Funnel Scripts Vs Instant Scripts: (Is It The Best Copywriting Scripts?)

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Funnel Scripts Vs Instant Scripts, what is the difference between the two and how should you make your choice?

In marketing, you need to write scripts, or texts, which experts call copywriting. Copywriting is a skill that every successful marketer possesses—it is a time-consuming activity, and it takes years to master.

In a nutshell, copywriting is the art of closing a sale in written words—without talking to the target buyer.

We all see copywriting scripts everywhere—from TV to radio to print ads. If you are an entrepreneur, you will spend thousands of dollars for copy—but not if you have access to done-four you-scripts.

This leads us to the question of where you should put your money.

The two main leading sources of copywriting scripts are Funnel Scripts and Instant Scripts—both platforms offer a wide variety of done-for-you scripts that you can use in your email marketing campaign or landing pages.

But what should you choose?

Today, we will take a look at the differences between the two, and also give you an overview of what they can do for you.

While both products are geared towards digital marketers—or anyone who sells online, for that matter—they have subtle variations that we need to inspect.

By the end of this post, you would find yourself armed with adequate information to decide between these two options.

Not only will you know the prices, but you will have an in-depth knowledge of the extent of products and services from each company.

What Is Funnel Scripts Exactly

Funnel Scripts is an offshoot of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is one of the most powerful sales funnel builder in the world, and it is just right to create a support system for its customers—they need words that sell.

Funnel Scripts was created by Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, and Jim Edwards, the author of the book Copywriting Secrets.

Funnel Scripts is a product that teaches you how to write your scripts and make sure that they convert.

The end goal of the program is to make a copywriter out of you, so you do not spend thousands of dollars on hiring copywriters.

As a product of ClickFunnels, both systems are inter-connected in their approach and goals—to help you make a sale.

It is a master class, a webinar, hosted by two leading digital marketers in the world—Jim Edwards and Russel Brunson, and also a software engine.

Top 5 Features of Funnel Scripts

Access to Resources

The scripts you will get here are not limited to the ones made for this software. You will also get scripts based on the best selling books that Jim and Russell published before.

These books are DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and One Funnel Away Challenge scripts.

Live Monthly Coaching

Every month, Jim Edwards is going to host a live webinar. This training is geared to help you improve your copy, and then use the tool to make copywriting easier.

What you can do is to incorporate what you have learned from the webinar into the copy that you make.

Funnel Scripts Blueprints

In ClickFunnels, they provide templates for funnels (from landing page to “thank you” page). They did the same with this tool.

If you purchase the tool, you will have access to a lot of pre-built sales pages—complete with titles, email scripts, squeeze page scripts, and so much more.

Access To Masterclass

The Copywriting Masterclass is a course worth $1,997 if bought separately.

It is an online course that teaches you how copywriting works, what power words to use, and how you can craft a smooth-flowing sales copy.

You get it free when you get Funnel Scripts.

This course will teach you copywriting from start to finish that you may be able to write your sales pages with little to no dependency on tools.

Works Offline and Online

You can install the software, and it is going to work online and offline. You can work online to see more new scripts added to the tool, but the offline selections work just as fine.

The caveat here is that you can only license the software on one computer.

What Is Instant Scripts Exactly

Instant Scripts is a product that is created by another master copywriter and sales expert, Dan Lok.

Instant Scripts, however, is leaning towards helping you make a copy that may get viral. It is an engine that produces texts so you do not have to write a lot anymore.

The goal of Instant Scripts is to teach you how to create a compelling copy that people read, to improve your email marketing open rate of your list, and to prevent writer’s block.

The Instant Scripts product provides you templates you can use for your marketing campaigns. These are templates where you need to fill in the blanks to make a winning copy.

In short, you are buying an engine that helps you become a prolific writer—the end result of which is to improve your sale and achieve the same success that Dan Lok did.

Dan Lok is a multi-millionaire—an influencer and guru who has taught countless individuals how to make money online via copywriting.

Top 5 Features of Instant Scripts

Make Sales Copy In Minutes

The engine is intuitive, and you do not have to follow a sequence. On the left panel of your software are choices which part of the copy you want to write—just click them and you can select from auto-generated texts.

Blog Content Templates

This tool has a blog template. What this means is that it can generate concepts for you to write about if you ever run out of ideas.

This part of the tool is not a “writer” per se, but rather a blog idea generator, which also includes a structure that is optimized for search engines.

Bonus Features

There are five bonuses included in the package.

These bonuses are free Facebook images that can go viral, a lesson on how you can make sure that the emails are clicked,

how to scale your marketing campaign, how you can save lost sales, and what you can do with your shopping cart page to double your sales.

User Friendly Interface

The user interface is easy to understand. For example, you choose “headline” as part of the copy you want to write.

The next step is to answer some questions, and you can immediately generate a copy in seconds. All you need to do is to change some texts that fit your product.

Segmented Parts

You can choose the type of copy you want to create before you begin. For example, you can make a copy that is focused on story-telling, and you can also choose to create only instant phrases.

There is another option where you can create instant emails and letters with a powerful call to action statements.

Difference Between Funnel Scripts and Instant Scripts

Here are the main differences between the two products.

Training Versus Engine

Both have engines that help you create copy, and that is what you are buying. However, Funnel Scripts have the support of both Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson.

Once you join the Funnel Scripts program, you need to block two hours of your time for the webinar. You also get monthly live coaching from Jim Edwards, which Instant Scripts does not offer. 

In Instant Scripts, you do not get to join a class. What you get is an engine that will produce content for you.

You also get monthly live coaching from Jim Edwards, which Instant Scripts does not offer. 

Script Components

Instant Scripts have a total of six components, which means that you can use six types of copywriting techniques to create your marketing scripts.

If you want to do a story-telling copy, you can do that. If you want a sensational clickbait copy, you can also do that. 

With Funnel Scripts, the approach to writing copy is also based on type, but they are segmented. For example, you can choose a title copy only, or email scripts only.

Basically, the Instant Scripts programming is leaning towards then type of copy you want to produce, not the actual segments that comprise the material.

Funnel Scripts Vs Instant Scripts Pricing

Funnels Scripts is sold for $797. It is a one-time fee that provides you with lifetime access to the software plus you get cool bonuses.

What makes the Funnel Scripts enticing is that you are getting scripts from the various books that Russell and Jim have published.

You also get monthly support through the Live monthly coaching with Jim.

This coaching session is not a one-on-one session, but a live webinar where Jim speaks about critical aspects of copywriting.

On the other hand, Instant Scripts is selling for $29.95 per month. At this price, you get to choose to use thousands of scripts.

There are no live webinars, but this is justified because of the low cost.

Funnel Scripts Pros and Cons



Instant Scripts Pros and Cons



Conclusion: Funnel Scripts Vs Instant Scripts

It is difficult to make a choice between these two.

If you want to learn how to be a copywriter, and you want copywriting knowledge that you will get to keep forever, you need to take Funnel Scripts.

It is a training session where you will improve your copy, and this copy comes from your creation.

If you are not a writer, but you need sales copy to make sales, Instant Scripts is the right choice. 

With this product, you will get access to an engine that produces copy for you—you just need to fill in the blanks to be able to produce a copy that sells.

Alternatively, you can consider other alternatives.

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