How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free

In this post, I will show you step-by-step how to create a successful website with SiteGround and promote it for free.

This means you can generate FREE Traffic (people to visit your website without having to spend any advertising cost).

Having a website is important whether you plan to do affiliate marketing,  you are into blogging, or you are a business owner planning to market your products and services online.

I developed my own approach and simple steps that I usually follow whenever I create my website.


Decide Which Platforms To Create A Website

When comes to choices of platforms there are many that you can choose from. But, one that is most popular and commonly used is WordPress which most professional website owners are using.

Websites built using this platform usually being shown and ranked in the search engine as it preferred by search engines like Google and Bing.

With WordPress, you are the owner of the site and you have full authority over the site. Basically, you gain control over the site on all settings such as theme and customization.

It’s Highly recommended NOT to use a free platform such as Medium due to its restriction on features and functionality.


Decide On Hosting Service Provider And A Domain name

To create a website, you need to subscribe to a Hosting service. It helps you to keep all the files about your sites such as the content of your posts and images. For this example, I am going to use SiteGround as the hosting service provider.

This is where this website is hosted!

The reason WHY I prefer SiteGround over the other options out there is that it has a 1 click simple and easy WordPress setup for the installation process.

And the price is really affordable, it is as low as $2.98 a month.

How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free

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Unless you want to get a domain name from places like Namecheap or Godaddy, you can register a new domain name inside SiteGround.

A domain name should be one that is easy to remember, short, and easy to spell. If you have a hard time coming out with the one you can always head over to the domain name generator to get some ideas.


Setting Up Your Site With SiteGround

Choosing The Right Hosting Plan

In this example, I will use SiteGround as the hosting service provider. It’s very affordable and has very little downtime, which means your site will not be inaccessible and will be affected.

It’s recommended to go for the GrowBig Plan as it allows you to host more than 1 website and has a larger storage capacity.

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How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free


Setting Up Your Site

Once you have chosen the right plan, next is you need to enter the domain name that you already bought. You can even get a new domain here in SiteGround by doing a search to determine the domain availability. Simply click on New Domain.


How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free

WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress is easy. Just follow the SiteGround Wizard it will guide your steps for installation.

After you sign up for the WordPress hosting package, you will be taken to the next step.

You will see a screen asking you if you want to start a new website, click on that and select the WordPress option to proceed with WordPress installation.

You are required to enter details (your email address and password). This credential will be used to log in to your WordPress site.


How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free


Making Your First Blog Post In WordPress

Once you are done with WordPress installation, it will bring you to the WordPress admin site. To make a new post click on Posts, select Add New.



WordPress posts editor page is where you can work on your first post. Start by putting in the title of your article and the content:


Once you are completed with your post, hit Publish. It takes a few days for your post to appear in the search engine.


How To Promote Your Website And Get Traffic For Free

What I usually do right after I publish a new piece of content on my site, I will start promoting it. I can’t wait for the traffic to come!

Once you have published new content the next thing you want to do is to get traffic to your website (ie. getting people to visit your site).

You can write high-quality content, BUT No matter how good your content is, without traffic, the website will not generate sales.

There are many ways that you can get traffic to your site for free such as sharing your post on social media using Facebook, or sending out emails to your email list telling them about the new content that you have just created.


Promoting Your Website Using Quora

For this example, I am going to focus on how to promote the piece of content you created by answering the questions inside Quora.

Ever wonder how many active users Quora has? Based on statistics it has grown more than 300 million users in the year 2018 and it is still growing today.

Can you imagine how is the traffic like where users post questions every single day? There are tons of traffic and what they want is just a solution to their questions. So, your goal is to position your content to their questions. Simple as that.

The KEY to ensuring you get the right audience who are interested in the content you created, is not to answer all the questions you can. But, only focus on niche-related questions. (i.e questions that related to the topic you created content).


How To Search Niche Related Questions

Head over to Quora and register for an account if don’t have one.

Recommended to spend some time setting up your profile with your personal details about yourself and upload a photo, as a professional profile gives you the authority and people tend to spend time reading the stuff you post.

Once your account is set up, head over to the search bar (as below) and type in the questions where it is related to the content you created.

In this example, I am going to search on `How to drive free traffic to my blog ‘


How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free


How To Provide Answers To The Questions

Once you find a related question that you can share the content you created, simply hit Answer as below. This is where you can start typing in your answer.


How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free


The way you answer a question is important. Do not spam your link in the answer. As each answer or question posted is being reviewed and it will be removed if found to violate the terms.

But rather provide your answer in a professional way as below. And don’t forget to embed a link to your website (the hyperlink in blue see below!).

The answer you provide will be viewed by people over and over again. And if you noticed this particular question is followed by 90 users. Meaning when you submit your answer these people will get notified!

The best part is your answer and the link stays forever and gets viewed from time to time.


How To Create A Successful Website With SiteGround And Promote It For Free


Final Words

By following these simple steps you are now able to create a website from scratch. Remember that without traffic the website is dead!

Promoting your blog post in Quora is one of the effective strategies to get traffic to your website.

BUT, you need to be consistent in sharing your content within the niche you have chosen.

And be sure to revisit your post to make the content rich (optimize the content) by adding more value from time to time.


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