Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass Review

Fixing someone’s credit is a lucrative business. However, if you do it wrong, your clients will be extremely unhappy, and you will not grow professionally.

Thankfully, there is a system that can help you become a master of credit repair – the Credit Repair Masterclass, powered by Credit Repair Cloud software.

From my own experience, I will provide a detailed Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass review. My goal is to provide you with enough information that will help you decide whether or not this online course is for you.


1. Discover The 3 Secrets To Success

3 secrets credit repair business

The meat of the Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass is the secret that you will learn on how to build a credit repair business. There are three secrets that the course creator will share with you, which I will explain below.


SECRET 1: How to Find The Right Clients

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of a business is getting clients. When you start a credit repair business, it is not likely that people will immediately shell out money to pay for your services.

In this section, you will learn how to get clients without spending a ton of money. For one, the easiest method that Daniel Rosan, the creator of the masterclass, advocates is to give you secrets for free. He explains that you can tell people on Facebook that you are now a credit reports expert.

Next, tell your friends and family that your service is free for now. Once you have helped them, you can charge for extra services later. The main benefit of this approach is that you can get testimonials for your success, and you can use these testimonials to market your credit repair business.


SECRET 2: Dispute Blueprint Process

In this lesson, you will learn how to write a dispute letter that you can send to a credit bureau. This process is tough. If you do it wrong, the credit bureau will not correct its error, and you will not be able to help your clients.

This part of the course will also teach you the tricks to make your business achieve better results, read credit reports, analyze them, and take the best course of action.


Here are some examples:

  • Learn the dispute credit repair industry dispute standards
  • How to use a credit repair software program to make your job easier
  • Proper ways to communicate with clients
  • How many dispute items to send each month

The focus of this section is to teach you how to succeed without committing a lot of mistakes. The ultimate goal is to get your dispute recognized and approved by the credit bureau.


SECRET 3: Scaling Up Your Credit Repair Business

The last secret in Credit Repair Cloud training is about expanding your business. Here, you will learn how to grow your credit repair company. The subject matter focuses on what to do so as not to spread yourself too thin.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to get unlimited clients for your credit repair business
  • How not to work alone and how to build a team
  • Ways to scale up without paying for advertising
  • Target message to just the people who need your services

As a credit repair business owner, you will have the blueprint on how to manage your credit repair business. Part of this free training is how to set up an affiliate marketing program so you have people who will look for clients on your behalf.

Implement The 3 Secrets Right Away


2. Get Free Stuff

There are several free items from the Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass. These items are also inclusive of bonuses.

Credit Repair Cloud Software

You will get six months of free access to the best credit repair software program. This access is not a free trial—you will have full access to all the features of the software.

Once your six months access is over, you need to start paying a monthly subscription. Do not worry about the Credit Repair Cloud pricing—it is affordable.

Access to Private Community

There is a private Credit Repair Cloud community where you can ask fellow users for tips and tricks. There are also mentors in the community, which include the founder himself.

On top of that, you can speak with Corey Gray, a leading industry specialist with many years of credit report and repair experience.

Then, there is Rachael Blackmore, a marketing and content expert. Lastly, you will speak with Keenan Jones – a marketing automation specialist.


Master Automation Training

This is free training about automating your marketing campaigns. Here, you will learn the top 20 most common and most effective approaches to automation.

Here are the things included in this free course:

  • Email marketing
  • Online marketing funnels
  • Client consultation
  • Payments

Essentially, this free training teaches you how to reduce your work and make use of the most reliable software programs you can use for automation.


Hire a Rockstar Team

This session is also a training program where you will learn how to hire the right people to grow your business.

It shows you how to make the right decisions to build a team that will grow your business for you.


Free Success Path

The success path teaches you the proper steps how to succeed in your credit repair business. For example, Daniel will show you that the first step is mastery of credit repair.

Next, you will learn how to set up your business legally. It includes paperwork and what permits you need from the government, assuming that you are from the US.

Next, you will learn how to master the art of selling. It is a separate training where you get to learn various marketing techniques.

Lastly, you will learn how to scale your business through automation and how to hire the right people. Sure enough, all of these are covered for the entire duration of the course.

However, the success path shows you a step-by-step process of getting started and moving on as you progress.


3. Course for 4 Weeks

After learning the secrets and getting the free stuff, you are now ready to start your formal training. It is in this part of the course that you get to learn the fundamentals of running a profitable credit repair business.

This course is what they call the 4-Week Build Your Business Masterclass. It coves every aspect of launching your credit repair business.


How to set up your business

This section includes training on how to work with the government and other credit bureaus. The training talks about the legal aspects of doing credit repair and analyzing credit reports.

Of course, there are liabilities, so it is best that you know what is illegal. This way, you will not face lawsuits at later a stage, considering that a credit report is a financial matter.


How to master disputing

Credit repair is not as simple as telling the credit bureau that their credit reports are wrong. There are proper ways to tell them what the error is, how it came about, and what they need to do to correct it.

Here, you will learn how to send business credit letters and include evidence or receipts. With the right process, you are more likely to get a positive result from the credit bureau.


How to master marketing

In this section, you will learn how to create landing pages, sales funnels, email sequencing, and so much more. Daniel Rosen will share the techniques he learned in the past, and this should be enough for you not to make the same mistakes he did.

You will also learn how to master sales and how to run your business daily. There is too much stress involved in a credit repair business.

