High Income Copywriter Review

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Today’s article is on High Income Copywriter review, so we’re going to take a deep-dive look at what this course has to offer.

If you have been looking to learn copywriting or maybe even want to start your own agency, I recommend sticking through this one because this course might be a great choice.

It comes with an impressive number of resources and was created by one of the world’s best copywriters. We’ll talk more on that later on.

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High Income Copywriter Overview – What Is It?

High Income Copywriter is an 8-week copywriting education course that was created by Dan Lok. It was designed to take beginners to the advanced stages of becoming a copywriter.

The course is full of educational materials such as lessons, webinars, PDFs, and more that can turn almost anyone into a great copywriter.

Plus, as Dan Lok teaches the course, we know that the educational material inside this course is some of the best you will ever find as it comes from real-life experience.

The cool thing about this course as well is that it doesn’t just throw lessons at you.

Instead, you are given tasks to ensure that you fully understand the lessons and can gain some valuable hands-on experience.

Who Is Dan Lok Exactly

Okay, so who exactly is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok, the creator of this course, is a famous internet entrepreneur that has built an empire of several businesses, including copywriters.com, a globally-recognized copywriting agency.

He is the king of high ticket closer and has also been featured on some of the world’s biggest business magazines like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Jet Set Magazine.

Plus, he has also given 2 impressive TedX talks and has a total reported net worth of $90 million.

You get the point… Dan Lok has managed to build an empire through his skills, so he’s a great person to learn from if you have similar goals.

Who Is High Income Copywriter Course Created For

The High Income Copywriter course is created for anyone who wants to learn copywriting or even start a copywriting agency.

This means it can be a great choice for:

  • Aspiring copywriters
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • Service-based businesses (agencies, consultants, coaching.)
  • Existing copywriters

I say that this course is also beneficial for existing copywriters because it offers such a vast wealth of knowledge from one of the best copywriters in the world.

This means you’re likely going to get a lot of value from it, even if you’re a little more experienced.

In-Depth Review of What You Can Achieve With High Income Copywriter Course

What the course will help you achieve is increasing sales for your own business or doing it for clients.

Ultimately, it will take you from being a beginner to go out there and generate revenue using the written word.

You’ll learn how to write to persuade someone to a purchasing decision, which is a priceless skill.

Below, I’ve described the two paths you can take after taking this course in a little more detail.

Increase Sales For Your Own Business

High-Income Copywriter is focused on helping you get clients. However, if you own any business yourself, you can take the knowledge you learn here and apply it.

You’ll learn how to write persuasive products so that it will be much easier to convert your visitors and leads into sales.

The course will also teach you how to write industry-relevant copy by matching the right words to your target audience’s personality.

As you can imagine, for business owners, knowledge like this can be life-changing as it allows them to grow their business and reach their goals.

Plus, most business owners have never even considered some of the concepts that make their customers purchase.

Therefore, many businesses never reach their full potential because they don’t learn copywriting or hire someone truly skilled enough.

Start a Copywriting Agency - Increase Sales For Clients

Another thing you can achieve from taking this course is starting your own copywriting agency.

If you don’t already have a business, you can go down this route, which Dan Lok did himself, as he built his agency copywriters.com. You’ll learn how to become a world-class copywriter so that you can find clients and generate sales for them.

As you can imagine, if you can help companies make more money, they will be happy to pay you more. That’s why this business model is so effective, and Dan Lok teaches you how to master it.

Review of What You’ll Learn Inside High Income Copywriter

Now that we have covered some basic information about the course, let’s take a look at what you’ll learn inside the course.

Below, I’ve explained all the modules and what the course contains, so you can decide whether or not the course is right for you.

The mindset of Successful High Income Copywriter - Week 1

One aspect of copywriting or even business in general that is often overlooked is the mindset. To succeed, you must have the mindset of a successful copywriter.

