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Welcome to this ClosersCopy review. We’ll be looking at what this new copywriting platform has to offer. We’ll be looking at everything, such as the features, what it does, the pricing, and many more.

While there are many copywriting tools out there, a lot of them don’t work very well. For example, a lot of them promise to replace copywriters completely but don’t.

This is unfortunate because copywriting can be quite overwhelming as it requires practice, and copywriters charge a fortune.

Let’s take a look at how ClosersCopy performs and whether it’s worth it for the average business owner or copywriter.

ClosersCopy is a copywriting software that promises to give you “everything you need for writing great copy” with no experience and without wasting hours of your time.

It does this through a number of templates and features that focus on producing engaging sales and advertising copy for you.

However, we’ll talk more about the features in the later section of this article.

Interestingly, this software wasn’t just created by any developer. The platform founders describe themselves as “sales forces,” – so they are experienced in the business.

Who Is Nico Engler

Nico Engler, the founder of ClosersCopy, is a developer and copywriter.

He created ClosersCopy because he wants to give business owners the superpower of writing persuasive copy without the headaches and cost of hiring a copywriter.

10 out of 10 copywriters know and fear it... Writer's block! It’s the stare at the blinking cursor that wastes your time and energy and makes you feel unproductive. The truth is …it happens to all of us... – no matter how long you’ve been writing or how skilled you are! And you may not even consider yourself as being a good fit for writing...

Something that I also thought was quite cool about Nico because he is literally building the platform by himself.

Yes, he has a few team members in the background, but it’s not like a massive corporate company. And it’s also his only business, so it receives all his attention.

Who Is ClosersCopy Targeted Towards?

ClosersCopy is targeted towards business owners, marketers, and copywriting enthusiasts.

Below, I explained how the software could help you with your writing if you fit into the above categories.

Business Owners & Marketers

Online business owners and marketers need to sell their products. And there’s nothing better than persuasive copy that will help them achieve it.

ClosersCopy aims to help marketers and online businesses by assisting them in their copywriting to improve sales and connect to their target audience.

Experienced & New Copywriting Enthusiasts

Besides business owners and marketers, the software is also targeted towards copywriting enthusiasts.

Even if you’re the most experienced copywriter, you’ll know how useful tools can help you make your writing more efficient and easier.

Plus, they can also save hours of your time with templates and tools that help you write faster.

What Can ClosersCopy Do For You

ClosersCopy can help you save money and increase conversions, ultimately growing your business. It does this in several ways, which I have explained below.

Increase Conversions and Traffic

It’s no secret that the right copy can help you increase sales. However, it can also help you increase your traffic.

If your copy on emails and Facebook ads will be higher, you will get a higher click-through rate (CTR), meaning more people are clicking on your links, i.e., you get more traffic.

Save Money

Hiring a professional copywriter?

That’s very expensive. According to DanLok, a mid-level copywriter will charge around $80 to $120 per hour.

So if you’d want to hire a professional for your entire website, all your Facebook ads, emails, etc. – it could cost you an arm and a leg.

ClosersCopy can help you write persuasive copy, even if you don’t have any experience doing so. And it does this for a fraction of a price that a professional would charge.

In-depth Review of What You’ll Find Inside ClosersCopy

Inside ClosersCopy, you will find all the tools that will help you build persuasive copy you can use in your online business.

However, remember that there will still be some input from you required to develop the best possible results. Below, I explained what you’ll find inside Closers Copy.

Drag & Drop Copy Builder

ClosersCopy has one of the most user-friendly builders of all the copywriting tools I know. It’s easy-to-use and straightforward, plus it comes with lots of tools to help you write persuasive copy.

The drag & drop builder also comes with:

  • Thesaurus Lookup (To help you find synonyms)
  • 18000+ Copy examples
  • Copy Sentence Analysis
  • Copy Keyword Analysis (Good For SEO)
  • Copy Spam Analysis
  • Copy Voice Analysis (Coming Soon)

It’s nice to see that ClosersCopy has three tools to improve your SEO and engagement of your audience by giving you valuable suggestions on how to improve your web copy.

We’ll talk more about these in detail later on.

Artificial Intelligence

The tool also comes with an AI editor that will make edits to your copy for you. This will make changes to your word choice while writing your sales page, ad, and other marketing materials.

Besides, it will also help you keep your writing short and sweet by unnecessary words being highlighted. Of course, it will first ask you whether you should make the changes.

This is good if you are sometimes writing in a creative style because it’s important to keep in mind that the suggestions of any AI software aren’t always right.

High Converting Templates

ClosersCopy comes with a range of templates to help you write high-quality copy for your:

  • Sales Pages
  • Landing pages
  • Social Media Posts
  • Emails
  • Facebook & Google ads

However, these are just templates, meaning you can also use the copy you create with ClosersCopy for anything you like.

Besides, the template library is also ever-growing, so there will be more added too.

Step By Step Setup Wizard, Guidance & Suggestions

One of my favorite things about this copywriting tool is the setup wizard, guidance, and suggestions it gives you.

While you are writing your copy, the platform will give you valuable suggestions on words you can use, formatting, and more.

If you make mistakes, they will also be highlighted by ClosersCopy, so you know exactly what to improve your copy.

The setup wizard will guide you through the entire process and features, so you find it easier to understand.

ClosersCopy Features Reviewed

Now that I have covered what’s inside the ClosersCopy software, I wanted to walk you through my experience of the features separately, so you know exactly what to expect.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Copy Builder

The drag & drop builder is very smooth. Suppose you have ever used one of the website builder tools its quite similar – but for copywriting.

To give you an idea, it looks similar to Google docs, but you can drag & drop the elements onto the page. You can mix and match the headlines and drag them onto your pages to build your sales or copy.

