Credit Repair Cloud Review [2021] The Best or Overrated?

In this Credit Repair Cloud review, I did a little digging to find out what the product does. There are many people out there who need support to repair their credit scores. The thing with many large corporations is that their services are costly.

And here comes your opportunity to compete against them. You can offer credit repair services with a product called Credit Repair Cloud. But does it work?

By the end of this post, you should be able to decide if this business tool can help you bring to life the credit repair business opportunities in your vision.

Credit Repair Cloud is an online software that allows you to do credit audits and use it to manage your client’s credit scores.

The software is aimed at credit repair experts. The old way of doing it is by printing credit score reports, and then you analyze the data that you have. Then, you have to recommend action plans for your clients.

After a while, you download the same report and see if there is an improvement in your client’s credit score. This entails a lot of paperwork, which Credit Repair Cloud successfully eliminates.

Who Is Daniel Rosen

Danial Rosen is the Ceo and Founder of Credit Repair Cloud software.

Daniel is an innovator, financier, and consultant. He has shown up on “The Tonight Show,” “Greetings America,” and CNN.

He is the author of the book called The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Credit Repair Business and developed a successful community “Credit Hero“.

He is also a Two Comma Club Winner, where he generated over $1 million in sales using sales funnel built on software called ClickFunnels.

Is Credit Repair Cloud Legit Or Scam

Credit Repair Cloud is not a magic tool that repairs credits like any other Credit Repair Cloud reviews say.  

It is rather a reporting and analysis tool. Instead of filing paperwork and sending reports to your clients with ink and paper, you do it online.

It is not a scam. Credit Repair Cloud is a web-based software that makes it easier for credit repair analysts to do their business. From this tool, you can download credit reports and even create dispute letters online.

In addition, the system is inclusive of a website that is branded according to your business — you no longer have to build a website from scratch

How Does Credit Repair Cloud Works

The way it works is simple, create a Free Credit Repair Cloud account, and start using the system. Here is the process in a nutshell:


Sign up for an account, and then you get access to the tool, plus you will have your own website.

Daniel has put together a free training such as the Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass that helps you understand more and quickly get your credit repair business up and running.


Once your account is up, this is where you add your new or existing clients to the tool.

Run reports and start analyzing how you can fix your client’s credit score. Using the same software you can start to bill them regularly.


You can ask your clients to refer more clients to you. If they succeed in referring to their friends, they get a commission from you. The tool is also a CRM that allows you to capture leads and then close a deal online.

The software is not free. It is free for the first 30 days, but you will have to pay a monthly subscription once this is over.

Who Is Credit Repair Cloud Created For?

Credit Repair Cloud is not for everybody. It is a tool specifically created for people who are running a credit repair business.

Use the software system if:

Do not use the system if you are a consumer. While you can download reports with it, analyzing the data require a specialization that only credit repair experts know.

Credit Repair Cloud Features Reviewed

Let us take a look at what the software offers, and how these features can help you grow your credit repair business.

Report Download

You can download reports for your client from 3 sources that include Equifax and Experian, and TransUnion. With three reports, you can make a comparative study of the three scores.

Send Disputes

After analyzing your client’s data, you can spot errors and then write a dispute report on the system, which you can also send to the credit bureau through the system. Once the dispute is sent, just wait for updates from the bureau.

Send Reports

The tool allows you to send the credit report to your client via an encrypted method. You no longer have to download the report to your PC and send it via email.


The system is a repository of information where you can view updates about your disputes. You can also see the history of your client’s credit score and see how it is improving. The reports are accessible, and you can view these updates with a click of a button.


You can run an affiliate program inside the system where you can encourage your clients to refer other people to you. You can pay commissions to your clients after they made a successful referral. It is up to you how much you want to pay them.

Custom Website

The system is equipped with a web-builder tool so you can build your website and close deals. You no longer need to buy a different sales funnel builder. The website feature only gives you 2 months of free hosting. After that, you have to pay the monthly hosting fee.

Marketing Tools

Inside the tool, you can create business cards that you can print and distribute to your clients.

Automated Billing

You no longer have to integrate a billing software that charges a monthly fee. With this tool, you can do this automatically.

As you can see, the software is packed with all the things you need to run a credit repair business. In fact, you do not even have to be a real expert to start a business. All the information you need is already in the tool.

The only thing you need to study next is how to get traffic to your site.

Credit Repair Cloud Training & Resources

Credit Repair Cloud comes with outstanding training and resources, which is one of the main ways it sets itself apart from competitors.

Credit Repair Business Secrets

Credit Repair Cloud doesn’t just give you some incredible tools to help you build your credit repair business. They also have FREE content, such as their podcast, sharing their credit repair business secrets.

The podcast is hosted by Daniel Rosen and is available on all major platforms such as Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast, YouTube, and more. In the podcast, you won’t only learn the best credit repair tips but also how to market your credit repair business. 

14 Day Credit Hero Challenge

The 14-day credit hero challenge is a step-by-step challenge that helps you build the foundations of your credit repair business.

Some of the steps that the credit repair challenge will help you get set up with are:

  • Your client website
  • Your social media & marketing channels
  • Billing clients
  • Finding your clients

This is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door FAST. As it will walk you through setting up your credit repair business in just 14-days.

Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass

The credit repair cloud masterclass is a comprehensive 6-week training that will take you from a credit repair beginner to a professional.

After you complete the Credit Repair Cloud masterclass, you will have everything you need to take your clients’ credit from poor to good and excellent – depending on the time frame they want to see results in.

