LeadFormly Review

In this Leadformly review, I will show you what the product can do and how my experience went when I signed up.

I sign up for Leadformly because I wanted to get more leads—the company’s dare is that I would 3x my lead subscription rate, so I gave it a try.

Is it worth it?

Join me as I walk you through what this platform is, what it did for my site, and what it can do to yours.

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What Is Leadformly Exactly?

Leadformly is an email capture form builder. No, it is not an autoresponder as one would think.

Instead, it is a software where you design a form, and then embed that form to your website. Once you have created that from, your site visitors can now subscribe to your email list.

But why do you need a tool like this if you already have an autoresponder such as ActiveCampaign?

You need this tool because many autoresponders only allow you to create email subscription forms. Leadformly is more than that.

Apart from the differences in the types of forms you can create, you can even use Leadformly to analyze how your forms have performed.

You can integrate your form with other programs, and this gives you more control and power as far as managing leads is concerned.

There is even an unlimited A/B split test in this platform—something that most autoresponders will not give you unless you pay more.

When I first signed up, I already knew that this tool is not an autoresponder software, but rather a form-building software that makes it easier for me to engage my audience.

The usual email subscription form that you get from top autoresponders is flat. There is nothing more you can do but to get the site visitor’s name, last name, and email address.

With Leadformly, you can get build 12 different question types, use conditional logic, develop a form that has a different preview depending on the user’s device, and so much more.

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What Are The Best Parts of Leadformly

In this section, I would like to share with you the things that convinced me to use the form builder. I will also give my two cents about my general experience.

Easy To Use

When I first started using it, I was amazed at how easy it was to use. All I had to do was to type my questions and choose what is going to happen next. I did not have to learn how to code to be able to create a series of questions.

Flexible For Any Business

Many form builders are so simple: put your name and email address and then subscribe. This is not going to make the cut for many businesses. People hate subscribing to newsletters.

If you use LeadFormly, you can create a form that fits your business. It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur looking for more traffic, or if you are a coach who needs to schedule an appointment you can create forms here that fit the behavior of your site visitors.

Customizable Forms

The forms you can create here can be quizzes, simple email subscription, or conversation starters. You can change the button colors and the sizes of the boxes.

All in all, the form builder allows you to create forms that match your website—there is also no branding found on your site once the form is live.

Increases leads

The main purpose of the tool is to increase your lead capture conversion rate. I like the fact that you can create different kinds of forms to attract people to give you their email address to you.

I am yet to wait for the 300% increase, but I have seen on the first day I used it that people are more interactive to my new forms than the ones I used before.


In some websites, people can take quizzes and then get results. These interactive forms are great because people love quizzes.

For example, I have participated in tests like “what superhero are you?” At the end of that quiz, I was shown my results, but I had to give my email address.

You can do the same with this tool. I know that if I mix this with the list-building secrets that I know, I will really be able to bump up my lead count.

Leadformly is like Google Forms on steroids. It is a beefed-up version of Google Forms in the sense that you can change the form’s colors, presentation, and final page results.

You can even use Leadformly templates to get started if you do not know how to build a form from scratch.

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What I don’t Like About Leadformly

Like all software tools, nothing is perfect. There are some things I do not like about this tool, and I want to share these thoughts with you.

No Subdomains

The tool does not allow you to have subdomains. What does this mean?

It means that all the forms you create must be published on your own website. This is a bummer. If you want to create forms and launch them on Facebook or other platforms, they will not work.

You have to first embed the form on your own website, then get the URL of that new page to be able to share it. Most form builders and email capture pages allow you to have an online subscription form without a domain.

This one doesn’t. While this isn’t really a problem for me, I still do not like it because there may come a time when I want to create a form, but I do not want to create a new website.

Monthly Subscriptions

Leadformly offers a 14-day free trial and since then you are required to pay a monthly fee. This is not the case with most form-builders.

Platforms like WooCommerce, WordPress for your online store or blog they require a one-off payment instead of a monthly subscription. The same goes for Shopify and sales funnel tool like CartFlows have free plans or trials.

When you are on the trial it gives all access to LeadFormly features. This way people would find it more attractive to sign up if they can test the features by creating forms for free, and then they get charged money after the trial ended.

