How to Sell Coaching Service Using ClickFunnels

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ClickFunnels is one of the most effective and efficient software tools to build your sales funnel. But how do you use it if the service you offer is coaching?

In this topic how to sell coaching service using the ClickFunnels, you discover how most coaches generate leads, capture emails, and close deals with your target clients—all done online.

This is not exactly a ClickFunnels review but a guide. By the end of this tutorial, you should be armed with enough information to build your sales funnel.

Also, you should be adequately informed about how to build your sales funnel specifically for coaching services.

Let us get started.

ClickFunnels is a software where you can build a sales funnel. It is a platform where you can build your website, specifically dedicated to making sales.

The difference between a typical website and a funnel is that a website offers a lot of free things to read. On a typical blog or website, people just come and go, and they go to a website with no intention to buy.

A sales funnel is not like that. It is built to drive sales. Think of a sales funnel as a salesperson who comes knocking on people’s doors. This salesperson is ready to point out the problem, the solution, and the proof that the product will benefit the potential buyer. Learn more about sales funnel.

A sales funnel works that way. But why use ClickFunnels? ClickFunnels system is a robust platform that has everything you need to build a converting sales funnel. The problem with many website builders is they only provide you a backbone to build your site.

At a later stage, you will realize that you need to integrate more apps into your funnel. Before long, you will give up because it is too technical, and most of the time, many of these apps and plug-ins are not compatible.

With the ClickFunnels system, you do not have to go through all these hassles.

Why Use ClickFunnels If You Are Coach?

As a coach, you have something important to share. It could be your experience and stories. You know many things about life that others don’t, and this is the value that you can offer.

The problem that a lot of coaches have is that they do not have a way to sell their services. It is almost impossible to book appointments and gigs as a public speaker. If you build an office, you would be hard-pressed telling people to come by and avail of your services.

ClickFunnels removes all these problems for you. With ClickFunnels, you can market yourself and your services visible to the world. All you have to do is to build the sales funnel and then market it.

With ClickFunnels, you can schedule appointments, and even sell digital products. You can also build a webinar, which you can offer for free or paid. 

As a coach, you need a system that will work for you even if you are asleep. ClickFunnels system is what you need to be able to deliver your message to the world, even if you are not working at the time a customer saw your funnel.

What Benefits Do You Get If You Use ClickFunnels

So, why ClickFunnels? ClickFunnels is not the only software where you can build a sales funnel, but it does have a lot of benefits.


Funnels Scripts is the software that has thousands of scripts—written words that you can use for your copywriting. You no longer have to spend too much time wordsmithing—just use the pre-made scripts and edit them.

Sales Funnel Template

There are many templates you can use to build your sales funnel. These are templates that other coaches use to drive conversion and schedule appointments.

These templates already have landing pages, squeeze pages, upsells, and checkout processes. All you have to do is to edit them.

Training Videos & Support Products

ClickFunnels system also has training videos and support products. What you can do is to watch the free videos, so you get guided accordingly. You can also purchase additional products that will teach you how to be an effective marketer, such as the Secrets Masterclass.


You can upload a recorded video and invite people to watch. If you want, you can also schedule a live webinar where people can watch and share a lesson live.

All-In-One Solution

ClickFunnels has all the components you need to build and run a sales funnel—from landing page to the “thank you” page, you can build everything from here with no need to integrate any third party software.

Steps To Create Coaching Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels

Now, let us discuss the process of building a sales funnel inside ClickFunnels. In this section, I will focus on the content of your sales funnel, which you need to build one by one.

Build The Headline

The first thing that you need to have is to create your headline. It is one of the most important parts of copywriting.

In the headline, you need to be able to attract the right person, and also deliver the message of what your business is about.

For example, you can say “Do you want to achieve financial freedom in less than a year?” As you can see, this headline addresses a problem, and it has a commitment that you will get this person to his goal of financial freedom in one year.

You can pay a copywriter to write headlines for you or use Funnel Scripts to get some ideas.

Build The FBM

The FBM stands for Feature, Benefit, and Meaning. These three components are part of the landing page.

In this section of your funnel, you must be able to tell the reader what he is paying for. What are the services that he is buying?

On top of that, you should be able to discuss the benefits. Benefits are different from features. As a coach, the feature you can offer is a once-a-week live video session. The benefit is that the student is going to learn something new every week—with no additional costs of buying a book.

Meaning refers to as simple as telling the reader what the coverage of your service is. For example, weekly coaching has to be described in detail—that the coaching will happen at the customer’s preferred time.

Show The Proof

The next part of the sales funnel stages is proof. As a coach, the only proof you should show is how effective your coaching skills are. What this means is that you should have testimonials from real people who benefitted from your service.

The testimonials must adequately explain the real-life benefit of the student. If you promised financial freedom, you must have testimonials of people who, after a year of doing coaching with you, have achieved financial freedom.

Good testimonials must be backed up with proof like videos and images. If possible, you must also show images of financial proof (if financial freedom is what you are coaching about). If you are coaching about muscle-building, then you have to show proof of before and after photos of your students.

The last thing you have to do to build your funnel is to add the email capture form to generate leads. If you have chosen a template for your sales funnel, the email capture form is already in the template, so just need to change the content.

It is also in this stage where you have to upload your bonus digital products. Even if a customer does not buy your services now, he has the option to download a free item from you in exchange for his email address.

The last step before making it live is to add a payment system. ClickFunnels software allow you to accept payment via payment gateways such as Stripe, and Paypal. If you are on the premium plan, you can integrate with up to 9 payment gateways from which you can charge your customers.

How Do You Get Started With ClickFunnels

To get started with the ClickFunnels system, you need to first sign up for a ClickFunnels account.

To register simply click here. The registration is free, and you will get 14 days of free trial to use the system for free.

After the trial ends, you need to start paying for the monthly subscription, the lowest of which is $97 per month. Also, you must know that during the registration process, you have to provide your credit card number.

Conclusion: How To Sell Coaching Service Using ClickFunnels

The ClickFunnels system is the only software you need if you want to sell your services as a coach online. Once you have registered for an account, you can follow the steps earlier on how to sell coaching service using ClickFunnels.

As a coach, you need a dependable system like ClickFunnels. You cannot rely on other tools that are not built for the job.
ClickFunnels has all the systems that you need to launch an online coaching service—from landing pages to webinars to payment systems. You will be a dependable coach because you have a solid online infrastructure that will help you conduct your coaching services with ease.
With the ClickFunnels system, you will not only have access to a system that many professionals use, but you will also have the option to participate in training sessions to help you improve your marketing strategies.
With ClickFunnels, you will find yourself in a universe of marketing.

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