You’ll be able to improve their quality of life and help them jump through the hurdles that are holding them back.

This training is also known in the credit repair industry for being one of the most actionable and comprehensive programs available, especially for beginners.

Credit Repair Expo

One of the coolest things about Credit Repair Cloud is that the most successful entrepreneurs using the software host an event every year.

Anyone who has used the credit repair cloud software and training successfully is invited to speak at the event to help others and share their success.

Some of the previous speakers include:

  • Derrick Harper SR, Credit Repair Millionaire
  • Andre Coakley, Credit Repair Millionaire
  • Jose Rodriguez, Credit Repair Millionaire
  • Plus many more.

And the coolest thing about this credit repair event is that the speakers started their business from the ground up using the Credit Repair Cloud training.

Credit Hero Community

When starting a credit repair business or any business, networking is the most effective way to learn and build leverage.

Credit Repair Cloud doesn’t only give you access to their credit repair software and training. You will also get access to the Credit Repair Cloud Community so you can easily network with like-minded entrepreneurs who have the same goals as you.

This means you’ll be able to discuss strategies and share tips with each other.

Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

The software is has a risk-free 30 days trial with unlimited features. And after the trial ends, you have to choose based on the 4 pricing plans below;

Start Plan

The Start plan will cost $179 per month where you get access to the tool and add up to 300 clients.

Grow Plan

Grow Plan lets you serve up to 600 clients and It costs $299 per month.

Scale Plan

The Scale plan is priced at $399 per month gives you capacity to serve up to 1,200 clients. The price is justifiable looking at the number of clients you have.

Enterprise Plan

The highest-priced plan. The most expensive package costs $599 per month with the capability to take on 2,400 clients.

All these plans give you access to unlimited storage, several team members, unlimited leads, and affiliates, plus all the core features of the system.

Credit Repair Cloud Pros and Cons

Credit Repair Cloud Pros

  • Easy to use. The software eliminates all the difficulties of putting together files on the web. It is built to allow you to organize your client’s data.​
  • Interactive dashboard. The dashboard immediately shows you different credit scores from three sources.​
  • Good Customer Support. It has a responsive team of customers representative.​
  • Training Available. Useful training that guides you step by step setting up a credit repair business and using the software.

Credit Repair Cloud Cons

  • Cost – the smallest package costs $179 a month, and you only get up to 3 users.

Credit Repair Cloud Alternatives

If you want to explore more, you can check out these alternatives.

Experian Boost

Experian Boost is a free credit boosting service by Experian, one of the three credit bureaus. It helps users boost their credit score by reporting day-to-day payments and subscriptions such as their bills, Netflix or Spotify.

However, compared to Credit Repair Cloud, it has nothing that will help you get credit repair clients and is also limited because it does not help you dispute your clients’ negative items.

Plus, it only boosts credit by around 10-20 points, whereas Credit Repair Cloud is designed to boost your clients’ score by hundreds of points.


DisputeBee is a professional credit repair software that helps users automate the repairing of their clients’ credit.

The pricing plans range from $39 to $99 per month, but compared to Credit Repair Cloud; it lacks the training, networking, and white-label reporting for your clients.

This means you’ll find it harder to get and keep clients – which makes saving $100 or so not worth it.


DisputeSuite is another similar credit repair software. While the software is decent, it has some annoying usage limits like 20MB per client, and you have to pay an extra $99 per month for every user.

This is quite hefty, as the pricing plans range from $300 to $800 anyway, and it doesn’t come with any educational material. Still, the software is decent and can help you build a credit repair business.


Finally, we have ScoreCeo, which is also a decent credit repair business software. The cool thing about it is that you can start a credit repair business for free by using ScoreCEO.

It does lack some of the advanced core features of Credit Repair Cloud such as the white-label reports or automated credit repair.

This means you’ll have to spend more time working with your clients, which hurts your business’s return-on-investment (ROI).

Final Verdict: Credit Repair Cloud Review

Credit Repair Cloud is an ingenious system that allows you to build your own online business.

Apart from earning, you are actually providing value by changing people’s lives.

With the software, you are empowered to help clients build their credit scores.

And if you succeed in doing this, they can now borrow money or even get jobs—all because of what you have done to improve their quality of life.

Credit Repair Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Credit Repair Cloud:

How Is The Quality Of The Users Support?

The credit repair cloud user support is fast and responsive. Not only do you get access to the HUGE knowledge base that walks you through virtually any question there is, but you also get access to an active support team via ticketing.

Do I Need To Be Credit Repair Certified?

The answer is No. You do not need to be credit repair certified. There are no specific credit repair requirements, and technically anyone can start a credit repair business.

Paying clients care about end results. If you can achieve that, they will be happy to pay you without any need for certifications.

However, Credit Repair Cloud is designed to turn you into a pro so that you can actually start improving credit for your clients and make money in the process.

How Much Should I Charge For a Credit Repair Service?

Usually, you can charge around $100 to $200 per month for credit repair. However, for more complex clients (like business credit repair), you can charge $1000+ per month.

But the cool thing is that the credit repair cloud software does almost everything for you, so you can focus on building out your brand and getting clients.

Assuming you have 20-50 clients, you will be making $5000-10,000 per month. And after you get 2 or 3 clients, the credit repair software pays for itself.

How Much Can You Make With a Credit Repair Business?

The sky is the limit when it comes to this business model. You can scale it into 7 and 8 figures businesses just like many other speakers of the Credit Repair Expo have. Once you scale, you can hire employees to improve your clients’ credit scores.

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