Improvely Review [2022]: Is It The Best Link Tracking Software To Boost Sales?

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Improvely is an online tool that helps you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In this Improvely review, I will dig deep to find out what this software has to offer.

More importantly, I want to find out if this tool is useful and if it is worth the price. I will discuss the features and benefits of the tool, and also tell you how much it costs.

By the end of this article, you should be able to decide if this software can help you scale your online business, or if it is something that you will need in the future.

Improvely is online software that offers four features, all geared towards determining if your marketing efforts are providing the results you expect. The tool also helps you detect anomalies in your ads.

Essentially, Improvely is tracking software that gives you data. With this data, you can see if your marketing activities generated traffic, sales, or if you have malicious competitors who are trying to game your ads.

As a result, you can make data-driven business decisions. You will know what is causing your success, and you can make changes to your marketing strategies if you know that they are not working.

Importance of Link Tracking

Link Tracking is one of the things that a lot of marketers do not do.

Tracking refers to a process where you list down the activities that come from your link.

Here are the benefits of tracking:

If you can do all these, you know which links are returning value and which ones are not, if you are paying for traffic, you will find out easily if the ad on Network A is generating sales or not. If not, you can stop it, so you do not waste money.

How Does Improvely Work

The way Improvely works is simple. You register for Improvely account, and when you enter your links. The software is going to start tracking activities on your link.

Once you have registered, and you have entered your links, you will have access to a dashboard to see how your links are performing.

The things you will see in your report are:

You can also use Improvely to provide marketing reports for clients. Here, what you can do is to create projects for your clients, and then you can send them the content of their dashboard.

They no longer have to pay for improved, but they have to pay you for the marketing analysis you make for them.  

Who Uses Improvely The Most

Improvely is best used by people who want to track their ads and link performance. Below are some examples:

Affiliate Marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer, you want to know if software affiliate programs or links are generating clicks. If it is, you want to find out where you dropped that link.

It could be from a blog, a social media channel, or YouTube. If you know where the clicks are coming from, you can boost your efforts on that channel to maximize your link clicks and sales.


If you are selling online, you are likely to advertise and pay for it. What you want to know is which platform is giving you the best results.

Improvely can tell you this as it individually tracks the performance of your ads. You will know if you are better off advertising on Google or Facebook.

Marketing Agencies

The last group that can benefit from this tool is an agency. If you have a marketing agency, you can run ads on behalf of your clients.

After running the ads, you can tell your clients which of your campaigns are driving the most traffic and sales—all of these are based on data, not speculation.

Improvely Features

Here are some of the top features of Improvely:

Conversion Tracking

Here are the things you can do with this feature:

  • Determine where link clicks are coming from.
  • See a report if the link generated sales and how much the sales.
  • See how your funnel has performed. It tells you how many people went to your landing page, then clicked on your checkout page.
  • Customer profile: view the demographic data of your customer so you can market more effectively.
  • A/B split testing for ads.

ClickFraud Monitoring

Sometimes, your competitors will keep on clicking your ads, so your ad budget gets consumed. This is click fraud, which Improvely helps you solve.

Here is the thing it can do:

  • Block the fraud click: the fraudulent clicker will no longer be able to click on your links.
  • Report:  the tool can produce a report and tells you where this fraudulent clicker is coming from.

With this feature, you can even see the IP address of the fraudulent clicker. You can find out how they are and take appropriate action as you deem fit.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer, you want to find out which if your marketing strategies are working. Here are the benefits of this feature:

  • Track commissions – you will know how much you have earned for each affiliate product you sold in a month.
  • Protect keywords and ads – you can hide your keywords and ads from spy tools. This way, no one can copy your advertising strategy.
  • Cloak your links – you can mask your affiliate links so you can increase credibility; you can control what URL is shown on your link, and you can even rename your affiliate link.

The tool can also be integrated with several affiliate marketplaces like ClickBank, CJ Affiliates, ShareASale, and many more.

Agency White Label

The last feature is for agencies. What it does it that it allows an agency to brand the reports using their own name. It is not exactly a feature that has a different function with the first three, but merely the capability to remove Improvely’s name from your reports. 

Improvely Pricing Plan

So, how much does Improvely cost? The tool is not free, but it has a free trial where you can test out the software. There are 4 plans that you can choose from.

Freelancer Plan

The price is $29 per month. With this plan, you can track links and conversion. You will get the features needed for affiliate marketing and click fraud monitoring. You will also have access to the A/B testing tools for your ads.  

Startup Plan

Costs $79 per month. You will get everything that is on the Freelancer package, and you can track as much as 50,000 site visits per month.

Highly recommend going for this plan as the Startup plan package only allows you to track up to 10,000 visits. And you can have 3 users using the same account.

Small Agency

This plan costs $149 per month, but you can have unlimited team members. This is best used by agencies that track up to 100,000 site visits in a month. You get all the features from the previous plan plus you can have sub-accounts.

Large Agency

The price is $299 per month, and this allows you to use the white label reporting. In all the reports you submit to your clients, you can remove the name of Improvely and replace it with yours.

Choose the first two plans if you are a business. Only buy the agency packages if you are doing marketing for other business establishments.

Improvely Pros and Cons

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of Improvely:

Improvely Pros

Easy to use

The dashboard is insightful, and the tool itself is easy to use. You do not need technical knowledge to operate it.


You can make business decisions based on actual information, not on suspicions. You will know what marketing campaigns are providing results and what campaigns are not delivering.

Cost saving

It helps you save money. You can churn out a report to determine if you are the victim of click fraud and ask the search engine where you advertised for a refund.

Improvely Cons

Limits on Tracking

This refers to the first two plans where they are kept at 10,000 and 50,000 visits per month.


The cost is higher when you are on the Startup plan. But it definitely worth the price if it tells you which part of your business to scale for better profits.

Improvely Alternative List

If you are looking for other options, take a look at these alternatives.


Works like Improvely where you can track the performance of your links in real-time. Learn more about ClickMeter here.


An all-in-one tool where you can track links and also automatically engage with your customers.


Allows you to create links that are cloaked. And you can also track their performance; you can also use emoticons in the link itself.

There are many other tools out there, so you need to do a side by side comparison of how they stack up against the other before performing.

Conclusion: Improvely Review

I hope you enjoy reading the post on Improvely review. Overall, Improvely is beneficial if your business depends on link conversions.

It is best used by affiliate marketers who drop their links on various platforms. It is also a highly recommended tool for people who are operating a marketing agency.

With this tool, you will no longer grope in the dark, trying to figure out if your marketing efforts are working. All you have to do is to register your links, and the tool will do all the work for you.

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