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Are you looking for the best credit repair software? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll take a look at some of the incredible credit repair software and what they have to offer.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to find one that fits your needs. That’s why we’ve done all the research for you and compiled this list of our top picks.

Whether you need help with your own personal finances or planning to set up a credit repair business, there is something here for everyone.

Credit Repair Software can help with your overall strategy by automating many of the tasks that are time-consuming and tedious. It can also save you money in terms of hiring credit repair companies because it will do much of what they would do for you.

In this post, you can learn about their features, pricing, and who it is created for. Then you can choose which one is right for your needs.

Now all that’s left is deciding which credit repair software works best for you.


Top 13 Picks Of The Best Credit Repair Software On The Market

When it comes to credit repairing, you want the best tools available to you. Here are our top 13 picks for the best credit repair software available today:


#1. Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud

Credit Repair Cloud is by far the best credit repair software in the credit repair industry. This software is specifically designed to help you manage your credit rating and dispute errors. It offers valuable tips and advice for improving your credit score.

The credit repair cloud is suitable for people who plan to start a credit repair business. Provide valuable resources such as the 14-day credit hero challenge, credit repair masterclass that is extremely helpful in setting up a profitable credit repair business even if you are no experience in credit repair.

It has an active community of users who are willing to help other users with credit repair problems.

Credit Repair Cloud provides the necessary functions that allow you to contact creditors and there are ready-made credit repair templates, unlimited access to dispute letters, which makes the program extremely helpful for consumers who are new to credit repair.

Another great feature is the fact that this program allows you to track your personal credit score progress and provides analytics on why it fluctuates.

Finally, the best part of the Credit Repair Cloud is that all of their customer support representatives are credit repair professionals themselves! If you have a problem, they will help you find a solution.

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Who Should Use It?

Credit Repair Cloud is perfect for a credit repair company that is looking for a professional credit repair solution. It may not be the best personal credit repair software, but it’s optimal if you are planning on starting your own credit repair business.


How Much Does It Cost?

Credit Repair Cloud offers one type of pricing plan that costs $179 per month. Unlike other software, it has a 30-day free trial where you can test drive the features of the software before start paying for it.



  • Perfect for beginners who wish to set up a credit repair business.
  • Provides custom credit repair templates.
  • Tracks your personal credit score progress.
  • Credit repair professionals are available to answer questions.
  • Has a dedicated customer support team.
  • Very detailed explanations of all steps you need to take in order to improve your credit rating by yourself.
  • Gives specific details about what types of disputes were successful in the past with creditors such as Transunion and Equifax.
  • Has a direct connection to the Transunion credit report website which is not available on any other software.


  • The credit repair software is not suitable for people who want to do their credit repair on their own because it provides too much help.
  • Doesn’t provide any direct information about disputing with Experian or Equifax.
  • This program can take some time to load and upload files at first.


#2. Disputebee


The second-best credit repair software is DisputeBee. It is a web-based credit repair software that specializes in the removal of negative items such as collections, credit inquiries, late payments, medical and bankruptcy on the credit reports that do not belong to you, also known as Debt Validation.

DisputeBee uses a proprietary algorithm to help ensure accuracy on your credit report before sending out the validation letter which makes it a viable tool for those who want peace of mind with their first dispute.

In addition, DisputeBee is compliant with the FCRA, FDCPA, and FACTA which means they will not spam or abuse any information given to them. Instead, they offer an opt-in platform where users sign up voluntarily.


Who Should Use It?

DisputeBee is best for those who are looking to validate debts with a letter rather than filing a lawsuit. It is also good for those who want to automate the whole process and have multiple accounts and users on a single account.


How Much Does It Cost?

Disputebee has two pricing plans, the Individual and Business plans. They charge $39 per month for the Individual plan and $99 for the Business plan.

The Business plan allows you to have unlimited user profiles on a single account with unlimited records uploads or storage space with no hidden fee.



  • Disputebee has a long 30-day redemption period which means that your accounts will remain disputed even after you stop paying for their services.