You can’t have million-dollar dreams with the wrong person’s mindset. That’s why Dan Lok has included a comprehensive module designed to rewire your brain into one of a successful copywriter.

For many of his students, this module has changed their entire view of life.

The duration of this module is almost 10 hours, which emphasizes how important it really is.

The Secrets of Copywriting Sales Psychology - Week 2

Sales psychology is the lifeblood of copywriting. If we know what feelings make people purchase, we can express them with words to make people buy.

In this module, you’ll learn how to make your leads feel a certain way so that they purchase your products.

He’ll also get you to do some hands-on tasks in this module, such as copying ads by writing them out on a piece of paper.

These tasks will help your subconscious mind get used to writing highly-effective copy.

Plus, he also explains how to tap into your clients’ and customers’ needs to use them to your advantage. The duration of this module is almost 3 hours.

Prospect’s Mind And Marketing Strategies - Week 3

Week 3 is a very comprehensive week that covers your prospects’ minds and some great marketing strategies.

First, Dan teaches you about the blue ocean strategy, which will allow you to find low-competition niches. As a beginner, this will make it a lot easier to go and get clients.

After that phase, Dan Lok will teach you how to use the most effective internet marketing research tools, including:

  • Facebook Audience insights
  • Google Analytics & Keyword Planner
  • SimilarWeb
  • And more…

These tools will help you identify the most important information about your target customer.

From there, he teaches you a unique strategy that I have never heard of anywhere else, which involves finding a book or movie that your target audience is interested in and using it to connect to them.

Creating The Irresistible Offers & Habits - Week 4

Week 4 is focused on two things, creating irresistible offers & habits.

First, Dan Lok will teach you the secrets of what makes an irresistible offer that persuades your customers to buy from you. He’ll even give you a proven-to-work structure that will make your life a lot easier.

The other half of week 4 is focused on helping you get rid of bad habits, low self-esteem, and procrastination.

All of these three things must be eliminated for you to be able to succeed, and that’s exactly what this part of week 4 does.

Converting Landing Pages And Highly Profitable Emails - Week 5

Week 5 is one of the most technical modules in the course.

In this module, Dan Lok teaches you how to create a high-converting landing page alongside writing highly profitable emails.

He uses some beneficial concepts to explain what you need to focus on as a copywriter to convert your target audience.

Plus, he also gives you some wording templates you can use to capture your audience’s attention.

Once you master writing high-converting landing pages and emails, you only need to feed the right traffic into your marketing funnel, and you’re ready to grow your business.

The Million-Dollar Copy - Week 6

Week 6 is another big week, where you will learn how to write million-dollar copy.

This is an important concept that applies to writing ads on social media, as most platforms like Facebook have some strict rules.

Dan will teach you how to be compliant with these rules while keeping your copy scalable and persuasive so that they convert.

It’s focused on concepts such as Problem, Agitation, and Solution, which makes the reader feel discomfort, after which you offer them a solution.

This module is essential and will help you generate a lot of money for your clients (or yourself), ultimately increasing your own income.

Turning The High Income Copywriting Skill To 6-Figure Income - Week 7

Once you have honed your copywriting craft, you will learn how to find clients that you can provide your services for.

In this 7th week of the program, Dan teaches you the details of evaluating niches, generating leads for your agency, and more.

He also gives you some actionable advice like reading copywriting books, writing copy for at least 30 minutes a day, and more.

It’s an extremely effective formula that will teach you how to become an excellent copywriter.

Mistakes Most Copywriters Should Avoid - Week 8

The final week of the program covers the biggest mistakes that copywriters make.

This will help make your journey to becoming a successful copywriter a lot smoother. Dan Lok has taught thousands of successful students how to write effective copy.

In this process, he has made notes of the most common mistakes he has seen and packed them into this module so that you don’t make them.

It’s a nice way to finish off a great copywriting course, as it will likely make achieving success a lot faster.