When you configure the builder, it will also ask you for some key information to create a better piece of copy.

It does this by asking you for:

  • The problem (Example: Unwanted weight/fat)
  • Desired Outcome (Example: Weight loss)
  • The solution (Example: Supplements/Exercise)

It also has quite a few niches and industries ranging from weight loss to marketing that it can use to create a more relevant tone for your audience.

It will then use this information and analyze it and give you some copy ideas. They won’t all be perfect, depending on the niche. You may find some that don’t make a lot of sense, but you can select the best ones and still make edits to the text and use the rest as ideas.

You can also visit the menu to access the other tools like copy examples used by other websites. I found these to be very helpful because they can inspire your own text as you can see what’s working for others in your industry.

Copy Keyword Analysis

ClosersCopy’s keyword analysis tool allows you to determine the percentage of your text that contains your keyword.

There’s more to on-page SEO than keyword density, so if you are serious about ranking in Google & SEO, you may need to use other tools as well and learn about it in more detail.

Still, it’s nice to see that ClosersCopy has put some effort into other things besides sales and ads, such as SEO. Once you’re in the editor, you can easily access this from the menu too.

Copy Spam Analysis

Everyone who has ever tried email marketing knows how big of issue deliverability can be.

Closers Copy helps you deliver your emails to the inbox by helping you analyze the spam score of your email and how likely it is to go to the spam folder. How does it do this?

By looking at your tone and certain “danger words” like “make money,” email service providers like Google Mail or Yahoo often flag.

Again, this is something that I was impressed with because it will help you run more successful email marketing campaigns.

AI Editor

Inside the app, the AI editor will help you make your writing more efficient.

When using the app, I found that it’s beneficial because it shortens your sentences, removes errors, and gives you some other valuable suggestions.

It also uses the information you submit to choose the right words. I found this great when using it, but you still will have to watch closely because it will sometimes make mistakes.

Proven Template Library

When I was browsing the template library, I also really liked what I saw. There are many templates with catchy sales headlines, while others have a more serious tone and focus on statistics.

All you need to do is click on the template you want and then edit the text it suggests. Plus, you can use all of these for different purposes for your site, and you’re free to edit them at any time.

However, I found that if you always go for the same style and are promoting the same product repeatedly, you may find that some of your content is repetitive.

So you always want to make edits and ensure your copy isn’t generic but is targeted towards your audience’s interests.

ClosersCopy Suggestions & Setup Guide

The suggestion that ClosersCopy gives you are good, but you always have to confirm them to maintain accuracy.

Sometimes, it will just give you comments on how you can potentially polish your copy text. Other times, it will say that your text is not concise enough.

I found the setup wizard to be very helpful because the app can be quite overwhelming. And its also much more helpful than videos because it’s interactive and walks you through the entire app.

If you complete the setup wizard, you’ll know exactly how to use the menu, tools, and everything else inside the platform.

ClosersCopy Pros

Here are the main pros of ClosersCopy

  • You can write copy much easier with less effort
  • Your copy will be better, thanks to the suggestions you get from the platform.
  • Its affordable as similar pieces of software often cost $100’s dollars per month.
  • It removes the need to hire a professional copywriter because you can do it yourself.
  • The list of features is great, and it comes with lots of tools that will be helpful for your emails, blog posts & more.
  • There is a great selection of templates for your emails and ads.

ClosersCopy Cons

Here are the main cons of ClosersCopy:

  • There is still some input from you required; AI technology also makes mistakes, so you will have to check all the suggestions.
  • The tool doesn’t have any location configuration. For example, you can’t configure the text to focus on an audience from the united kingdom.
  • The software doesn’t come with a lot of analytics to show how good your copy is. But most copywriting tools don’t have analytics.

Review of The ClosersCopy Pricing & Cost

Unlike professional copywriting services, ClosersCopy focuses on being affordable so that any company can write high-converting copy.

To help you understand which plan is suited best for your copywriting needs, I listed what you get in both plans below.

Freelancer plan $39.99/month

In the Freelancer plan, you will get:

  • Drag & Drop Copy Builder
  • Step-by-Step Copy Wizard
  • 18,000+ Copy Examples
  • 1,000+ Power Words Searches
  • Thesaurus Lookup
  • Template Library
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 500 Credits
  • Guidance & Advice
  • Downloads

Professional plan $49.99/month

In the Professional plan, you will get:

  • Copy Sentence Analysis
  • Step-by-Step Copy Wizard
  • Guidance & Advice
  • Drag & Drop Copy Builder
  • Thesaurus Lookup
  • Copy Emotions Analysis
  • 18,000+ Copy Examples
  • Template Library
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 1000 Credits
  • 1,000+ Power Words Lookup
  • Copy Keyword Analysis
  • Copy Spam Analysis (beta)
  • Copy Voice Analysis (upcoming)
  • Downloads

Lifetime Deal

To help you save on the monthly subscription you can take advantage of the ClosersCopy lifetime deal. (Limited time only!)

Instead of paying it monthly, the lifetime deal will cost you a discounted one-time payment for unlimited access to the amazing copywriting software.

Final Verdict

As you have seen throughout this ClosersCopy review, it’s one of the best copywriting tools on the market.

It comes with a range of outstanding features that we highlighted that would make the copywriting process easier. It gives you relevant suggestions that will make your writing more persuasive and effective.

Additionally, you can also use the software to sell marketing services, which, as mentioned earlier, can net you $100+ per hour. For most websites, you’ll need to hire someone for a number of hours so that it can get very costly.

Therefore, the software is worth the price, no matter whether you’re getting the copy written as a business owner or want to offer it as a service.

If you would like to give the software a try, you can use the button below.

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