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If you are a content creator or a social media influencer, one of the toughest goals to achieve is to make money.

A blogger or a vlogger has to produce quality content all the time—and yet they rely on ads and sponsorships to earn.

Is there a way to guarantee an income if you are a podcaster or an author, without relying on ads and sponsorship?

Yes, the solution is the Funnel Challenge created by ClickFunnels—a system that is under-explored by most content creators.

I will give you a rundown of why you need to participate in the Funnel Challenge. By the end of this Funnel Challenge review, you should understand how to make money using this system and stop relying on unpredictable ads and sponsorship income.

The Funnel Challenge is a program where content creators like you will learn how to monetize your content—your way, and at your price.

You do not have to depend on the mercy of the algorithm because you will charge your followers money at a price that you and your followers are comfortable with.

It is a 30-day training where you will learn how to:

  • Turn your follower into a paying customer
  • Build a top-selling product
  • Create a marketing funnel—a series of steps to convert your traffic into sales.

The Funnel Challenge is not just online training. You will receive a training kit sent to your house that will serve as a guide as you go through the training.

After you finish the training, you should be ready to monetize your content and earn from your efforts.

Who Is This Funnel Challenge For

The people who need the Funnel Challenge are content creators, such as those vloggers, bloggers, podcasters, and book writers.

Funnel Challenge For Bloggers

Influential bloggers put in a lot of hard work writing good content for their audience. Many bloggers, however, have to spend so many years writing before they can monetize their websites.

Also, most bloggers make money off of Google Ads. But the reality is that Google Ads really do not pay well.

Challenges Faced By Bloggers

  • Repeat traffic or customer is rare.
  • You need several touchpoints to make a sale
  • People will only subscribe if they get something free

How Can Funnel Challenge Help Bloggers

  • Offer your free products as usual.
  • Charge your customers a monthly fee to read your content.
  • Offer webinars that are paid.
  • Restrict “special” content to paying subscribers.

Funnel Challenge For Vloggers

As a Video blogger or a YouTuber, you are creating something that is close to a TV show.

You spend so much money on video production and editing, but you are at the mercy of YouTube and its ad revenue.

Challenges Faced By Vloggers

  • You can only monetize your content via ads and sponsorship.
  • People might copy your content.
  • You basically offer training for free.

How Can Funnel Challenge Help Vloggers

  • Create your very own video website
  • Charge money before people can access your special content
  • No need to depend on sponsorship and YouTube ads.

After the Funnel Challenge, you will learn how to create your own channel without relying too much on YouTube, and also charge your followers for the content that you create.

Funnel Challenge For Authors

Most book authors give their eBooks away for free. Today, many people think that books are free—and authors rarely make money. You are lucky if you earn $250 PER YEAR selling your eBooks on Kindle.

Challenges Faced By Authors

  • People do not want to pay for books.

How Can Funnel Challenge Help Authors

  • You can position yourself as an expert.
  • You do not have to depend on the traffic of Amazon or Google to get buyers.
  • You can offer some books for free, provided that a customer pays for one.

If you are an author, you can use the Funnel Challenge to learn how to make money from your book series or even just one book.

Funnel Challenge For Podcasters

As a podcaster, you spend time recording your show. But since you are not a radio network, you cannot expect advertisers to flock to you and pay you.

Podcasters have to spend money, too, especially if you have to pay your guests or give them freebies just to come over and spend time with you.

Challenges Faced By Podcasters

  • No real source of income.

How Can Funnel Challenge Help Podcasters

  • You will learn how to make your podcast become an in-demand channel.
  • You can use the system to create a self-sustaining sales platform.
  • You can charge your customers money before they can access your podcast.

How Funnel Challenge Help to Turn Your Audience Into Buyers

Funnel Challenge is a course that not only teaches you how to create a sales funnel.

It is also packed with marketing programs where you will learn not just the fundamentals of selling, but also advanced techniques to improve your conversion rate.

Use Of Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

A sales funnel may be new to you, but it is nothing more than a series of steps that will lead your visitor into paying money for your offer.

As simple as it may seem, the process of creating a sales funnel that actually works is easier said than done.

With the Funnel Challenge, you will learn not only how to put the funnel pages together, but also how to write a script that converts.

You will also understand how to create a customer avatar—a profile where your sales pitch will be built upon.

Hook, Story and Offer

One of the most effective techniques in sales and marketing is to create a compelling copy. The Funnel Challenge is going to show you how to use the Hook, Story, Offer technique to make sales.

Some people call it Jab, Jab, Punch. No matter what it is called, it is a fundamental process to make sales.

  • Hook – the bait or the catchy headline that gets the attention of your target market; you will learn how to write headlines that force people to read your content.
  • Story – this is the process by which you build momentum; you share stories of success or failure. In the challenge, you will learn how to write a story where your audience can connect to.
  • Offer – the final part of this process is to make an offer. This is not just an offer, but it is an offer that is terribly difficult to refuse.

The Hook Story, Offer part of ClickFunnels is the meat of the course. It is the most important aspect of the challenge.

This is the part where you will learn how to convert cold traffic into a hot lead and eventually into a paying customer.


The next step after building a funnel is to make people come to it. You can’t make a sale if you have no traffic.

Despite the internet being a sea of people, your funnel is going to feel like a desert unless you know how to bring people there.

This part of the training shows you where to find traffic and how to get them to your sales funnel. You will learn some of the principles in one of Russell Brunson’s books, Traffic Secrets.

Generate Leads

After you get traffic, your next step is to generate leads. Leads are different from traffic. A lead is a person who has an interest in your business.

In this part of the training, you will learn how to set up your subscription matrix, and how you can set-up an email responder to convert the lead into a paying customer.

Final thoughts: Funnel Challenge Review

I hope you enjoy reading the post on Funnel Challenge Review.

If you wonder is Funnel Challenge worth it? The answer is YES. It is not just a basic online course about making sales.

It is an advanced method on how you can use the internet to make money—especially so if you are a content creator. You will learn from the man who built the system himself—Russell Brunson.

Providing free content is not bad. However, you have bills to pay. And you can only earn money if you charge your subscribers and followers money. With the Funnel Challenge, you will learn how to exactly how to do this—from start to finish.

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