This module is only available if a certain percentage of the people taking the course to complete all the previous tasks assigned during the week.

This is to create a sense of accountability so that you and the other students actually follow the course.

High Income Copywriter Pros

Now that we have seen what’s inside let’s take a look at the pros & cons.

  • Dan Lok is a great teacher with years of real-life experience in writing and teaching copywriting
  • It will rewire your brain to turn you into a successful copywriter
  • You will learn some of the most effective techniques to persuade your customers to purchase
  • The course is broken down into 8 weeks, making it easy to consume with actionable steps
  • Very high chances of success

High Income Copywriter Cons

  • On the higher side in terms of cost
  • There is an upsell for the “inner circle”

Review of High-Income Copywriter Pricing & Cost ( Is It Worth it)

High Income Copywriter is on the higher side of copywriting courses in terms of cost.

For the full program, you will be charged $2,497, or $999 x 3, depending on which payment method you prefer.

While some of you may think that’s too expensive, I would disagree.

The course comes with some priceless knowledge that will help you sign clients for retainers, such as $5,000 per month.

And, it guides you through every step of the process, including picking up the mindset of a successful copywriter.

For anyone serious about becoming a copywriter, it’s priceless to learn from the best.

And, $2497 is not that big of an investment when it enables you to sign high-ticket, recurring clients and ultimately earn a life-changing income.

So, yes, it’s worth it, but only if you will put in the work.


High-Income Copywriter comes with a tremendous amount of value. However, Dan has put even more value on top to make this course even better.

Take a look at the bonuses you will get if you sign up for the course.

Bonus 1: A Personal Swipe File That Dan Lok Uses That Has Generated $250 Million Dollars ($5,000 Value)


Dan has collected many proven ads and sales letters that have generated over $250 million in sales for him.

As a bonus for enrolling in his program, you get access to all of them.

Bonus 2: Eleven Of The Best Ads and Emails Ever Broken Down ($1,100 Value)


The second bonus is a breakdown of some of the most successful ads and emails from product launches in the world. So, you’ll be able to take them and apply the concepts to your copy.

Bonus 3: 300 Done-For-You Headline Templates ($300 Value)


Headlines are the most important part of your copy. If the headline is bad, nobody will read the rest.

And, Dan Lok gives you 300 of his best headlines as templates, so you just have to fill in the blank

Bonus 4: Generate Email Subject Lines Instantly ($100 Value)


Dan Lok has put together some of the best email subject lines, so you can run with them and use them for your business.

Bonus 5: Private Community (Priceless!)


You will also get exclusive access to a community of like-minded people, which is the best environment to change your life. 

Bonus 6: Never Get Your Ads Shut Down With This Compliance Checklist ($499 Value)


Everyone knows the issue of getting your ads shut down. Dan Lok and his team have gone through hours of testing to make sure they are compliant. You get to copy their process.

Bonus 7: The Secret Checklist Million Dollar Copywriters Use ($799 Value)


This is a checklist to help you write better copy, and it’s the same one million dollar copywriters use.

Bonus 8: Get People To Buy With 175 Power Words ($175 Value)


Dan has learned about 175 power words that motivate people to buy in Dan’s years of experience. They are all yours when you enroll today.

Bonus 9: Dan Loks Mentor, Alan Jackue's Sales Letters That Have Generated Millions ($2,499 Value)


You will also receive a collection of Alan Jacques’s sales letters that have generated over 1 million dollars EACH. Alan Jacques was Dan Lok’s copywriting mentor.


As you have seen throughout this High Income Copywriter review, the course is one of the best ways to learn copywriting.

It comes with actionable steps and lessons from decades of experience in the copywriting industry.

And, by enrolling in the course, you can get access to all of that knowledge without having to spend years learning.

Dan Lok is proven to get results as a copywriter and for his students as well. So, if you’d like to learn copywriting, this is the best option.

You can enroll in the course and claim all your bonuses using the button below.

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