ClickFunnels List Building Secrets Review: (Build List Fast!)

ClickFunnels List Building Secrets is a new course created by Russell Brunson. It is a course that will show you how to amass a list of email addresses. List building is the process of compiling an email list—legitimately. It is one of the most difficult processes in the digital marketing industry, but it is one that has a huge payback.

In this ClickFunnels List Building Secrets review, we will take a look at what Russel Brunson has to offer. Being the founder of multi-million SaaS company ClickFunnels, Russell is in a good position—and credible at that—to share his techniques to people in the digital marketing space.

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Why Building Or Having An Email List Is Important

List-building is important for one reason: marketing.

Your email list is something that you accumulate over time, not something that you buy. The only way to legitimately build an email list is by encouraging your site visitors to sign-up. You can use lead magnets to have them do this, such as free eBooks, reports, or online quizzes.

Because your subscribers are people who are interested in your niche, one cannot classify them as a random list of people. The individuals who are in your email list are either potential customers or customers who already bought your offer.

Now, if you have a list of people who have shown interest in what you have to offer, it is easier to convert them into paying customers, which you can do by sending them marketing materials—sales materials that will take them deeper into your sales funnel.

What Is ClickFunnels List Building Secrets Course Exactly

ClickFunnels List Building Secrets

The List Building Secrets is an online course hosted by Russel Brunson that is available when you sign up for the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial.

In this course, Russell teaches digital marketers how to build an email list—from the sales funnel creation to creating a lead magnet to driving traffic.

What I personally like is that by the end of the course there is  21 days list building challenge that helps you implement and take action what you have learned.

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List Building Resource

One of the most important steps to building an email list is creating a Lead Funnel, where you can collect email addresses in exchange for giving away a piece of valuable content.

Lead funnel is an effective list building resource, that contains 106 examples of successful lead funnels.

You will get tons of ideas to create your own funnel. Inside, you will see the landing page, thank you page for each of these examples, and point out the hook, your story, and offer on each one.

What You’ll Learn In List Building Secrets Course

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Creating Your Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an offer to a lead. In exchange for this offer, the lead provides his email address, which you can add to your email list. A lead magnet is important, as people will not just give you their email address without getting something in return.

Types Of Lead Magnets

Here are the different types of lead magnet that you can use to grow your email list:

Your Sales Message

This is your sales pitch. While it is not exactly the product you are offering, it can be a report about your product that you offer for free. In some situations, your sales pitch is the lead magnet itself. The sales message is the ONE THING that sets your offer apart.

Related Bridge Content

This refers to a free product, like a free website that you offer, and before the lead gets that free stuff, he must give you his email address. Once he does, you will give him what you promised, but also lead him to your actual product page.

Your Framework

The framework refers to the actual sales funnel. It can start with the landing page, then to the squeeze page, and then to the actual lead magnet that you are offering. A lead magnet with the use of a framework shows promise of what is to come.

Demo and Case Studies

The demo or case study is either a free report about successful cases or people or a live demonstration of a product. If you are offering a course, you can give your site visitors free access to the course so they can have a “taste” of the good things to come.


A summit is a series of lessons that you offer. It is not a course, but more like a combination of lectures from authority figures. The summit does not have to be live. If a person wants to participate in the summit, he has to give you his email address.


These are online quizzes that help people understand their personality better, or fun quizzes that appeal to the user’s emotion. If a person participates, he cannot see the result unless he provides his email address.


Most of the time, this comes in the form of a raffle. In exchange for an email address, the customer is going to have a chance to win a coveted item. For example, a sample of the product that you are selling.

Special Offers

Offers are discounts or coupon codes that expire. To get the lead’s email address, you can offer a 50% discount to customers who give you their email address, but only if they do it today.

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Email Follow Up Funnel

Email follow up funnels are emails sent to your subscribers. These are sequences of emails that you send—and they have dependencies on how the customer has behaved on previous emails that you have already sent.

They are important, so your lead remains “hot”. You want to capitalize on his interest while he is likely to buy.

Subscriber Reviver Campaign

This is an email follow-up method where you are trying to reconnect with your audience. In this campaign, you are targeting people who have been in your mail list for a while but never made a purchase through your initial marketing campaign.

The Warm-up Campaigns

This refers to a series of emails that start when the customer has subscribed to your list. The series of emails is not salesy, but rather it tells stories of success that would encourage the lead to buy. This is where you build trust.

Investment Campaigns

This refers to a series of emails where you now make them an offer. You do this after warming up your leads. At this point, they see you as a credible person, and they are ready to listen to your sales pitches.

Monetization Campaigns

The monetization campaign is the process by which you are now gearing towards making a profit from your email list. There are many ways to monetize, but the ultimate end-goal of your campaign is to sell your products to your leads. The process is important because this is the way you can make money from your business.

Membership site Kickstart

This is the process by which you show your potential customer a story of your success. You show the user how he, too, can benefit from your product. It is a 5-day process to convince your lead to become your member.

4 Day Cash Machine

This is a 4-day campaign where you focus on the reason why your lead has to buy your offer. During the four days, you will send emails with different messages until you can pressure the lead to make a purchase.

Pressure Launch

This is a campaign where you send five emails. In this method, you will learn how to build up pressure in a span of five days—pressure where the customer has no option but to buy your products or services.

Sideways Audience Launch

With this method, you focus on content webinars, and you tell different stories to build your authority and credibility. At the end of this campaign, you should be able to convince your leads to buy. This includes showing your leads what you have to offer until they buy.

Come back campaign

You use this campaign for people who added your product to your cart but did not continue to make the purchase—for some reason, they abandoned their cart. What you need to do is to make an offer to the lead to make him come back and close the purchase.

Day Live Launch

This is an email funnel that you have to complete in seven days. It starts with the announcement, then your live course or offer, until you make an offer that they can only buy for a specific period of time.

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Fill Your Funnel

Lead Hooks

This is bait or an offer that a lead cannot refuse. The process is to create a hook, make them listen to your story, and then finally to your offer. In this lesson, you will learn how to create a hook that captures attention, proving your credibility, and then succeeding in making sales.

Dream 100 List Builders

This is a part of the course where you get to learn how to get your first 100 email subscribers. If you succeed in this, your next challenge is to build it to 2,000 and then grow it more and more.

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Final Verdict: ClickFunnels List Building Secrets Review

The ClickFunnels List Building Secrets is a powerful list-building course that will take you through a step-by-step process of how to grow your email list. It does not only guide you through the different types of lead magnets, but it also tells you how to use them.

The course comes from the brilliant mind of Russel Branson, a master seller who walks the talk. He has built a multimillion-dollar business with his SaaS product ClickFunnels. The course is just what someone needs to grow a list—it reveals an in-depth strategy on how to attract leads, get their email addresses, and convert them into customers.

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