  • Despite having unlimited users plan, you are unable to upload more than 3,000 accounts on a single account which may not be enough for some customers.
  • Disputebee only allows you to send out debt validation letters rather than credit disputes.


#3. Experian Boost


Experian Boost offers a free credit score, unlimited access to your full credit history, and an exclusive Wallet app that allows you to manage your finances. Experian Boost uses data science to crunch numbers and determine the best offers for you.

Experian has an online tool that aims to help customers understand their credit rating better by providing free advice when they sign up for the service. Customers are directed to fill in their employment details, monthly income, and other financial information when they sign up. This is used to generate reports on how much loan or debt they could potentially qualify for if they were given one today.

The company also offers access to its mobile Wallet app which helps users keep track of spending habits through easy-to-understand graphs and charts. This visual data can be used to create a more informed decision when it comes to money management.


Who Should Use It?

Experian Boost is a great option for anyone looking to get a better understanding of their credit score and how that information may be impacting their financial future. This service is tailored more towards consumers who have some knowledge of how credit reports work, but may not fully understand the criteria being assessed or how it impacts them.


How Much Does It Cost?

Experian Boost has monthly prices starting at $19.99 per month but allows customers to try out the service for free for 7 days before they are required to give any payment information.

There are several types of fee structures that this company offers its users – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. They also offer an option that would not require the customer to pay fees for 6 months in order to get the users using the service during this time frame.

After 6 months have passed, individuals can choose whether they want to continue with Experian Boost and pay a fee going forward or cancel their account and no longer be charged any fees on a regular basis.



  • It offers a free trial that can be used to determine if the service is right for you.
  • The Wallet app is very easy to use and understand, making it simple to utilize from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available.
  • The data presented in a visual form makes it possible for consumers to make informed decisions about their money management.
  • It allows individuals with lower incomes who may not have much money at all to manage access to financial services they may need without breaking the bank.


  • There has been some controversy over whether or not this company provides reliable advice regarding how much certain financial tools would actually cost or help an individual save.
  • It’s unclear whether or not members of the company have been accurately trained in order to give advice that is accurate and understandable to consumers.
  • There is no free credit score monitoring service available.
  • The amount of time it takes to receive a response from customer support can vary from hours, days, and weeks depending on the nature of the problem and how busy they may be at any given time.


#4. Personal Credit Builder

Personal Credit Builder

Personal Credit Builder is an easy-to-use credit repair software that can help you repair your credit scores. It contains an up-to-date credit file database, which provides a step-by-step wizard on what needs to be done in order to improve your credit score and where the possible errors are located that need your attention.

The software will show you the best approach to repair your credit rating and how it will affect your overall score. The credit system is complex and it can help you understand it. This will enable you to make the right choices and get the best results.


Who Should Use It?

The software would be best for personal use. Its target audience may also include small businesses with one office location if they’re looking to limit the number of licenses purchased.


How Much Does It Cost?

Personal Credit Builder costs $39.95 for a single-user license or $59.95 for five users at the same location.



  • It provides a step-by-step wizard.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • It provides a review of your credit score.
  • The program contains an up-to-date database of information.


  • It’s only available for Windows systems.
  • Customer support for this product is not available 24/7.


#.5 ScoreCEO


ScoreCEO is a total tool for all of your credit repair needs. It offers in-depth credit analysis and access to personalized consulting services for small businesses and individuals alike.

The Credit Analysis section has the ability to analyze over 500 factors in order to give you a detailed report on your financial health and recommended actions that can be taken. There is also a separate section of the software for your credit monitoring and protection, which includes identity theft protection services.

ScoreCEO provides recommendations on credit repair actions that can be taken including such things as, removing incorrect or unverifiable negative information from your report, adding new positive information showing repayment history, and review of legal options.


Who Is ScoreCEO for?

ScoreCEO is for those that want a complete credit solution with access to valuable services.


How Much Does ScoreCEO Cost?

There are 3 separate plans, including Basic (Free), Plus ($19/month), and Premium ($69/month). Each plan offers different levels of service starting with basic tools to monitor your score then increasing all the way up to automated.



