human eye, you can teach people how to do it in a graphic arts tool like Photoshop.

The great thing about this way to make money with LearnWorlds is that you target people with specific needs, not some general audience hesitant to buy an entire course.


3. Launch a Paid Webinar

The third method by which you can make money with LearnWorlds is to launch a paid webinar. However, I need to warn you that you need a following before you can do this. But how should you do it the right way?


Build a following

First, you have to create free videos on YouTube that people can view. Make sure that the lessons that they learn about the topic are general ones, not specific. Once you have many followers, they will make comments. Use these comments to identify what they need.


Create a paid webinar

Now that you know what topics arouse the interest of people, create a recorded webinar about them. Make sure that the webinar will not be longer than an hour as people can get bored.

Upload the webinar in LearnWorlds and create a landing page. Then, announce it to your subscribers and wait for enrollment to come in.

Make sure you set the expectation that it is a recorded webinar. Also, make it not accessible anymore once the webinar is over.

A webinar will not work if you have no audience that already knows about you. Even if you pay for an ad, people will not respond because they do not know you.

So before you build a webinar, make sure you amass a following online.


4. Use LearnWorlds as an Exercise Tool

Too many people use LearnWorlds to create online courses. However, this is not the only method to make money with LearnWorlds.

One practical thing you can do is to create quizzes and exercises. However, you have to sell these things instead of giving them away for free.

Essentially, you sell online courses in the form of an exercise manual or a book. If teachers do this in schools, you can do it in an online course too.

For example, let us say that you created a course about painting a human eye. What you can do is to sell online courses as challenges, like painting a human eye that you have already made yourself.

However, at the end of this exercise, you should drip tutorial content to the person who bought the training. You can release access to the content only if the person has already completed the exercise.


5. Create a Show in LearnWorlds

Those who use LearnWorlds only think of an online course. However, you can use it in better ways. For example, if you could create an animated show, you can charge people for it.

Let us say you have the skills to create a show like Family Guy or something like that. Then, you need to sell online courses access to the show instead of offering it for free on YouTube. Below are some steps how to get started.


Create Episodes

Create at least four or five episodes of your show. It is up to you to decide its frequency—you can release once per week or once per month.

Before you decide on this, you need to know what you can realistically deliver. If you can only create one episode per month, then that is fine. The last thing you want is to make promises that you can fulfill.


Upload it in LearnWorlds

Next, upload it in LearnWorlds like an online course. Create one “course” and name it Season 1.

From here, you can upload all the episodes that you created. The person who enrolls for this course will have access to all these videos or episodes.


Setup the LearnWorlds Accessibility

You need to set this up as a subscription, not a one-time payment. As such, people will be paying you monthly, and they will do this in anticipation of your next episodes.

It is up to you if you want to create several “courses” per season or put everything in just one course. If you separate them, your audience will have to enroll again to be able to watch another season. My recommendation is to create only one course, and then use each chapter as a season.


Give Teasers on YouTube

The last step is to release one-minute clips of your animated show on YouTube. Do not launch the entire show. What you want is to tease the audience.

In the “detail” section of the video, show the link where they can watch it. This link is the link in LearnWorlds where they can subscribe.

Decide how much you want to charge per month per user. Perhaps $1 or $2 should be enough. This price is justified, considering that they will be viewing exclusive content on the platform.

Take note that this is a little difficult to do. However, it is going to pay off. I will also advise you to keep watch of those who will copy the video and release it on YouTube. You have to flag a copyright strike to get them off there.


6. Offer Drip Content with Subscription

Another creative way to make money on LearnWorlds is to create subscription-based drip content. It is an effective way to create passive income. Many course creators who teach online do this.

Here are some niches by which you can do this:

  • Exercise classes for weight loss
  • Cooking classes that have a specialization, like baking.
  • Artistic endeavors

Anything, where time is of the essence, will work. A drip course is effective for subject matters that one cannot master without doing stuff first.

For example, you cannot grow a bonsai right away. In this case, you can do a drip course where the students will see the development of a bonsai.


7. Offer Affiliate Products in Your Course

The last method by which you can make money on LearnWorlds is to promote affiliate products. Many course creators do this because their students do not really have an option to choose another type of program but what the teacher recommends.

Let us say that you have online courses where you teach people who to build a website. In this case, you can teach them this but only use software products where you are an affiliate.


Here are some examples:

  • Siteground – web hosting company
  • WordPress – a self-hosted website builder
  • Elementor – a web design software for WordPress that has a drag-and-drop feature

These three are merely examples, but you can choose whichever products you prefer.

Why do this?

If you are teaching somebody to make a website, that person is not likely to use another tool. For example, if you use SiteGround as the web hosting company in your online business or website, why else will the student get Bluehost?

If the student uses Bluehost, how is he going to follow the steps that you are teaching? Given the fact that the student is a beginner, I have strong doubts as to whether he will decide to forego SiteGround and get Bluehost.

What I caution you, though, is transparency. Make sure your students know that you are an affiliate. Explain what it means and tell them that you are earning a commission if they use your link to make a purchase.


Conclusion: Ways to Make Money with LearnWorlds

There are many ways by which you can make money with LearnWorlds and sell online courses like a top-notch online school.

Most people only see it as a platform for creating online courses, but it is more than that. With LearnWorlds, you can monetize anything that is done via a video and sell online courses even if they are not really courses.

You just need to be creative with how you do it. My recommendation is you put yourself in the position of the learner.

If you were the student, what kind of materials would you be willing to pay for? If you can answer these questions, you will get ideas on making money on LearnWorlds.


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