As such, it is best that you learn from the masters how you can keep your business running smoothly without losing your sanity. The training also includes how to manage your affiliates. Essentially, you do not have to build your credit repair business from scratch.

The principle behind this credit repair cloud training is repeatability. It is based on how fast-food companies like McDonald’s work.

In addition to this, you will get a blueprint on how to start a credit repair even if you do not know-how. This is not to say that all the students will have the same business. Of course, you can personalize your business if you want. You can even brand it the way it fits your business identity.


4. Credit Hero Challenge

The Credit Hero Challenge is a process where you get to build your credit repair business as you learn. There are daily activities, assignments, and accountabilities. The Credit Hero Challenge takes place for a total of two weeks. Each day is equivalent to one hour of training. At the end of this challenge, you should have your first clients.


Warm-up session

This is the week of preparation where you get to participate in pre-training exercises. It is a hand-holding session where you get mentorship while you are building a credit repair business.


Week 1

During the first week, you will work with Daniel and the rest of the Credit Hero Challenge. It is an intense program where you learn the fundamentals of a credit repair business.

There are practice sessions here that will help you assess yourself if you are ready. If not, you can always go back to learn more and ensure that you build a healthy business credit profile.


Week 2

This is the sweet part of the credit hero challenge. During this period, you will get clients, fix their issues, and also get testimonials. At the end of the training, you will receive three credit repair certification papers to show your clients. You will have access to live coaches every single day.

You can ask them questions if something is unclear. These experts work full-time, so you can ask them in the Facebook group You will also get access to group calls. All you need to do is stay active in the Facebook group to get the calendar invite for the live software classes.

You should be ready to launch a full credit repair business at the end of the Credit Hero Challenge. Overall, the challenge is a training approach. Here, you gain momentum to launch the business. With this challenge, you will build a business without procrastination.

Guidance is the key here. Many people who take online business courses do not get to succeed because they do not have the motivation to do it. With the Credit Repair Cloud software, the Masterclass, and the challenge, you will have everything you need to start and be successful.

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5. Master Marketing and Sales Premium Bundle

As if the training is not enough, you will also get free access to another training session about marketing. The credit repair software does not only give you the tools you need to run a credit repair company—you will also have access to a website builder.


Drag-and-drop site builder

Your new credit repair business needs a website. It is where you create a private label client portal and ask them to create a credit repair cloud account. To do this, you need a website builder.

The website builder is easy to use. It is so easy that you can set up a website in less than 10 minutes. All the pages are already pre-written, so you just have to change some information according to your preferences.

Lastly, you get six months free of web hosting for this website. I can say that this is a huge plus because buying a website is expensive.


Pre-designed social media posts

What are these posts? These are social media posts you can use to market your services on your social media channels. You can use these posts on Facebook and Instagram. With these templates, you no longer have to create your own marketing materials.


Social media guide

In addition to this, you also get a best practice guide on how you can use these posts on social media. As you know, you cannot just post on social networks and expect great results. You must follow some tried and tested methods to get the right audiences and make them click your posts.

You will also get the best credit repair sales funnels templates. These are not traditional websites. They are more focused without the distractions of a traditional website. The funnels will guide your audience on the right path to buying your product.


Email Script

The credit repair software team will also give you email scripts for your email marketing campaigns. Overall, you will receive 21 email scripts. Use this in your marketing campaign. It will help your audience get to know you better before they buy.

The team will also teach you how to set up email automation. This way, all your new leads will convert into sales. By the way, all these scripts are tried and proven. They used this to get 23,000 clients.


6. Master Affiliate Sales Premium Bundle

corey gray credit repair

One of the biggest challenges that you will face once you have a private label client portal is turning them into affiliates. Apart from the best credit repair software, you will get an affiliate script and pitch deck so you can convert your clients into ambassadors.

Essentially, the Day Credit Hero Challenge is about convincing people to sell your service. In exchange, you will pay them a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a tough game. You need to find marketers who are bent on promoting your products. If you think the only thing that matters is the cost of your commission, think again.

Affiliates are motivated to sell if you provide them support. Part of this support is the script to sell. So, how do you do that? Well, since your clients paid you for the credit repair cost, it is a good idea that they can refer clients to you, and they get a commission.

Setting up an affiliate marketing system is a challenge. The scripts themselves are difficult to make. But then, you will get a complete guide on how to do this.

Part of the training in this bundle is to show you how to recruit and motivate your affiliates to sell your services.

Cory, one of the experts in the credit repair software team, will show you what scripts he used to earn $10 million dollars in affiliate sales. Just to give you perspective, Cory used his scripts and got 3,000 affiliates. In essence, these affiliates are the ones who brought clients to Cory.

So, with Cory’s knowledge and the credit repair software system, you will be able to create a backend process. Your affiliates can sign up, get their affiliate links, and promote your services. You and your affiliates can view sales, and you can give them their commissions.

Of course, it is up to you how much commission you want to give your affiliates. At the end of the day, the commission rate is based on the price of your service.


Conclusion: Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass Review

If you want to become one of the many people who earned at least a million dollars with a credit repair business, then you must join the Credit Repair Cloud Masterclass.

The program has a complete suite of everything you need:

  • Classroom training
  • Credit Repair Cloud software
  • Daily guide to setting up your business
  • How to get credit repair clients and how to grow your business

On top of the fundamentals, you even get a free website and marketing training. If you get the course, there is nothing else that you need to start a credit repair business!

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