  • The all-in-one credit repair solution software for your needs.
  • The quality of customer support is responsive and fast.
  • Suitable for use by individual and credit repair businesses.



  • Pricey. The basic plan is free but very limited with services offered.
  • Does not offer a free trial.
  • Customer support is only available during weekdays.




Turnscor is ideal for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of time dealing with their credit difficulties. This software will walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. It offers several credit repair strategies that have been successful in any type of situation. One of these strategies includes removing negative items from in the report.

These items can include bankruptcy, liens, and collection accounts. Another strategy is to add positive information to your report to increase your score. This might include getting a secured credit card or opening up new credit lines when you have been denied in the past.

The best part about Turnscor is its simplicity. It walks you through each step of the process so that anyone can do it by following along with the videos and prompts.


Who Is Turnscor For?

Turnscor is ideal for individuals who do not have a lot of time to deal with the credit repair process. Turnscor makes it easy to add or remove items from your credit report and monitor your progress without extensive knowledge of finances.


How Much Does Turnscor Cost?

This credit repair software program costs $29.95, and after the trial expires it will charge your credit card each month until you cancel your subscription.



  • This credit repair software is incredibly simple to use.
  • There is a free trial available.
  • There is a money-back guarantee


  • The monthly fee is rather costly compared to competitors.
  • Turnscor is not ideal for individuals who do not want to spend time on credit repair.


#7. Credit Detailer

Credit Detailer

Credit Detailer is ideal for those who need help with their credit rating. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to improve your score, or just clean up old errors that are dragging it down.

It will show you what’s on your report and help repair your credit – all in one place so you can stay focused.

Credit Detailer is the only credit repair software that gives you all three credit score reports in one place. This means that you can compare your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian credit reports side by side for free.

Credit Detailer allows you to have, Total Fraud Protection, Free FICO Score, Daily Credit Health Monitoring, Auto FICO score tracking, and daily email alerts on your report updates.


Who Should Use Credit Detailer?

Credit Detailer is for those who have been turned down for credit, and to apply for a mortgage, need to raise their FICO score quickly, dispute an error on your credit report, or just keep track of the health of their credit.


How Much Does It Cost?

Credit Detailer provides three payment options. For the best value, consumers will want to select the monthly plan. The 12-month option costs $14.95 per month, but not only do you get 12 months of Credit Detailer, but you also receive an additional 12-month credit monitoring plan that includes daily credit monitoring.

This reduces the overall price to $12 per month or $144 for the entire year. The yearly option is best for those who wish to pay once a year instead of every month.



  • Free TransUnion and Equifax report.
  • Coverage of all three credit bureaus.


  • Phone support is only available on the weekdays.


#8. TurboScore Home


TurboScore is a credit repair software that offers all of the features that you could ever want in a credit repair program but does not compromise on price. Turbo Score Home comes with free unlimited updates for life, so you’ll never have to worry about being stuck with an outdated version.

TurboScore is one of the best options for your money because it offers credit repair and optimization. There’s no need to purchase separate programs and software. Turbo Score Home offers credit repair and it also helps you increase your credit score.

TurboScore is really easy to use as well, so there won’t be any issues with the learning curve that comes along with using a new program or software. You can quickly jump into the program and start using it to help raise your score.

TurboScore also offers an optional credit monitoring service, which is useful to make sure that there are no new factors affecting your credit score. You can get the free version of TurboScore by signing up for a trial version online.


Who Should Use TurboScore?

TurboScore is for anyone who wants to get credit repair and wants to quickly and easily be able to raise their score.


How Much Does It Cost?

TurboScore offers three different pricing plans. You can get the home version for $39.95, the professional version for $49.95, or the small business edition for $99.95 per month.



  • TurboScore offers a 3month money-back guarantee with no questions asked.



  • The monthly price is $99.95 which makes it a little more expensive than other credit repair software.
  • TurboScore does not offer much in the way of support and help, so for those who want to be able to ask questions about their account TurboScore may not be the best choice.