API Integration

Some people may find that API integration is difficult, which I think is not really an issue. To do that, all you need to do is to get your API code and paste it in the field where it is required. Besides, you can always visit the Leadformly blog if you need help. See more Leadformly integration.

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An Inside Look Leadformly

Now that my opinions are out of the way let us have an objective look at the features of Leadformly. Here, I will be discussing in detail what you can do with the tool.

Powerful Form Builder

With Leadformly, you are not limited to creating boxes for names and email addresses. You can make your form subscription a highly engaging one.

You can even make it look like a quiz. It is up to you how to make it interactive. You can even use Funnel Scripts to craft out high converting lead capture headlines and text and use it in your forms.

Here are two of the most powerful features of the form builder:

  • Drag & drop builder – if you do not want to use the template, you can start from scratch. All you need to do is to drag a widget on your form canvas.
  • Multi-step forms – you can create step by step form; you can ask questions that will lead the site visitor to another part of the form, and then another, until the survey is over.

You can also change the course or path of the form depending on what the site visitor chose as an answer. The form is not always linear.

Data Analysis

Even if the tool has to be integrated with your autoresponders, it still retains data from the backend. With the analysis dashboard, you will know which version of your forms are converting more.

You can also see how many leads you are getting on a daily basis. With data analysis, you can make business decisions based on data and not on hunches.

Form Templates

The tool has at least 17 categories of templates to choose from. Each category has different templates that you can use. The template categories are:

  • School lead forms – great for schools and universities looking to attract new students
  • Recruitment – great for job recruiters servicing companies that are looking to hire; this template is not for companies looking for new employees.
  • Estate Agent – this lead generation template is for real estate agents who want their site visitors to schedule a property viewing.
  • Coaching – great for consultants who want to identify a problem, and then schedule a 1-on-1 session.
  • Architect – this template allows the site visitor to choose from different housing models; after that, the customer has to provide the email address before he can view what the architect has to offer.

  • Solar panel – this is a niched lead generation template for companies selling solar panels.
  • Marketing consultant – the people who need to use this are those who offer marketing services. The site visitors can choose what specific area in marketing they are experiencing difficulties.
  • Law firm – great for individual practitioners or law firms that offer multiple legal services.
  • PPC Agency – if you are a marketing specialist, you can use this template to ask your site visitors which kind of ads they want to launch, and then you can show how you will help them drive sales to their businesses.
  • Design agency – you can ask your site visitors to choose if they need help with product design, content design, or brand identity.

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Leadformly Pricing Plan

LeadFormly is a subscription-based system. The amount of money you pay depends on the maximum leads that you can get per month. This model is called a pay-as-you-grow. The most affordable package is $37 per month, but the maximum is only 250 leads per month.

See Leadformaly Pricing Plan

The most expensive 15,000 leads per month and the price is $749 per month. All plans are paid on an annual basis. You can also use all the features of the service regardless of the plan you subscribed to.

Leadformly Pros and Cons

Now, let us take a look at the pros and cons of this tool.


  • You can choose from different types of forms
  • Can be integrated with several autoresponders; can even use Google sheets for it
  • Has a drag-and-drop builder; easy to use
  • Possible to create multi-step forms, not just a flat email subscription form
  • Device-specific preview allows you to design your forms on different devices
  • Unlimited forms and accounts for your team members
  • Has an icon library.


  • Expensive to use
  • Too niched—only has one real purpose, and that is to get leads

Leadformly Review: Final Thoughts

I hope you find this LeadFormly Review is helpful so far. Leadformly is great if you are looking for a new way to get email subscribers. As you know, giving free eBooks rarely works anymore.

Almost all websites give something for free, and people are now so used to it that they just ignore the pop-ups and other offers.

With Leadformly, you can create forms that mean something for your audience—you can create quizzes, an email subscription form, a scheduling form, a one on one coaching session form, and so much more.

At best, I strongly recommend the tool if your business depends on lead generation. This is great if you are a coach, consultant, or a salesperson who needs to talk to a person.

As for me, I use it because I want to grow my business. I need leads who will become my customers later on—and the best time to invest in this is now.

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