#9. Credit Repair Magic

Credit Repair Magic

Credit Repair Magic is a credit repair software that focuses mainly on backdating negative information to boost your credit score. One of their unique features is that they have a team working behind the scenes to monitor updates from the major credit bureaus so they can stay up-to-date with all changes.

This ensures that you receive the most accurate results. They offer individual credit consultations, which is great for those who want one-on-one help or have complex issues.

Their professional system has been tested to match what’s being used by major credit bureaus and has proven effective in raising clients’ scores quickly within 30 days. They give you access to check your score at all major reporting agencies such as TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.


Who Should Use Credit Repair Magic?

Credit Repair Magic is designed for anyone who is looking for a credit rating monitoring system to monitor their scores and make sure they receive accurate results.


How Much Does It Cost?

Credit Repair Magic offers a single pricing plan of $97 that allows you to monitor your credit score at all three major credit bureaus.



  • Offers a powerful plan for monitoring credit and automatically sending disputes.
  • Free individual credit consultations are available.



  • No free trial for those who want to test it out before purchasing.



#10. Client Dispute Manager

Client Dispute Manager

Client Dispute Manager is software designed to streamline the credit repair process. This program is a must-have for every lawyer who has been looking for a way to really boost their efficiency in court and offer even better service to their clients.

Credit Repair Client Dispute Manager was created by American Credit Repair (ACR), one of the leading companies in the credit repair business. ACR has won many prestigious awards for its services to both individual consumers and businesses, which speaks volumes about their expertise.

Its features include client case management; legal forms; automatic reminder messages; document imaging; case alerts; a user-friendly interface; faster access to information; customer support via live chat, phone, or email.

Client Dispute Manager allows users to track each case from the beginning until the end, presenting all data needed in one place. It contains all the information about your clients’ cases: whether these are open or closed, what stage have they reached, what tools have been used – basically everything you need helps you work more effectively and deal with multiple issues at once.

What this means for a credit repair agency is that they can manage a wider range of tasks without needing another member of staff.


Who Should Use It?

Client Dispute Manager is made for credit repair companies and lawyers who wish to streamline their operations and offer a better service.


How Much Does It Cost?

The software costs $99 per month, with discounts for longer-term contracts available. You can try it out during a free trial period of 30 days.



  • Track files from the beginning until the end.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Keeps all the data you need in one place.
  • Manages multiple tasks at once.



  • Only comes with 1 free support call per month (billed at $50 if not used).


#11. DisputeFox


DisputeFox offers a free service for consumers, which makes it easy to monitor your credit score. One of the features that DisputeFox has is the ability to monitor up to four credit reports at one time.

The free service includes the ability to monitor your score and receive alerts on any new activity on your credit report. DisputeFox also offers a premium service that includes identity theft insurance and protection for up to $1 million.


Who Should Use It?

DisputeFox is made for anyone who wants to monitor their credit score and receive alerts.


How Much Does It Cost?

There is a free version of DisputeFox or you can sign up for the premium service which costs $19.95 per month.



  • DisputeFox is very affordable.
  • The software is easy to use, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it.



  • The free version only allows you to monitor up to four credit reports at one time.
  • Customer support is limited to email contact.
  • The premium service only includes monitoring and no other features are included.


#12. Credit Versio

Credit Versio

Credit Versio is a credit and personal finance company that specializes in credit repair. The benefits of using Credit Versions include its digital service, which allows for work to be done from anywhere including access to three years of personal credit reports, and expert consultation with its accredited industry professionals.


Who Should Use It?

Credit Versio is ideal for individuals looking to learn how their credit score works, improve their scores and keep track of their progress. It is also useful for those who had trouble with identity theft or fraud, had errors on their report, or are looking to purchase a home.


How Much Does It Cost?

Credit Versio offers multiple membership plans.

The three-month Basic plan includes a credit score, monthly progress report, and unlimited support from industry professionals for $39.95/month.

The six-month Plus plan includes all the benefits of the basic plan along with access to FICO Score 8, one year of daily monitoring for identity theft, unlimited support from industry professionals, and more for $59.95/month.

The annual Pro plan includes all the features of the Basic and Plus plans along with unlimited access to credit reports, educational materials on how to improve credit scores, unlimited support from industry professionals, and specialized consultation in your specific credit situation for $99.95/month.



  • Credit Versio offers 3 free credit reports, which is more than some other companies.
  • Has the ability to access FICO 8 scores.
  • All three of these plans have unlimited consulting from specialists.



  • The basic plan includes access to your credit report for only three months while other companies offer the same service for one year.


#13. Credit Coach

Credit Coach offers an all-in-One Credit Repair suite, which includes credit monitoring and alerts in addition to credit repair services. The service offers daily TransUnion FICO scores along with alerts, which can be accessed through the online dashboard. Credit Coach also has a streamlined interface so users can easily manage all of their accounts.

Key features of Credit Coach include:

  • All-in-one management solution.
  • Daily TransUnion FICO Score (ongoing).
  • Monthly reports.
  • Hourly email support.
  • Alerts for all three bureaus
  • Unlimited disputes at no extra cost;
  • Streamlined interface.
  • Free credit score access.


Who Should Use It?

Credit Coach caters to all credit repair needs and is an ideal solution for those who need help maintaining their credit health.


How Much Does It ost?

Credit Coach currently has two pricing plans, there is the one-time charge of $89.95 for three months and the monthly subscription plan for the charge of $29.99 per month with a one-year contract.



  • Free TransUnion FICO Score access.
  • Unlimited disputes, reports, and alerts.
  • Streamlined interface.



  • The monthly subscription plan is expensive when compared to other similar options in the market.


Conclusion: The Best Credit Repair Software

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in credit repair software. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part- choosing which one is right for you.

With such a wide variety of options on the market, it can be tough to decide which product is best suited to your needs.

We hope our review on the best credit repair software has helped make your decision a little easier, but if you’re still undecided, we suggest simply picking one and giving it a try. After all, what have you got to lose? Thanks for reading, and happy repairing!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is credit repair software?

Credit repair software is a program that helps you to fix your credit rating by guiding you through the entire credit repair process. It can be difficult and time-consuming to do this on your own, by having a credit repair software program can be very helpful. The software will walk you through the steps needed in order to improve your credit rating.


How does a Credit repair software work

When you are looking for the best credit repair software, it is important to understand how it works. Most credit repair software will help you to identify errors in your credit rating. It will then help you to dispute those errors with the credit bureaus. In some cases, the software can even help you to negotiate lower interest rates and better terms on your loans.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all credit repair software is created equal. Some credit repair software programs are more comprehensive than others. You should choose a program that fits your specific needs.

If you need help repairing your credit, then a program that offers dispute assistance and credit counseling may be a good choice for you. If you are simply looking to get a better understanding of your credit history, then a program that offers access to your credit scores will be better.

Many credit repair software programs are offered by third-party companies that have no affiliation with the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Most of these types of companies will sell your personal information to lenders. Knowing this fact should be a red flag for anyone considering using such services.

The best way to determine if any particular credit repair software is legitimate is to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or search online for complaints about the company’s business practices or customer service.

You can contact one of the major credit bureaus and inquire if they provide this service directly. If they do, it might be valuable information in determining whether or not you want to buy that kind of program.


How to choose the right one for you

There are many different sorts of credit repair software available. Some credit repair software covers a wide range of services, while others specialize in a certain aspect of credit repair.

It’s crucial to know what credit repair software can and can’t accomplish before you buy it. Some programs claim to be able to “erase” bad information from your credit history, but this isn’t really feasible. The ideal credit repair software programs will identify and repair errors resulting in an increase in your credit score.

When it comes to credit repair software, there are a lot of options to choose from. It can be difficult to determine which one is the best for your specific needs. Some credit repair software offers a wide variety of services, while others focus on a specific area of credit repair.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right credit repair software for you:

– What features does the software offer?

– Does the software have a good reputation?

– Is the software easy to use?

– How much does the software cost?

– Does the software have any guarantees or warranties?


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